Ross and Rachel What dou anda think of a countdown about Ross and Rachel's memorable moments?

alkonyat posted on Nov 14, 2010 at 07:18PM
Hi everybody:) I just thought of making a countdown about Ross and Rachel's memorable moments. Do you like the idea? If yes could you please help me? 'Cause I don't want to miss anybody's favorite scene:) So first I just put there what I think should be on the list and if I missed something could you please just post it in there? If you're interested in it I'd start next week. Thanks for the help:)
-their kiss at laundry room
-the poker scene when Ross let Rachel win
-Rachel finds out that Ross is in love with her
-the "You're over me? When were you under me?" scene
-their first kiss
-Ross break up with Julie for Rachel
-their kiss after Prom Video
-when they first sleep together
-when they first say "I love you" to each other
-the Princess Leia thing
-they break up
-when Ross gives Rachel the "Tiny T-shirt"
-Ross take Rachel to the hospital instead of being on TV
-they get together in Montok
-Ross says Rachel's name in his wedding
-their wedding in Vegas
-their kiss before they go to the hospital to have Emma
-they have Emma
-the "with us... it's never off the table." scene
-when Rachel says to Ross that he means more to her than the others
-Ross goes after Rachel to the airport
-their last kiss "I got off the plane."

(Hope I haven't missed many great scene:)

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