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posted by asmaortonfan
He got everything..
Mic Skills, In-Ring skills, Fitness.. He is still Young.. Already had great feuds with most puncak, atas Wrestlers..

He will be in wwe for a decade from now, atleast..

Simply put, so many people like Randy Orton because he is that damn good!

I like Orton because I think he's talent and despite all the hype he's getting, he's still underrated in the sence that he's actually a better wrestler and performer than he's allowed to be in the WWE. The storylines he's in atau ppl he's fighting recently are always with ppl who cannot wrestle like batista atau people who are non-wrestlers like Vince...
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posted by asmaortonfan
anda do not want to do that, sir!"

"Fire me! Let me sue. This company, for everything..let me here the words your father was about to say right before I kicked him in the skull"

"Not only am I better looking, Im just plain better"

"Tonight, another legend dies"

"This One Man dynasty has only just begun, and I will be wwe Champion for a long, long time"

"I am the killer of hopes, the killer of dreams"

"Ever since your daughter popped anda out a couple of grandkids, she has become essentially worthless"

"I spit in the face of the Undertaker's legacy"

"I was never going to hurt Stephanie McMahon. I want...
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posted by TAREL2008
I think that Randy Orton is the best ever wrestler. He made history and to me, he's most likely to be in the hall of fame. He has the best song ever out of any wrestler I've seen. Wrestling is also in his blood.And who would have came with a good name for a finisher than your own. RANDY'S THE BEST!
posted by mat29cool
randy orton
Randy Orton
If I was guest host of Raw it would be AWESOME!!!!! Like everybody else, I have my FAVORITES!!!!! What I would do is give a few wrestlers whatever matches atau type of matches they wanted. The puncak, atas wrestler of the night would be Randy Orton and he could ask for whatever he wanted. If he wanted a judul match I would give it to him, he wouldn't have to be the stupid #1 contender. I would do the same for Ted Dibiase and Cody Rhodes, they could either be in a match atau have the night off. Another person I would give that choice to would be the Miz because he is AWESOME!!!!!! Then Evan Bourne would...
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posted by mat29cool
All right so for the past few weeks I have been watching this fight between Legacy. Ever since Randy had his first match with Sheamus I have noticed that he has a different look in his eyes. It's not the same look he had when he was a bad guy even though he is still kinda with Legacy. During his matches now, Randy does the same RKO and punt to the head but the look on his face is different. Even when he is losing the match. lebih people are cheering for Randy now, but I can't tell if it's just because everybody HATES Sheamus and that's the only person Randy seems to fighting atau if they think he is turning good guy. I am not ENTIRELY sure he is turning good guy atau not, but I really don't think he is a bad guy anymore. So what do anda think- PLEASE COMMENT!!!!!!
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posted by asmaortonfan
Randal Keith "Randy" Orton
born in April 1, 1980 ,is an American professional wrestler. He is signed to wwe wrestling on its SmackDown brand, where he is the reigning World Heavyweight Champion
Orton is a third-generation professional wrestler; his grandfather Bob Orton, Sr., father "Cowboy" Bob Orton, as well as his uncle Barry O, all competed in the professional wrestling industry
Before being promoted to the main wwe roster, Orton trained in and wrestled for Mid-Missouri Wrestling Association-Southern Illinois Conference Wrestling for a month. He was then sent to Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW),...
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posted by LoveRandyOrton
Randy Orton is the ular berbisa, viper of wwe and he is amazing with all the titles and things i cinta him he has a special pindah he calls RKO which is great if anda cinta some great wrestling. I am delighted that Randy Orton has such a nice family and I wish I was his other daughter if he has 2. Now I live near Randy and have gone to his house. It is amzing. I have rung him and told him I loved him. I have done everything and sometimes I will even pretend to be Randy with my sissie, Bella Thorne. She is amazing as a sister but I technically had to change my name.

Ellie (Undercover in the Thorne Family)
 Randy came out to fight Cena
Randy came out to fight Cena
Randy Orton is sitting in his Locker Room Then Josh Matthews Came and started to Interviewing Him
Josh.M:So Randy are 100% For match tonight
Randy:Yes I am
Josh.M:Are anda Sure
Then Randy Grabed a RKO on Josh Matthews
An jam Later
Randy came to the Arena Then Nexus Jumped Randy
After Randy was jumped Doctors came
An jam Later
Randy Woke up in his Locker Room Then Randy noticed that he's going to fight Cena In 1 menit Randy Ranned to the ring and Started to fight Cena
Cena And Orton is Haveing A Mind Breaking Match
Then Cena Had Randy In A Attitude Adjustment Then finally flipped Randy and Cena pinned Randy
Justin Roberts:Winner of this match John Cena
Then Nexus Came and Attacked Cena and Orton
Cena and Orton were Bruised and Battered
After Nexus left Cena And Randy Then Sheamus got Randy up And did his finisher to Randy and when Cena got up and Sheamus Kicked Cena
selanjutnya Week On Monday Night Raw...
 John Cena Defeated Randy
John Cena Defeated Randy
 Randy Won wwe Champion sabuk At The Pay Per View
Randy Won Wwe Champion Belt At The Pay Per View
posted by asmaortonfan
I Hear voices in my head
They come to me
They understand
They talk to me

anda got your rules and your religion all designed to keep anda safe.
But when rules start getting broken anda start questioning your faith.
I have a voice that is my savior,
Hates to cinta and Loves to hate.
I have a voice that has knowledge and the power to rule your fate.
I hear voices cryin
I see heroes dyin
I taste blood thats dryin
I feel tension risin

I hear voices in my head
They come to me
They understand
They talk to me,They talk to me
They tell me things, that I will do
They tampil me things I'll do to you.
They talk to me...
posted by mat29cool
I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS!!!!! Monday I thought Randy, Ted, and Cody were actually going to make-up, but they didn't. They turned on each other, I'm just glad that Randy did it first! BUT NOOOOOO!!!! I HATE THIS SOOOOOOO MUCH!!! and then to puncak, atas it off this week Randy and Ted fought each other and then Cody and Ted tried to jump Randy!! I started CRYING!!! I'm not used to crying over this stuff, BUT i cinta them and to see them fight is just sooo fucking stupid!!!!!! BUT I'm happy that Randy beat them instead of them beating Randy because no matter how much I cinta both Ted and Cody, I cinta cinta cinta RANDY ORTON MUCH BETTER!!!!!!!!!! SOrry Ted and Cody!!!!!!!!
 Ted Dibiase Jr.!!♥
Ted Dibiase Jr.!!♥
 Cody Rhodes!!♥
Cody Rhodes!!♥