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19 years have passed since the original events of the first chapter. The city has been rebuilt, the world has been united and most people have healed, save for some few who cling to their horrible and scarred pasts. There are some though, willing to disrupt this society's peace and order for selfish goals...Will you fight with the revolutionaries for a society ruled with the iron fist of their queen, or will you fight to uphold the order and peace that has been preserved for nearly 20 years?

The way of the government, education system and military.

The Government
After the 2019 incident with Hotaka Nagachika, the governments of Cantenseel were finally able to reach a compromise with each other. The Kanshinin councilors would act as a congress for Rex, who would be some sort of figure head, like the president. While he had power, he would have to present it to the councilors, who would either approve or disapprove of the proposal. Rex would have veto power, but it would only work for so much. The councilors and The president all choose a successor when they choose to retire.

The Education System
In Cantenseel, after the borders fell, they decided to merge the new generation with each other to make sure that pride from being from a certain area would not exist, the easiest way of course, was school. In the middle of Cantenseel where all four borders used to connect, a super school was created. It was three campuses. The elementary campus for K-5th Grade. The middle campus for 6-8th and the High/College campus for 9th-12+. This means that within the school, there are people who are in their mid twenties along with fifteen yearolds in the same campus.

The Military
In the 19 years that had passed, the military had became rather lax because of the peace. Most people who joined only abused it so they could one, have an easy job or two, so they could use it for their resume. Only few actually join it because they want to make a difference.

24 years ago, an assassin named Tiras Elbinorune was sent on a mission to murder a woman named Felicia Stadner, who was the heiress to a very rich family. Tiras, mesmerized by the woman, was unable to pull the trigger. After an instant spark between the two, he joined the military for her to win a war that was over the horizon. After a series of trials and after impregnating Felicia, Tiras went beserk and nearly destroyed the world. 5 years later, he came back after his current wife had been murdered. After a brutal beating by the angry people of Cantenseel, a man named Hotaka Nagachika who had orchestrated most of the events in the story came and launched his attack. Soon, he overwhelmed the city with ghouls, which were man eating creatures that were seemingly invincible. While the prince of Hell, Belial, a powerful vampire named Joseph, a beast tamer named Renald, a Draki named Kierra and the son of Hotaka himself, Hei, fought against the other ghouls while Rex and Tiras fought against Hotaka, who had turned into a horrific monster the size of a skyscraper. After a long and hard battle, Hotaka was defeated. But at a cost. Tiras had been mortally wounded and died in front of his love, Felicia.

{Character Sheet}


[Faction](Revolutionary, Military, student etc.




[Power] (this is whether you use Magical Abilities or Scientific powers, whether it be via machines or simply some sort of scientific method, you can choose whether to explain how it works or not)


[Relationship](this would be your Spouse, Siblings and Friends, completely optional)


Louisa Stadner. Age 24 (Page 1)
Virgil Elbinorune. Age 24 (Page 1)
Hei Nagachika. Age 43 (Page 1)
Raiden Lancaster. Age 27 (Page 1)
Mina Zhang. Age 41 (Page 1)
Ivanka Silvius. Age 40 (Page 1)
Irisviel Romanov. Age 38 (Page 1)
Eva Romanov. Age 17 (Page 1)
Seth Romanov. Age 17 (Page 1)
Joseph Bordeaux. Age N/A (Page 1)
Akira Cruz. Age N/A (Page 1)
Akiro Liang. Age 18 (Page 1)
Chidori Liang. Age 37 (Page 1)
Zhu Liang. Age 42 (Page 1)
Daniel Tren. Age 17 (Page 1)
Mei Zhang. Age 16 (Page 1)
Leia Feng. Age 24. (Page 1)
Gilford Silvius. Age 16. (Page 1)
Valeryia Silvius. Age 24. (Page 1)
Remi Elbinorune. Age 23 (Page 1)
Shiomi Devonshire. Age 23 (Page 1)
Belial Devonshire. Age N/A. (Page 1)
Alexander Bordeaux. Age N/A. (Page 1)
Vasilia Romanov. Age 61. (Page 1)
Takao Sesshoumaru. Age 32. (Page 6)
Yurichi Mizushima. Age 19. (Page 9)
Lucifer Devonshire. Unknown (Page 10)
Yamato Kirugi. Age over 100.
Adelger Kiesenger von Elbinorune the II. Age 17 (Page 22)
Karlen Von Jager. Age 116 (Page 29)
Karla Von Jager. Age 27 (Page 29)
Raul Espinoza. Age 25(Page 32)
Ramses the III. Age 30(Page 32)
Thutmose III. Unknown. (Page 34)
Jannik Haas. (Page 34)
Catriona Haas. (Page 36)
Praxilla Metz. 32. (Page 44)
Adalica Von Elbinorune(Page 36)
Aiymil Elbinonrune (Page 46)
Cynfael Bordeaux. (Page 42)
Ollie Silvius. (Page 44)
Akllah Folami. (Page 46)
Raymil Emeria. (Page 49)
Lanying Zhang. (Page 49)
Revala Emeria. (Page 49)
Raymil Emeria) (Page 49)
Reina Emeria. (Page 50)
Yang Min. (Page 51)
Miles Prise. (Page 52)
Chronov. (Page 54)
Cassius Prise(Page 55)
Saigon Derivil(Page 56)

