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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Benson, and Muscleman walked to their hotel room, 307.

Muscleman: When do anda want to get those guys?
Benson: At midnight. When they're asleep, we go into their room, and bring them back to the park with us.
Muscleman: Why don't we just get them now?
Benson: We could do that.

In Mordecai, and Rigby's hotel room

Mordecai: *Watching TV*
Rigby: *Relaxing in hot tub while watching TV* Oh great, it's that commercial for Sonic Forever.
Announcer: All the sonic games, with all the characters in one disc. Available at Gamestop only in Canada.
Mordecai: That just made me want to get the game even more....
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***Setting : In morgan and Rin's Room***

Benson : *walks in the hallway and sees Rin not enjoying the room and morgan aweing over it*
Rin : Pink?? Really??
Benson : Hey, I tried my best decorating!
Rin : *mutters* That's sad....
Benson : Now anda two need to meet the other employees. Oh, and if anda see a bluejay and/or a racoon slacking, tell them Benson berkata to pindah their butts atau their FIRED!
Morgan : Um, okay?
*Morgan and Rin walk out of their room and walk and talk*

***Setting : The Park at Noon***

Morgan : Rin, I think who we're gonna yell at is our true loves!
Rin : Hey, I never berkata I wanted to...
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posted by smileyfacers
hey Mordecai. Guess what! Uhhh. The last time we played this game anda said----no its not that! Rigby interupts him. Well then what? Okay. Margaret berkata something anda wouldnt believe. Mordecai gets suprised. Really? About what? Well its something about anda Mordecai! Mordecai gets anxious. Well dont leave me hanging! What is it? Okay.I was in here at 4:30 at taco tuesday. oleh the way great deals! Oh! I heard Margaret and Eileen talking. Margaret was talking about how awesome anda are and- really? Mordecai! Quit interupting me! Now where was I? Oh yeah! When I heard them talking I walked over there...
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Farlon sat on the dipan, sofa and brought a bag of chips and put his feet on the meja like Mordecai and Rigby do. "Hey Farlaaaaan" Rigby yelled, "Can anda go and get me a cup of coffee from the coffee shop?" Rigby continued. "Sure, the toko around the block?" Farlon questioned, "Sure, whatever, just get it..." Farlon went out of the Park Mansion and walked on the sidewalk about to reach the coffee shop. Farlon opened the door and the hanging bel, bell just rang. "Hello," Margaret berkata immediately as Farlon can into the Coffee Shop. "What's your name?" she asked Farlon blushed like they connected atau something....
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Mordecai: Bob Marley- Don't worry be happy

Rigby: Simple Plan-Grow up

Benson: Theory of a Deadman - Hate My Life

Pops: Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwoʻole - Wonderful world

