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posted by desgrace
I cinta the newest book. It brought so much to light that was hiding in the dark. I cinta the character of rose and her packaged deal of witty quips. Her and Dimitri are perfect together, and deserve their happy ending, which in a way, they got. I am happy for Lissa, becoming queen. She deserves it. spending most her life hiding, she can finally be honored for being lissa, queen of the moroi, not lissa, the girl whose whole family died, and just her remaining. i was a bit surprised that Tasha was the one to commit the murder. she was the last person i expected, but when it came down to it, taking...
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vampire academy
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posted by StephLG
I've read all of Richelle Mead's buku and I wanted to start a post on what we all think of her books, which series we like best and whatnot. I, personally, prefer Vampire Academy as number 1, followed oleh Georgina Kincaid, Bloodlines and Dark Swan. What would be absolutely awesome is if anda imagine all of your favourite Mead characters in one room. Dorian, Rose, Dimitri, Christian, Adrian, Seth, Georgina, Carter, Jerome.

Anyway, Richelle Mead is a great writer due to her fantastic skills at articulacy. I feel as though one of her characters could walk right in the room and I'd know everything about them and what they'd say. Also, all of her characters are so different from one another in all of the different series. Plus there's mystery in all of the books. Things anda never saw coming.

She's amazing. My favourite author. What's trippy is that it all comes from within her head so all of the characters and settings and plots and worlds ARE her.
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