Felicia Tenshin. Age 48 (Page 1)
Sora Cruz. Age 41 (Page 1)
Yumi. Age 23 (Page 1)
Kierra Nagachika. Age 42 (Page 1)
Rex Ellington. Age 48 (Page 1) (President of Cantenseel)
Renald Silvius. Age 51 (Page 1)
Eadlyn Bordeaux. Age 24 (Page 1)
Souji Zhang. Age N/A (Page 1)
Ichirou Nagachika. Age 18 (Page 1)
Fayline Bordeaux. Age 46 (Page 1)
Cecilia Devonshire. Age N/A (Page 1)
Kane Tenshin. Age 50 (Page 1)
Ella Stadner. Age 31 (Page 1)
Dequan Zhang. Age 18 (Page 1)
Fillian. Age N/A (Page 1)
Annelise Florence. Age 22 (Page 1)
Lizana Janssen. Age 18 (Page 1)
Moira Prise. Age 17 (Page 1)
Gideon Narine. Age 20 (Page 1)
Riza Hannaka. Age 19 (Page 6)
Tomoe Mikage . Age unknown (Page 10)
Daliyah. Age N/A (Page 11)
Jeptha Veers. Age 22(Page 22)
Elvyne Silvius. Age 19 (Page 29)
Hideaki Ranshin. Age 43 (Page 32)
Tsuyoshi Hajime. Age 27 (Page 32)
Basile Allard. Age 25 (Page 32)
Mamoru Hidari. Age 25 (Page 32)
Calix Shreave. Age 47 (Page 32)
Willem the V of Nassau. Age 34. (Page 32)
Nori Rin. Age 15 (Page 32)
Kiyoshi Rin. Age 28 (Page 32)
Callum Silvius. Age 25 (Page 34)
Connall Silvius. Age 25 (Page 34)
Baldrik Haas. (Page 34)
Sauri Devonshire. (Page 44)
Lerida Devonshire. (Page 44)
Kuro Kaze Devonshire. (Page 44)
Tarquin Silvius. (Page 44)
Terryal. (Page 49).
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lebih dari setahun yang lalu IAMYOURENEMY said…
Joseph gently smiled. "I'm going to kill Eadlyn. Then, I'm going to really kill this boyfriend if I don't like him." He said now, his voice and face looking dead serious. "How dare she not tell us about this 'date' of hers! I still remember when she was in diapers and couldn't change herself, how could she POSSIBLY handle being with an adult male?!" He asked, completely perplexed at it all.

Shiomi pointed at her clothes. "Today, grandpa bought me these." She said with a grin. Her parents knew how much she liked to milk her grandfather for money. "And the rest of the stuff I've laid out here is stuff I already have but.." She pouted. "I don't know what makeup or jewelry I should wear..." She said quietly while looking down at it all.

Chidori chuckled a bit as she moved the hair out of her face as well. "He's becoming an old man. I'm surprised he doesn't have any grey hairs yet." She said while chuckling a bit more, knowing that by Hei's age, their father had a full set of grey hair. He lost color in his hair actually in his early thirties, but that was another story.

Takao's slanted eyes widened a bit as her foot rubbed against his leg and she spoke alluringly. He sipped his water, holding it close up so she couldn't see his blush. His calm expression returned as he set his glass down before he grinned. "You're definitely good at it. I feel something being struck into my heart." He said with a slight shiver.

Mei nodded before walking over to the little shrine their father had made to the gods, much to the dismay of Mina, before she got on her knees and started praying. Praying just like her father had taught her. She prayed for everyone in the world to be happy and safe, not praying for her personal reason before she did, almost crying again as she prayed for Fillian.

Mina sighed and rubbed her head, never having believed in the gods in the least bit.

Louisa narrowed her eyes. "Don't even do that mother. I can tell when you're thinking about me." She said before her eyes returned to normal and she sat down at the table, right next to her mother at the table. "Just like you can tell when I'm thinking about you, or Virgil, or Remi or even Kane." She said, knowing that her mother knew her so well.

Seth moaned out quietly as Lizana began to ride him, actually enjoying the view for down there as he saw the lewd faces Lizana was making. "Yes...it feels so good.." Seth moaned out quietly as he placed his hands onto her sides.

Akira moaned out loudly as his member went into her roughly, not braced for it at all as he started to roughly thrust into her, as always. "Oh Sora~ More~" She moaned out, wanting him to be harder.

"Where would I find someone like that? Unless the leader is out there somewhere...the rest are into hiding." Virgil said quietly while looking down. "And with how long it has been since they've been disbanded...they could be anywhere.."
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Mirra1007 said…
Fayline sighs a bit with a soft smile. There was the Joseph she knew and the reaction she had expected. "She is 24, my love. She is all grown up now. Oh, and kill the boy first please and let our daughter live." She says a tad bit sternly as she pulls his ear.

Cecilia picks up the clothes she has bought and smiles. Those really looked good. She guessed Eadlyn had helped her with the shoppings since this was something her daughter wouldn't buy herself. "I really think you should wear this. And don't worry, I'll fix your make up and jewerly." She says with a wink, knowing quite alot about that ever since she has been turned a woman.

Kierra chuckles a bit, having to agree Hei was getting old but hey, she was getting old as well. "Everyone gets old. And I am glad he hasn't got any grey hairs yet. Though I wonder when they'll show." She says as she begins to eat.

Eadlyn grins as she noticed Takao actually shiver. It made her giggle as she leans her chin on her hand. "That is good." She says as she continous what she was doing till the waiters came with their ordered food. She looks at the plate and smiles. It looked delicious and it smelled even better.

Dequan notices his mother being a tad bit uncomfortable and kisses her cheek. He knew what she thought about the gods and stuff but he also knew his father's view. So he sat down next to Mei and began to pray as well, hoping the gods would listen to them.

Felicia smiles softly and nods. "Yes I can. Your expressions change alot when you think about someone else." She says, knowing her daughter to the bone. Or atleast that's what she thought.

Lizana moaned softly as she began to go a tad bit faster. She couldn't agree more with him. It felt so good. But she wanted to make it feel like heaven for him. So she began to go faster and harder, making her pant a bit as the pleasure increased, causing her to moan louder.

Sora lets out a breathy chuckle as he shakes his head a bit. Always so needy. But as she wished. He grabbed her waist and thrusts into her harder, probably the max he could do without breaking her in half. Groans and moans continously left his lips as pleasure began to build up.

