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The musik played, the child cried
The aching pain of things denied
Potions of a deadly kind
A tortured heart, an altered mind.

So deeply did the ular berbisa, viper strike
As screaming voices filled the night.
Sweet Summer Rain, sweet Liberty,
Hold close the fallen, crumpled Leaf.

In disbelief, emotions high,
They watched a supernova die.
A prince of hearts, a child of light,
A champion, a golden knight.

What comfort as anda close the door
To somehow leave us wanting more?
To reach the stars and then implode,
How beautifully your River flowed.

Our pain too great to let be known,
The malaikat claimed anda as their own.
A life so short, but time forgives,
But in our hearts, the Phoenix lives.
posted by FanFic_Girl_26
 River “Rio” Phoenix
River “Rio” Phoenix
From my perspective, Poison Ivy is one of my favorit batman characters; one reason why is because she reminds me of nature and plants.

Also, I can imagine an alternate version of the scene in the Season 3 episode Batgirl Begins Part 2 (from The Batman) where Barbara is quite surprised at her friend Pam’s new look.

In it, both Pam and Barbara are in Barbara’s room together, and Pam tells Barbara that she’ll do great with gymnastics, before River Phoenix (who would’ve loved to voice Poison Sumac, which would’ve been a good name for a male version of Poison Ivy if there ever was one)...
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The movie Stand oleh me, based on the book "The Body" written oleh Stephen King, released for the first time in theaters on 1986 will be completing 25 years on 2011.And as a homage to a film so good and so successful like Stand oleh me, nothing better than to release the film in theaters once again.
Therefore we call on the Columbia Pictures to release Stand oleh me in theaters again. It would be a celebration of the height of this film that marked its time and a huge gift to all fan of this masterpiece of cinema.
This petition will be send to Columbia Pictures in the detik half of 2010. If anda support the idea of launching Stand oleh me in theaters again, please sign below.