Skips: pantai Boys - I Get Around

Musle Man: Lowlife-Theory of a deadman

H5G : Bob Marley- Three Little Birds

Thomas: Nine black alps -Pocket full of stars

Margaret:Bonnie Tyler - I Need a Hero

Eileen:Pink-Stupid Girls

Death: Mothorhead-Game


MordecaixMargaret :Grease - You're The One That I Want

Mordecai: (To Margaret)Chris Brown - Should've Kissed You

Rigby: (To Eileen)Foreigner - I Want To Know What cinta Is

Muscle Man: (To Starla) Elvis Presley- Always on my mind

Benson: (To Audrey)Roy Orbison - Pretty Woman

Skips' girl: (To Skips) Connie Francis - I will wait for you

Eileen: (To Rigby) Faith bukit, hill - Just To Hear anda Say That anda cinta Me
posted by crazycow4556
The episode starts with the gang outside of the house and Benson tells them that today is the yearly pie contest. Benson tells Skips that he has poteum duty, Muscle Man and High Five Ghost have to set up the booths, Pops has decorations, and Mordecai and Rigby just have to pick up trash, which they dislike. Then, they ask Benson if they can judge, which they really want, since they nearly died. So Benson passes down the judge job, but he tells them that if they quit, they're fired! At the pie contest, the first pie they tasted is Pops' and cinta it, but Pops thinks that since his pie is good,...
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posted by katetekiku
"Do anda like macaroni as much as I do?" The televisi blared as a commercial switched on.
"Ugh, I hate commercials!" groaned Rigby as he grabbed limblessly at the Remote, searching for the channel button. As he slithered halfheartedly down to the floor of the living room, The TV quickly switched to a lame excersize show, and Rigby groaned once more.
"No, wait," Mordecai exclaimed. "Change that back!"
Mordecai snatched the remote from bored Rigby as he switched back to the macaroni commercial.
"Then come to the macaroni warehouse NOW!" Screamed the advertisement. "We sell spageti, spaghetti noodles,...
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I got this idea during one the montages of the show. I'm curious on what band the two would like, atau just what each of them like? Like it seems they both enjoy rock, but just as well enjoy rap and pop songs.

From what I've seen of the show, Rigby seems to have a bad taste in music. like with that episode with party Pete, and the living in summer time episode. I'm not sure about Mordecai, though if i had to guess he's lebih of a rock guy atau lebih accurately indie rock.

I honestly cant think of any bands off the puncak, atas of my head, but if anda guys have any of a band they would be into, don't be afraid to throw a name out there.
Hello, I'm gonna do a puncak, atas 5 episodes of the first few seasons, starting with the first. Since I kinda stopped regularly watching after Fuzzy Dice, I might not do the later seasons. Instead, I'll just daftar any of the baru saja ones I saw & liked. Sorry if my reviews end up kinda short, I'm not too good at explaining stuff. :x Let's start!

5. Meat Your Maker

While I thought this episode was great, there were others I found funnier. The plot was pretty good with some funny moments like when Mordecai crossed his arms & went "you pissed me off." haha. It sucks CN had to censor that part, but...
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 Dude..i will totally win selanjutnya time!
Dude..i will totally win next time!
posted by mwsapphire
(SCENE: Local Park)

Mordecai the blue jay and his best friend Rigby the raccoon were at the local park, where the two worked as groundskeepers. The two were raking the leaves. It was a chilly autumn day.

Rigby :(shivering slightly) "Dude, its freezing!I can't believe Benson's making us rake the leaves! It must be like , negative something!"

Mordecai: (shivering harder) "D-Dude, were almost d-done."

Rigby:" Oh, dude! I'll get jackets for both of us form inside the house! anda turning into a Popsicle!"

Mordecai got cold very easily, and his blue wings were hunched together and his long, slender...
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posted by SouthParkSmart
 ...about how Regular Show's ratings should be TV-14!
...about how Regular Show's ratings should be TV-14!
I've noticed that as great as a tampil Regular tampil is, a bit of controversy surrounds it. fan seem to be concerned with its current rating, TV-PG, and argue about which age group the tampil is meant for. And all I can say is, please stop. You're missing the whole point of the show!

The content of this tampil is really not all that bad, regardless of your age group. Words like "crap" and "pissed" are words kids hear all the time. And if not, it's better they hear them now because they'll end up hearing them their whole lives, once their parents unshelter them. Expressions like "How in the H are we...
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The selanjutnya day,the duo were at the arcade,playing an video game called Ninjas vs Zombies."Dude,do the finishing combo!",Mordecai yelled."I forgot how it goes,man!",Rigby replied."Up,down,right,down,left,up!",Mordecai said,Rigby following his directions.The final zombie was killed,turning into a pile of bones with a point amount hovering above it."YEEEAAAUUHH!!!!THIRTY THOUSAND POINTS FOR US!!!!",Mordecai and Rigby yelled triumphantly,high fiving in victory."Thirty thousand?That's it?",a voice from behind asked."Rox!",Rigby said."Yeah,no dur.Now how 'bout me and Carrie tampil ya how this game goes.",Rox...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Since Benson, and Muscleman were kicked out of the hotel, Mordecai, and Rigby stayed until tomorrow morning. When they got to the parking lot however, something surprised them

Mordecai: Great. Muscleman got his car back.
Rigby: I think it was Benson's.
Mordecai: Who cares dude? We don't have a ride to get to that game store, and we'll never get Sonic Forever!
Rigby: I don't think we don't have a ride.
Mordecai: What makes anda say that?
Rigby: That ular berbisa, viper they showed up in is here.
Mordecai: And they left the keys over there *Gets car keys*
Rigby: Alright. Let's start this thing.
Mordecai: *gets...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Mordecai & Rigby were watching TV, when a commercial came on.