"That's why I have connections." Kane says with a slight grin. If he could find a girl that has been missing for 19 years then he sure as hell could find some TMEA guys. "Don't worry about it. I'll try to find them."
lebih dari setahun yang lalu IAMYOURENEMY said…
Joseph hissed. "Fine, since it's a first offense i'll let her live." He said with a little bit of a grumble. "She's still that four yearold girl who couldn't walk without her wings to me, Fayline. She's still our little vamp, and our little vamp shouldn't be off with boys we've never met." He said with a growl.

Shiomi giggled a bit, knowing exactly what her mother meant before she got the clothes on and sat down, letting her tails wiggle out a bit as she sat down and waiting for her mother to start doing her makeup. "Who taught you how to do makeup, mom?" She asked, curious.

Chidori rubbed her head. "Soon..I just...I have a feeling. I have grey hairs already coming dammit, he deserves to get some too." She said as she pulled a grey hair out of her head.

"Auntie, mommy said a bad word!" Yuko said while poking Chidori's cheek, making her chuckle.

Takao grinned as he looked at the food arrive. It looked so authentic, that it reminded him of his mothers cooking at home. That's how good it looked. "How does it look?" He asked as he got his utensils out to begin eating, surprised as they poured the sake into the glasses. He forgot he ordered that too.

Mina sat down, slightly uncomfortable with the religion they had in the household. She was definitely going to try and keep this next baby away from it all. She found religion insane, and even though her husband liked it, and was a divine and all, she didn't like her little babies following it.

Louisa raised her eyebrow. "Really, mother? Whom am I thinking about now?" She asked as she thought about Kane. Her expression softened and she smiled a little bit. She liked Kane, even if he wasn't her real father. He was nice to her and tried. That was what mattered to her. plus, he treated her like a princess too.

Seth moaned a bit as well, grabbing Lizana's sides and rocking his hips too as he thrust into her as well, throbbing inside of her heavily as he felt his nice and wet warmness wrapping around his member. "I..love...you.." He grunted out a bit as he thrust harder.

Akira continuously moaned, loving the pleasure she was getting from him as her walls started to wrap around his member tightly, her pressure now building up to it's extreme before she released, moaning loudly as she wrapped around even more tightly before it loosened it's grip on him.

Virgil smiled and nodded. "Thanks Kane.." He said before sighing. "There's a lot honestly, that I should thank you for that I haven't. Thanks for being there for mom, and making her happy all these years, and being there for Louisa and Remi. And trying to be there for me, even though I did try to kill you a couple of times." He said truthfully. He used to get into really bad fights with Kane as a teenager.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Mirra1007 said…
Fayline pinches Joseph's cheek. "'First offense'? What is she? A prisoner?" She aks with a slight frown before sighing a bit and smiling softly. "I know she'll always be the little girl in your eyes but just look at her, she's all grown up. Who know when she decides to leave the house... She's a strong girl, she knows how to protect herself and I am sure she would've never gone on a date with that boy if she thought it was something wrong. We just have to trust her and learn to let her go."

Cecilia happily starts to put make up on her daughter, making her already perfect daughter even prettier. "Well, obviously I didn't teach myself." She says with a giggle. "I had Fayline and Ivanka teach me though it was more like Fayline teaching both me and Ivanka." She says with another giggle, remembering how fun it was and how clumpsy she was in the beginning.

Kierra jokinly pokes Chidori's cheek as well. "Yeah, bad mommy. You should not say bad words." She says with a grin before smiling. "Oh don't worry about it. Hei might get them soon as well. Who knows."

"It looks delicious." Eadlyn says as she picks up her utensils as well and begins to eat. She couldn't stop the soft moan from escaping her lips. It tasted just as good as it looked. But then she got sight of the sake. Curiously she picks up her glass and smells the scent. It smelled really strong. She was kinda afraid this might be too much alchohol, even for her.

Dequan could almost feel his mother's discomfort so he ended the prayer and gave Mei a soft kiss on her forhead before going over to his mother and sitting down next to her. He was quiet before asking. "You know, I have always wondered. Father is a man of god while you are obviously opposed to his beliefs and words... How did you two ever get along in the beginning?"

Felicia chuckles softly before patting her daughters head. "Kane. I can tell by the way your eyes soften a tad bit." She says knowingly, completely knowing she was right.

Lizana moaned louder as he began to thrust up as well. Gods this felt amazing. Her walls tightend a bit around him as the pleasure began to build up. "Oh Seth!~.... I love... you too." She half panted, half moaned out. A while later she couldn't hold back the pleasure she was feeling so with a small scream of pleasure she released.

Sora moaned loudly and his buried his face in her neck as her walls almost painfully clenched around him. Even after all the years she was still so tight. When she released he couldn't hold back anymore, her walls almost squeezed his release out of him. He was panting and sweating alot as he slowly pulled out of her, adoring the way she looked as he looked at her. "That.... was... Amazing... As always." He says with a grin.

Kane's eyes widened slightly at Virgil's words. He had not been expecting those words at all. But he knew those words were truthfull. "Well... Thank you for giving me a chance to be part of this family." He says with a soft smile.
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lebih dari setahun yang lalu IAMYOURENEMY said…
Joseph narrowed his eyes. "No. My daughter." He said, almost sounding puffy as he spoke. Joseph grumbled a bit before growling. "No, she is NOT all grown up. Her hiding this boy from us and having her friend attempt to restrain me from stopping her is enough proof of that!" Joseph barked out. "Maybe..if we get another child..or if she shows more maturity, I might let her go, but for now, as she is my only daughter, it's not going to happen." He said firmly.

Shiomi kept her eyes tightly shut, not daring to open them due to the fear of make-up getting into her eye. "Fayline is a nice lady." She commented as her mother continued to do her make-up. "Mother, why do you do your make-up still when your the most beautiful woman in the world?" She asked. She always was a little bit more childish around her mother in her speech, questions and over all really just how she talked, but that was because in her eyes, she was still her mothers little fox kit.

