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Brohoof to everyone! I am a boy, 16 years old and
im totally addicted to my little pony, i even started making pictures of them and would appreciate very much if someone would check them out even though i only have 1 picture of rarity, i think i am pretty talented and would cinta to hear some of people's opinions :)

Thank anda very much for membaca and i hope someone will cinta my work!

I am also making these pictures for fun and people to use them as backgrounds, i do it for absolutely free, but no one actually wants to check them out and its sad, that im the only brony from my group of friends, i know this might be spamming, but i just want to tampil people, that i have talent for this and i know that one hari i can live my dreams to become a professional artist :)
Author's notes: My Completely Edited Chapter,Enjoy!you are probably saying:Some grammar ,finally~

Rarity's Daughters name is..Diamond Belle
"So, Rarity What did anda do at the party last night, anyway?"
Sweetie Belle wanted to ow why rarity wasn't at halaman awal watching her,but Cookie Crumbs Was

"Sweetie, dear, that's none of your concern."
Rarity,However didn't need this told to a filly

Rarity's mother wasn't mad atau upset, Since she was the right age,
she was even happy to have a future grand daughter.
And, she berkata not to have sex, some years ago.

"What's her name?" a curious Cookie Crumbs asked eagerly....
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posted by Ariella444
Rarity is really pretty and amazing.Her fashion,her cute sister Sweetie Belle and her friends (AppleJack,Rainbow Dash,Twilight Sparkle,Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie).Rarity's cutie mark is beautiful too.And not only that,she's as pretty as my other favorit character Princess Celestia.All those characters are really amazing.Rarity is also funny too.She loves friendship just like I do and not only that but we both like to learn different meanings about it.I cinta Rarity's fashion designs and how they look.Rarity is very awesome,cute,cool and a great stylist.Her sister Sweetie Belle is soooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!I cinta her mane and it's cute how she wants to find out what her cutie mark will be.All those characters are very talented and unique.
And not only are they unique but they have their own special gifts/talents and are very kind to everyone.