Ross and Rachel Memorable Moments

ClairdeLune posted on Jan 25, 2008 at 05:29AM
I thought it'd be nice if we could share some of our favorite Ross and Rachel moments. Is anyone interested?


Ross and Rachel 10 balasa

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lebih dari setahun yang lalu dancerbabe16 said…
i love tow the prom video.
so adorable.
shes your lobster:)
lebih dari setahun yang lalu laughingGrl said…
the first kiss!!!
lebih dari setahun yang lalu padme768 said…
the " i got off the plane" scene!
lebih dari setahun yang lalu laughingGrl said…
lebih dari setahun yang lalu dreamy-girl said…
For me, one of the best moments was definitely when Rachel confesses her feelings for him and they both share kiss for the first time. That was the best moment.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu chair_lover said…
it´s not my favorite scene but their break up was really memorable
lebih dari setahun yang lalu laughingGrl said…
^^there first kiss was def one of the best TV first kisses EVER. it was just so perfect!! =] =]

not my fav, but when rachel is pregnant. the whole scene in the sonogram room. "stay near my head" or w/e. and then he wanted them to get married "cuz thts ur answer to everything" haha. :)
lebih dari setahun yang lalu leytonfaan_18 said…
ahaa xD

their first kiss defiently so memorable and one of the best first kisses ever like laughingGrl said :D

I also love the moments in the last episode. "Did she get off the plane? Did she get off the plane?". "I got off the plane!" <333

And obviously many more :)
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Rae2233 said…
Their are so many, but one off the top of my head, that started a lot of it:
"You're over me!!?? When..When were you..under me!!!???"
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Rae2233 said…
Also, The Prom video. She watches it, looks over at him, walks over to him and just kisses him.
"See? He's her lobster!"