Chidori pretended to try and bite Kierra's finger as she poked her cheek. "Mommy will bite." She said with a fake growl before laughing a bit. At Kierra's next comment, she narrowed her eyes a bit. "Yeah. He better. My OLDER brother shouldn't have better hair than I do." She said with crossing her arms.

Takao downed the Sake and braced for it, feeling a punch to his head much like that of Tiras's fist as the alcohol hit him. He opened his eyes a few times before beginning to eat. "Wow...that's good stuff." He said, trying not to mangle his words up. This sake was almost too powerful, even for him. He had to take it slow.

Mina sighed a bit. "Your father well....back in the war, something happened and...he took me in when I was in a very bad place. The gods weren't involved when it was me and him. Just Souji and Mina. No 'Gods' involved. Sure, I knew about what he was, but it was okay, because we left that out of our relationship. The only time I ever had a problem with it was when you guys came into the picture..." She said quietly before putting her hands on Dequan's head, pulling it down a bit and kissing his forehead. "You're my babies. I got fat, cried, vomited and got blood pressure problems, all because I loved you and cared for you for nine months in my tummy. Let alone the rest of the time outside of it. I don't want my children being slaves to those gods, okay? They're not generous or kind gods. I have seen the worst of what they can allow to happen with my eyes." She said quietly.

Louisa growled. "I'll need to fix that." She said, rubbing her eyes. The idea of anything softening up on her made her stomach turn. "Who am I thinking about now?" She said while thinking about Virgil. Her eyebrows pointed down fiercely, but that also was the same thing that happened when she thought about her father.

Vasilia read her book, looking at her teacup shake on her table out of the corner of her eye. "I swear I'm going to become a great grandmother at this rate..." She sighed to herself.

Seth started thrusting faster and harder, his pleasure hitting it's peak as he finished inside of her, his entire body in euphoria as he collapsed back against the bed. He rested his hands on her thighs as he panted out deeply, trying to get so air. "You're...so...amazing.." He panted out as he closed his eyes for a moment.

Akira grinned a bit. "I..know..right?" She panted out quietly as she snuggled closer to him. "Ah...over twenty years and I'm still as tight as ever. You're one lucky man." She said with a grin before kissing Sora's cheek. "I'm a lucky woman too though. You have the libido of a rabbit in heat." She said, commenting on his sex drive.

Virgil smiled a bit and nodded. "Of course. Just...keep it up on trying to be there for mom, okay? You know how to comfort her far better than any of us. Well, maybe Louisa might know how to do it better, but she's gone at school all the time, so really you know how to do it the best." He rambled out, trying to clarify his point.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Mirra1007 said…
Fayline giggles softly at her husband's almost childish behaviour. "Oh honey. You just don't realize it yet but she really is all grown up now. And I know it'll be hard on the both of us... Well, I think a tad bit easier for me, but we have to let her go make her own choices at some point." She says as she softly caresses his cheek. No, she did not want her baby girl to go away but she could not deny the fact that her baby was growing more and more each day.

Cecilia grins widely at the compliment before giving her daughter's forhead a kiss. "Do not flatter me with lies. We all know you are the most beautifull woman in the world. But even beautifull woman like us need some touch ups to make us even prettier." She says with a wink. Soon she was done, her daughter makeup done elegantly but sexy and alluring as well. "All done." She says, proud of her work.

Kierra quikly pulls her finger away as she chuckles. "It may be turning grey but it isn't like your hair is going to fall out or so. Maybe it'll suit you, who knows." She says with a shrug as she continous eating.

Eadlyn eyes Takao curiously, waiting to see how strong the alchohol was but he looked fine so she guessed she should be fine as well. So she did what he did and drank it all in one gone. Bad choice. It was way to strong for her, burning her troath a bit and making her feel slightly light headed. "You weren't kidding when you said it was good stuff." She says with a slight blush now covering her cheeks thanks to the heat the sake was giving her.

Dequan smiles softly at his mothers words. His father called the gods the greatest being of all, beings with a plan while his mother said the complete opposite. It did not matter to him. The gods weren't a part of his life that much. "I know mother. I won't become a slave to them. I am living my own life. Just like Mei." He reassures her.

Felicia grinned slightly as her daughter rubbed her eyes, clearly not liking what she had said, but then she poked her daughters cheek. "No thinking about your brother like that." She says with a larger grin. Though the gin fades away into a soft smile. "I won't ever understand why you don't like him since you two often seemed to get along well."

Lizana moaned softly as she felt him finish before collapsing on top of him, her head on his chest as she was unable to move. Her legs felt like jello and honestly, she did not want to move. So she simply layed their, panting and sweating on top of him, as she enjoyed the after glow of what they had just experiences together. "You.... Are too..."

Sora playfully smacks her behind as he grins widely. "Oh hell yeah, I am one blessed man indeed." He says as he playfully begins to nibble on her ear. "And why in the world would you compare me to a rabbit? That doesn't sound sexy or hot at all." he mumbles as he continous to nibble on her earlobe.

Kane smiles softly and pats Virgil on his shoulder. "I know what you mean, boy." He says before looking at his clock. "Dinner will be probably served in a few minutes. Shall we go to the dining room then?"
lebih dari setahun yang lalu IAMYOURENEMY said…
Joseph pouted. "No. I won't allow it." He said before turning over in the bed, his back to Fayline. "Our little vamp is NOT going to go away anytime soon." He said before sniffing a bit. "I don't want her to go Fayline." He said before turning around and clinging to her. "Soon, she'll be away, busy with her life...and I'm afraid she won't have time for her parents anymore, because I know she's going to be special..and that she's going to be busy...and we'll still be here, waiting for our daughter to call us once in a while..." He said quietly. "Unless..." He rubbed her stomach a bit. "Remember how much excitement we had? When we found out we had Fayline?" He asked with a soft smile. "Well, after you got over the initial shock. But..wouldn't it be great to feel that again?" Joseph asked with his smile. "Do you want to try for another child?" He asked while caressing her cheek.

