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Alright here I go.I know what anda are thinking...WTF IS WRONG WITH THIS ASSHOLE!But before the fanboys tear me apart just hear me out.We all know that Roxas spawned from Sora.And Namine spawned from Kairi.Well,shut up and listen to the facts.Namine actually came from Sora as well.You see,as the physical embodiment of Kingdom Hearts itself,Sora had enough life to spawn not one Nobody,but two.Roxas and Namine.Them together would basically be Sora dating himself.Just putting the truth out there for y'all.
posted by JustaNutherKh
Namine: Aww, Roxas, anda didnt have to give me any flowers!
Roxas: Your my girl. I would do ANYTHING for you.
You:*feeling uncomfortable from this conversation*
Namine*seeing your uncomfortable* Uh.....Sorry. i forgot about you. Sometimes Roxas Does that. Hes just so sweet, i forget about everything!
*smiles at Roxas.*
Roxas: *Kisses Namine on the cheek*
Namine: *smiles*
You: Um........isnt that Sora calling your name,Roxas?
*Sora's calling for his help,He's apparently stuck between Two buildings trying to get Kairi's Good Luck Charm back.*
Roxas: Uh oh. When Sora Needs Help, Im there....
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posted by JustaNutherKh
*Namine comes in at 10:00 wearing red pumps and a black zaitun dress*
You: Did anda have fun?
Namine: Oh yes! He took me to the lumbung, gudang and, like he promised, He took me out to eat on the patio.
*she hugs a jaket to her chest. Roxas'es jacket. its sopping wet*
You: your wet! Get out of those clothes! you'll catch a cold!
Namine: Kay!
Sora: Kairi, Sorry i broke the bottom of your Charm. it kinda fell into a hole.
Kairi: Its okay, sora. Its fixable.
*roxas comes in, Dripping wet and shivering.*
Sora: ROXAS! Your wet! Go
change before...........Oh my. (Your name) Just...
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