Rigby: Aw, really?
Mordecai: Screw this.
Rigby: Hold up! There's a commercial for a videogame!!
Man: Now available in stores is an all new Sonic The Hedgehog game, that has all the sonic games in one disc!
Mordecai: Awesome.
Man: anda can play up to 45 characters in any game.
Rigby: I want this!!!
Man: Only available in Canada!
Mordecai: WHAT?!!?
Man: Sonic Forever! Rated Everyone 10, and up.
Rigby: How could it be only available in Canada? That's 200 miles from here!
Mordecai: Well, we better get there fast, cause that game is ours....
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I've been thinking abou this for a long time now and been actually thinking contacting CN.
What if Mordecai and Rigby were watching Carter and Briggs and a commercial came on for a new gaming console. Something with wireless controllers, big memory space, and able to watch film straight from the console and also a built in security system? Mordecai and Rigby buy the new console and throw out the old one. Then some kind of old radioactive puding (idk something acak like that :P) gets on the old gaming console and it comes to life and its mad at Mordecai and Rigby for dumping it for something...
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6:00 Am
The Park, Morning
Mordecai Blue jay and Rigby.
Mordecai:Hey Rigby Lets Play call of duty modern warfare 2?
*2 menit Later*
Rigby:so what map?
at Intel has written:Don't Camp for a long time stopped on a place atau anda will die for a Noob and scream son o-
at teams has written:

Mordecai:i will chose U.S Army rangers, them have a good spawn theme.
Rigby:i will choose Spetsnaz cus
there are evil.
The other one:Lets do this.
at center of scene has written:Eliminate...
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"What the... CJ?" Mordecai says in disbelief. "No, I'm not Cloudy Jay, I'm her BFF, Cloudy May. When she told me about what anda did to her on the phone, I got so mad. And you're dating this... red chicken?" the awan yells. "And anda had to get me on Couple Corral!" Mordecai says to Rigby.. "Wait!" says Rigby. "How far is it to the arcade?" "About five minutes, WHY?" says Eileen. ""Destroyer of Worlds!" says Rigby "Are anda crazy? That thing almost made Rigby Roast out of anda and you're releasing him!"
Today I am gonna tell what is my puncak, atas 20 favorit episodes from Regular Show. I actually watched the first episode and thought "This tampil isn't gonna last long isn't it?" But it turned out to be a 5 season long tampil that I immediately got attached to after the 3rd episode. Well, let's start da list!

20: Do Me a Solid

This episode reminds me of times where I need to ask favors atau do them for my friends and family. The fact that Mordecai wants to tanggal Margaret in exchange for 10 solids is hilarious. What made this episode was the fact Rigby was attempting to sabotage his tanggal since Eileen was around....
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posted by tarique00
regular tampil is nice and moredicai is a 23 tahun old bluejay and rigby is a 23 tahun old racoon moredecai is a machore person and him and rigby are rivals whohe likes to play punchies agants rigby knowing that he always win and rigby is a lazy problem making mischeif maker and mordecai saves rigby from some problems but skipps always solves there problems a yeti who is granted the power of imortalitey if he does the careymonell dance on his birth hari and the gumball machine benson is bossy and domanding but they need him and musle man a dwfish belive it atau not does most of the work around the park wicth anda see in the episode when his girlfriend starla dumps him because he does not like telling his feelings but at the end he tells all of his feelings and gets starla back this is from ya boi tarique