Shiomi blushed a bit at her mother compliment. "Thank you mother..." She said quietly as she listened to what her mother said. "Ooooooh. Okay." She said, understanding the way she put it as her makeup got done. When Shiomi's makeup was done, she stood up and twirled, holding the edges of her skirt as she spun around. "I look so pretty~" She said before catching herself from falling down with her tails. She got balance and hugged her mother tightly before yipping loudly in joy. "I'm going to go to my date now~ I'll tell you about it when I'm back~" She said joyously as she left her room, leaving the door open for her mother before quietly walking towards the dining hall in the mansion, towards a room that was dimly illuminated with candlelight. "Ohhh Rex~ Are you there?" She said before going into the dining hall, gasping as she saw what he set up for her.

"You try getting grey hair. Then tell me that." Chidori said with a grumble, not thinking that grey hair would look attractive on her in the least bit. "You know. I have a question. Since scales are colored...is there such a thing as grey scales?" She asked curiously before she continued to eat.

"Whoa there....are you alright?" Takao asked, the same red color coming to his pale yellow tinted face. "I know...this stuff.." The rush hit to his head hard right then. "I-Is good but dang..." He said as he had to straighten himself in his chair a bit after nearly falling out. He started eating his food again, taking very slow bites.

"Are you sure about that?.." Mina said jokingly while looking over at Mei. Mei bobbled up and down where she was sitting, whistling as she pulled out a coloring book and started to color. For a teenage girl, she really was bubbly. "Sometimes I wonder.." She said quietly.

"Seemed, mother. That's the keyword there. I won't ever like him. He's not going to change. He's informal, snobbish, selfish, narcissistic, barbaric, dirty and above all things else, he grossly reminds me of you-know-who." Louisa said with a frown on her face, not even mentioning her father by name. "I won't like him. I never will like him and I never ever will BE like him." She said with her arms crossed.

"Please..don't ever go.." Seth said quietly as he cuddled against her, wrapping around her under the covers as he started to fall asleep. "Love you.." He said as he closed his eyes and started getting dragged into the peaceful embrace of sleep.

"Because Sora, rabbits like to have sex. A lot. Doesn't that sound like a certain someone?" Akira asked with a small smirk, running her hand down his chest, knowing who that certain someone was. "Besides...rabbits are cute." She said quietly while moving up on the bed and laying her head close against his chest.

"Yeah." Was all Virgil said as he got up. He opened his eyes wide a bit as he saw his bloodstained sheets and put a blanket over it quickly so Kane wouldn't notice as he got up. "Let's go." He said before heading towards the dining room.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Mirra1007 said…
Fayline could understand his fears but she thought he was exaggerating as well. Eadlyn would not forget about them nor make them wait for a phone call. She knew that dead sure. She opened her mouth to talk but then he began to rub her stomach, raising one eyebrow curiously. Her eyes widened a bit at his question. Another... Child? She had never really thought about it. She was happy and content with just having Eadlyn. And she was getting a bit too old for another child... But she guessed now they had eternity together... "I have never really thought about having another child... But... Maybe we could try." She admits quietly.

Rex was already sitting there, calmly waiting Shiomi's arrival while reading a book to pass his time. When she walked into the room her looked up. Even he had to admit she looked stunning in those clothes. But he reminded himself this was still Shiomi, the little girl now grown who tried to drug and rape him several times. He stands up and puts the book away before walking over to her. He himself was neatly dressed in a tad bit older English fashion. Gently he takes her hand and places a kiss on it, like any gentleman would. "Hello Shiomi, I hope you're hungrey."

Kierra suddenly grins. "No we don't. Our scales stay flashy and beautifully the same colour. Just like our hair." She says, glad of the fact she won't ever get grey hairs.

Eadlyn blinks twice before putting a hand over her mouth to mute her giggling. Maybe it was because of the sake but he looked so cute and funny. "Seems like you can't really hold you liquor as well." She teases with a grin as she continous eating, trying not to show how mucht he sake affected her.

Dequan chuckles a bit as he looks at Mei. She was such a sweet innocent child. Way too good for this world. "Sometimes you wonder what, mother?" he asks politely.

Felicia's stomach clenched a bit as her daughter brought up Tiras. It still hurted and made her think about the words she could never shake out of her head. "I am not expecting you to be like him. But I do want you to act normal and polite at your brother." She says, a tad bit stern.

Lizana gently held him close as she softly twirled his hair. "I won't... Never." She says quietly as she kisses his forhead. She couldn't fall asleep. Instead she simply held the man she loved close, listning to his heartbeat and praying for the best.

"Hmmmm, it does sound like someone I know but I can't really recall that quikly." Sora says teasingly with a grin but then he fakes a frown and lets out a small childish groan. "I am no cute rabbit. I am one sexy beast and a hell of a lover." He grumbled out, trying to fold his arms but couldn't since Akira was on his chest so instead he wrapped his arms around her.

Kane walks together with Virgil to the dining room to see Felicia and Louisa already there. He locked eyes with Felicia who in return got a pained look in her eyes and looked down at her still empty plate. That hurted a bit but he knew his wife was just in pain.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu IAMYOURENEMY said…
Joseph almost looked as if something had sparked inside of him, because right when Fayline considered it, he jolted up a little bit. "Really?" He asked, having thought he would have had to have done a lot of convincing to have gotten her to even consider it. "Well...this..is a surprise. I thought it would have been a lot harder." He said while scratching his head a bit. "I'm glad and a little bit excited your even considering it though." He said before kissing her lightly. "Who knows, maybe we can finally get Joseph Jr." He said with a grin even though he wouldn't actually want to name his son Joseph, if they had one.

Shiomi blushed a little bit and giggled quietly before nodding her head. "Yes. I haven't ate all day in anticipation for this meal." She said before she allowed Rex to lead her to her seat before sitting down. "How do you do?" She asked, trying to sound nice and formal for their date. She had been waiting for this moment her entire life, and she was not going to flub it up now.

