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posted by Hades_Shadow
So this is a fan Club I made on this site a long while ago, when Wreck-it Ralph was new. It was the idea of having a club where the OC video game characters could jump from game to game (RP to RP) like in the movie. It was getting good, then I had to leave fanpop for 2 years, and when I came back it was dead. And I've been waiting for a time to revive it.

Then I found this club, filled with RolePlayers that are not only active, but amazing, kind, and dedicated. So I will post the link here for all to gabung if they feel. I will add new game RP's to it, so we all can have fun being a jalan, street fighter on a tron bike atau a ghostbuster playing Pac-Man. I will see anda there!

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posted by aNinnyMouse
1) Choose one of your own characters (OC).
2) Make them answer the following questions.
3) Feel free to add some pertanyaan of your own.

1) What gender are you?

2) What is your age?
I haven't a clue.

3) Do anda want a hug?
Yes, of course

4) Do anda have any bad habits?
I smoke tobacco on occasion. But I do not consider this a bad habit.

5) What is your favorit food?
I used to looove Watermelon. It is a guilty pleasure.

6) What is your favorit es krim flavor?
I have troubles with eating ice-cream.

7) Are anda a virgin?
No, sir...Veya bayan

8) Have anda killed anyone?
I have... many times. Some of them...
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posted by ghostpanda396
Open rp (starting it tomorrow)
Kenari: anda can’t just leave me. Not for… for him. I don’t know how to survive on my own. You’ve taught me nothing.
Mother: You’ll be just fine on your own. anda have enough food to last anda until anda get to the aman, brankas zone.
Kenari: They will find me and kill me. They’ve grown so much smarter than from the beginning. Mother, they know how to talk to each other without sound. They will track me down and kill me.
Mother: *puts hands on Kenari’s shoulders and shakes her* anda can make it, I promise you. anda have to remember…

Kenari: *Jerks up straight to find herself selanjutnya to a api almost burnt out and in a sleeping bag covered in beads of sweat from her dream* I-It was just a dream. I’m… I’m OK. They haven’t found me ye- *a twig snaps causing every noise in the forest to silence* W-Who’s there?
[First person comes in]
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