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Iiiiim bored
Beauty And Makeup Tips 2011 Get New Makeup Looks With Tricks & Tips oleh Experts From L'Oréal Paris

2.if anda have a certain style for makeup i will try to daftar as many as i can but if i dont have yours i am sorry.

3.Natural: For eyeshadow i reccomend emas zaitun brown atau beige.For lips anda should use a light peachy atau coral color if not anda can wear your favorit chapstick. For skin wash with a gentle exfoliate then add your concealer atau tinted moisturizer if anda dont have a tinted moisturizer than anda can make your own bye using a bit of powder preferably...
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Minuets after the ritual the door bel, bell rang "and who mite that be?" Miki went to answer the door to see that it was a boy who she had a meeting with his name Edgar J.C. Ashenbert. "I'm looking for Lady Mikio Anabelle Phantomhive Mochizuki" "your looking at her and plus never call me Anabelle Phantomhive" "why?" "because i always have been and always will be known as Miki,Miku,Mikio,and lebih but never Anabelle" Edgar came in and sat down on the dipan, sofa Miki sat down selanjutnya to him and they began to laugh and giggle and had no problems unlike with Hei "so do i have competition atau not?" Edgar said...
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1.We only care about if our butts look good and wat our boobs and hair look like
2.always tell us our hair and CLOTHES look good
3.tell us we have nice bodys
4.girls know when your faking it NO MATTER WAT
5.We are not afraid to hurt you
6.if we're tired atau cranky then make jokes then we want to kill you
7.dont be surprised if we're using anda to make someone jealous
8.if anda have a prob come tell us about it
9.we could break up with anda if your not a good kisser but we have the power to destroy you girls dads like their daughters first boyfriend
posted by shutyourface
hello people of fanpop

i was thinking i like bananas and sheep's but
instead of menulis loads of different articles
i should just write a big story atau a diary about

now this is were i need you
i and stuck on ideas and is in desperate help
of well ideas!

please write your ideas and become a fan
of me and my artikel so anda can tell me your
jawaban whenever

thankyou and
write a idea


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