Chidori growled. "At least we ghouls don't impale our lovers with our claws." She said with a small growl before grinning a bit and giving a small giggle with her eyes closed, which was a lot more scary than it seemed. "Yeah hun, I know about that. I've seen him shirtless." She said with a grin, obviously having seen the claw marks down Hei's back.

Takao flipped his wrist. "Pfft, you soon...are going to feel the same." He said quietly before continuing to chew, knowing that her strength would not last much longer. This was the strongest stuff they had. Not even the most masculine, heavy drinking Japanese man could hold in the intoxication this drink provided.

"Why Mei is like this. So cute, and innocent and happy all the time. The doctors said she is completely fine in the head." Mina said quietly. She had a really strange feeling though that Mei was just like her father, whether Mina wanted to admit it or not. "It's like...a young innocent female version of your father, everytime I look at her." She said as she continued to watch Mei color in her coloring book. She was coloring a bird pink.

"I refuse to treat him with any respect until he acts respectable." Louisa said with a growl before she noticed Virgil and Kane walk in. "Oh, hello Kane." Louisa said with a smile, utterly ignoring Virgil's presence even though she could feel it.

Akira gave Sora a bit of a perverted grin. "You're right. You are much too large to be a rabbit. You, are a bull." She said huskily before she gave him a couple kisses on his neck before beginning to suck hard, making sure she left a hickey on his neck before pulling off. "Tell me, my dear, what sort of animal am I?" She asked with a raised eyebrow and a smirk.

Virgil looked at his mother, who appeared to be in great distress and winced. He felt like his presence wasn't making it better there. "Actually...I'm...just going to go back to my room. I'm not hungry. Please... just save me some left overs." He said heading towards his room while sighing deeply.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Mirra1007 said…
Fayline smiled softly at his reaction. She had always known how much Joseph had wanted an other child, she had seen it in his eyes whenever they saw couples with younger children. But she herself had always thought that one perfect daughter was all they needed and since she was getting older as well she got less and less excited for another child. But now they had eternity together, they had all the time in the world. So why not? Softly she puts a hand on his cheek and gives him a sweet gentle kiss. "We are not going to name out son Joseph Jr. Your ego is already big enough, we don't need a son with your name to make it grow even more." She mumbles teasingly against his lips.

Rex raises one eye brow to the answer of his question. Haven't eaten all day? That wasn't good at all though he should've expected it from her. He sat back down as well as his eyes widen a bit. He hadn't expected her to be so... Formal? Calm? Like how girls normally act on a date? But it was a nice change. He smiles slightly as he answers. "I am doing fine. Glad I have managed to make time for this since the work has been piling up lately. How do you do?" He asks in return.

Kierra's fork froze midway to her mouth as her cheeks turn as red as her hair. She almost drops her fork but manages to hold on to it. "T-Those are just signs o-of love." She stutters out even though she has always felt deadly guilty for clawing up his back like that. Once she had even considered cutting her nails so they wouldn't be as sharp but always they grew back.

Back in the underground black Yakuza market, in the crowd, was a woman walking, her face hidden by a hoody attached to her dark green cloak. She was searching or more like listning to the man she was looking for, Akiro. Moira slightly lifts up her hood to get a clearer view. When he had told her he was part of a dangerous gang her mind had been thinking about him and him alone. So when that woman came to kill her, an after she had fought her, she had followed the beaten woman to this place. Ofcourse she did some preparations like a disguise and getting some background information of this gang before finally going in. It didn't take her that long to find him. A man with such wings was easily spotted even in the largest of crowds. She walked over to his weapon stand and casually picks up a dagger to look at as she spoke. "Akiro, are you here willingly or not?"

It only took a few seconds more for the sake to truly give an impact on Eadlyn's body. Suddenly her head started to throb and she became a tad bit dizzy while her stomach did some backflips. With a small groan she takes a hold of her head. This had been way too strong for her. Already she could feel the food she had just ate coming right back up. "E-Excuse me." She managed to croak up before standing. Quikly she grabs the table as she almsot fell down, her legs feeling terribly wobble. Feeling embaressed as hell as she felt other people's eyes on her she quikly and as elegantly as she could made her way to the bathroom. But once she reached it she lost her composure completely. Without caring about her dress she drops onto her knees infront of the toilet and heaves up the dinner she just had been eating.

Dequan smiles softly as he looks at the sister he held so dear. "She really is alot like father. Though is that a bad thing?" He asks his mother, wondering actually why her mother had his little sister tested though he could understand. Mei wasn't really the brightest in the world.

"Yes I am." Sora says with a proud grin and he chuckles as his wife leaves the millionth mark on his body. it was like she was trying to show the world he was already taken even if they never went out or so. "And you my darling, are a fox. Sly, sharp and oh so damn sexy with your long slender legs." He says as he pulls his lovely wife even closer.

"Hello Louisa." Kane greeted politely in return but his smile fell a bit as he saw Virgil leave. He guessed Virgil just wasn't ready yet to face his mother, why he wasn't exactly sure. He sat down at the table, wondering how to start conversation with his wife even if she was trying not to look at him as she seemed very interested in her still empty plate.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu IAMYOURENEMY said…
Joseph chuckled. "My ego isn't THAT big. It's an average size, for a very rich vampire." He said before thinking quietly to himself. "My god, is my ego really that big?..." He thought to himself as he pulled away from their kiss. "Fine. But I have some really good names for this child." He said with a grin. "Cynfael. Doesn't it sound aristocratic and vamprish? I mean, this is our first full vampling." He said with a little gleam in his eyes. Eadlyn, their little vamp and this new child that would be coming, their vampling. "Ah it warms my heart..." He said quietly as he nuzzled against Fayline. Joseph was in a very cuddly mood thinking of all of this.

"Oh I've been fine. I do wonder what Valeryia and Eadlyn have been up to. Recently, Valeryia has been rejected by a boy and Eadlyn at the moment is on a date as well." She said as her ears perked up a bit. Shiomi has the ability to get dirt on everyone in the house. "So...hmm...what to talk about.." She said quietly to herself, sounding actually a little nervous. She was freaking out inside and didn't actually know what to do or say. She was just following along with what she had seen in the movies. "S-So what are we eating tonight?" She squeaked out nervously.

Belial looked over at Cecila with one open eye as he yawned a bit. He poked her stomach as well before grinning, knowing what she probably was thinking about. "You excited to have more little kits to add to your pack?" He said before even his ears picked up on Shiomi's squeak. He rubbed his ears a bit before grumbling. "She needs to act like what she is. A member of the royal demon family. She shouldn't be nervous over a lowly human like him." He grumbled some more.

Chidori grinned a bit with just a slight undertone of sadism in it. She knew she had gotten Kierra. "Oh yes, most definitely. I like to slice the people I make love to open with my razor sharp claws too." She said sarcastically before chuckling. "You know I'm just teasing you." She said before biting into some more of her food. "It tastes great, by the way." She said with a smile.

Chi, Chidori's middle daughter at age 6, tugged on Ichirou's sleeve. "Ichirou....what is...making love?" She asked naively, not understanding the concept.

Akiro gulped as he heard Moira's voice. God did that voice disarm him. The raging fire he had inside him, to be bad and just enjoy life however he wanted to completely flickered out when she was there. "Y-Yes..." Akiro said, almost embarrassed and ashamed about the fact. "Why are you here, Moira?" He asked as he tried to cover the tiger and dragon tattoo's on his arm. However, when he tried, the other showed up. The tiger was left up facing upward, in Moira's direction. "This is...my new family." He said quietly. "My father was killed...Naomi is missing. My mother and little sisters are with my uncle now, and right now, they'll will be better off without me. And the military...with you there and my fathers death reminding me of everything...it'll be too painful...so, here I am. This is my family...this is my new life." He said quietly, feeling the fire start up again.

Takao noticed the look in Eadlyn's eye and raised an eyebrow as she so elegantly left. "What a horrible liar.." He said quietly to himself as he followed her to the bathroom, quietly, not going past the door. As he heard puking, he winced a bit, feeling almost guilty for making her throw up. "Hey, are, uhm, are you okay?" Takao asked from the bathroom door.

Mina sighed quietly before smiling. "No....it isn't.." She said quietly as she continued to watch Mei color. She felt her heart throb in sadness as she saw a tear go down Mei's cheek as she looked at the pink bird she drew. "Aww.." Mina said quietly before going over and hugging Mei, comforting her. Mei burrowed her head into her mothers shoulder, sniffling a bit as she started to let out a high pitched whine before she broke out crying. "Mommy, I-I want birdy back..." She said quietly with a sob. "I miss birdy a lot!" She said before he cries got louder.

"There there dear it's okay..." Mina said quietly while comforting Mei, stroking the back of her hair and rocking them both back and forth. "Dequan, figure out from you father how Fillian is!" She whispered loudly, enough to where Mei couldn't hear but where Dequan could.

Akira chuckled a bit as she smirked and ran her hand down his leg. "You sure love telling me how great I am, don't you?" She asked with her grin before kissing his cheek. "Not that I mind though, I love hearing how great I am. It keeps me young and.." She rolled over on him and got on top of him. "It keeps my nice and foxy, just like you like it." She whispered huskily before leaning down and hungrily making out on top of him.

Remi came into the dining hall, taking off her glasses and closing her book as she looked around. "Hey...where's Virgil?" Was the first thing she said before Louisa looked over at her, making her shiver and sit next to Kane. "Everyone?" She said, not knowing what the awkward silence was about.

"Be quiet." Louisa said with a growl, making Remi squeak in fear.

"A-Ah, Kane-" Remi said quietly before clinging to him, visibly shaking a bit. She was terrified of Louisa, for reasons nobody knew.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Mirra1007 said…
Fayline chuckles softly. He just called his ego 'average' size. Oh if he could only see how big it actually was he would be suprised. Her eyes widened a tad bit as he already had come up with a name. She guessed he has been wanting another child for long and she felt a tad guilty for not giving him one sooner. She nuzzled back against him as a smile graces her lips. "It really sounds like an aristocrat. Though I do like the sound of it."

Rex smiled softly as he heard her talk quietly to herself. It was easy to see how nervous Shiomi actually was. When she was being like this she almost looked like a normal girl who did not stalk him or tried to drug him. "I asked the cooks to make all of your favourites." He says as a butler walks to their table and pours them some red wine.

Cecilia grinned widely and nods as she rubs her stomach. "I really am excited! Oh, I am so much hoping for twins or triplings." She says. It was normal for fox demons to give birth to more children at a time. It was actually a wonder that Shiomi was a single child. As she heard her daughters squeek she giggles a bit and she giggles more as she sees her husband's reaction. "Oh honey." She says as she begins to rub his ears for him. "She is a teenage girl in love. Ofcourse she would act like this."

"Yeah, i know." Kierra says with a slight smile. But even though the topic had been brought up teasingly she still couldn't feel actually guilty as she thought about Hei's back. "And thank you." She adds.

When his little niece asked him that Ichirou almost spat out the dfood he had in his mouth but managed to swallow. His face was a fierce red. "W-Well.... I-It is... Ask your mother later!" He squeeked out, feeling very embaressed and not knowing how else to answer.

"Your... Family..." Moira says quietly as she looks a bit around. These people as his family? He said it himself that this was a dangerous gang and she had heard many stories about the things this family has done from other millitary people. "But your real family is still around... Don't you think they'll need you even more in times like this?..." She shakes her head a bit. "I am really confused why you would willingly join people like this... But if this is what you truly want then please, just be carefull and value your life." She says as she puts the dagger back on the table. "And as to why I am here.-" Reaching out she gently puts a hand on his cheek. "I have broken my pledge to my people to ensure your safety. Now I'll make sure that nothing else will hurt you." She says,determination in her eyes but then they soften a bit and a small smile graces her lips as she sighs. "If only you had been born Navidian..." She sayd quietly though she did not dare finish that thought.

Eadlyn's body tensed as she heard Takeo's voice on the other side of the door. "I-I am fine... Just l-leave." She says as she clenches the sides of the toilet bowl with her hands. Shame and embaressmeant flowed through her body and him being there only made it worse. This was really pathetic of her.

Dequan sighs softly as Mei started crying again, knowing he could not make her feel better at all this time. He nods a bit at his mother's demand before going into the kitchen for some privacy. Quikly he dialed his father's phone number. After a short conversation he walked back into the living room and kneeled down next to his mother and sister. "Fillian is doing fine. No intestines were luckily hit so they closed the wound and now he is recovering even thoug he hasn't woken up yet." He explains, feeling a tad bit relieved himself.

Sora shivered a bit as she ran her hand down his leg and grinned up at her as she got on top. Before he had the time to say a sassy remark his lips were already captured by her hot lips as they began to make out. He tangles one hand in her hair as he gladly kissed her back.

Kane gently pats Remi's head to calm her a bit down. "Louisa, no snapping at your sister." He politely says even though his voice was still a tad bit stern. After that the butlers brought their food, luckily since the silence had been really awkward.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu IAMYOURENEMY said…
Joseph had a small smile on his face, although secretly it was a really big one he was keeping suppressed. "I'm glad you like it." He said quietly as he nuzzled her back before he opened his eyes wide. "Rex is on his date. I just realized that. It's the perfect time now." He said with a grin as he realized what time it was.

Shiomi's heart started to beat faster as Rex spoke. Every word from his mouth was like a beautifully orchestrated symphony to her ears. It made shivers go up her spine and goosebumps appear on her arms. "Y-You know my favorite foods?.." She said as she blushed a little bit and gave him an unintentionally cute look with the gleam in her eyes. "I never knew you paid attention to my favorite foods.." She squeaked out quietly. "What else do you know I like?" She asked, wanting to know more.

"You never acted like that when I met you." Belial said with his arms crossed and his eyebrows pointed downward before they softened. "Oh wait...you were a few hundreds years old when we met..." He said quietly to himself before his eyebrows pointed again. "Did you have a love before me?" He asked with his arms crossed, almost sounding a tad jealous that there ever could have been a man before him.

"Anytime." Chidori said with a soft smile before looking over at Ichirou. "Ask her mother what?" She asked, having heard Ichirou.

"What is making love, mommy?" Chi asked naively, her eyes tearing up as she didn't get an answer.

"M-Making dinner honey! That's making love! Yeah! Right Kierra?" Chidori said as she nudged Kierra with her elbow.

Akiro had a pained expression on his face as Moira placed her hand on his cheek. He loved her so much but oh was it not possible..."I can take care of myself." He said almost coldly as he took her hand away. He loved her, but he wasn't going to do this to himself. He wasn't going to let himself sink deeper. "If I had been born whatever the hell you just said, what, would you have loved me back? Would me having been born something that I am not really have affected your feelings towards me that much? Hmm?! Is being a ghoul not good enough for you!?" He asked with a growl, clearly upset by what she said.

"Not until you're out. I can't leave you in there, puking your stomach practically out." Takao said, standing firmly where he was. "I apologize for the sake. I should have known it was too strong. It was a wrong, entirely on my fault, Eadlyn. Do you forgive me?" He asked quietly, obviously feeling guilty

"I want to see the birdy!" Was all Mei cried out when she heard the news. She sounded like she wasn't going to be satisfied until she talked to Fillian or at least, seen him. "Ah ah ah, get your father to pick us up , Dequan. He took the car to the hospital." She said as she had to deal with Mei, who was explosively crying.

Akira leaned in with her pelvis, grinding against Sora, the underwear being the only thing separating them apart as they kissed. "What? No snarky comment?" She said quietly into the kiss with a raised eyebrow, expecting something snarky to come from his mouth.

Louisa growled. "Fine." She said venomously before sipping some water. She was not in a nice mood towards any of her siblings today.

"S-So...mother...Kane...how are you? I haven't seen either of you all day.." Remi asked quietly, almost afraid to even speak again because of Louisa.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Mirra1007 said…
Fayline closes her eyes as he nuzzled against her and a small happy sigh leaves her lips. She was blessed to be able to spend eternity with him. It was heaven. At his words she opens one eye and grins a bit. "It's the perfect time for?..." She asks teasignly, pretending she didn't understand what he meant.

Rex actually blushed a tad bit as she looked at him so cutely. He rubs the back of his neck. "Ofcourse I know. It is easy to see since your ears always start to twitch and your tails start to sway whenever you like something." He says. "And besides, you always tell alot of things you do or do not like. Like your favourite types of music, movies, things to do. You really tell me more than you probably realize." He adds with a small smile.

Cecilia giggles a bit as she softly kisses Belial's neck. "I wasn't a giddy school girl when we met." She says with a small grin though the grin falls a bit at his question. Suddenly she smiles very nervously and a nervous laugh escapes her as her ears flatten on her head. Oh boy. "Well.... Maybe..." So that was a yes.

Kierra grins mishieviously. Should she be nice and agree? Or mean and disagree? "No Chi, that is not what making love means. Your mother is keeping it a secret." She says as she shoots Chidori a teasing look. Yes, she liked teasing her sister in law alot.

Moira looked hurt as he moved her hand away though she should've seen that one coming. They hadn't really parted on excellent terms so it was only logical he didn't want her to touch him. Though at his words she immediatly shakes her head. "That is not what I meant, Akiro. What I meant was, if you had been born Navidian we could've been.... Together. You are from earth so we can not... And I have told you before that I do not mind you being a ghoul at all."

Eadlyn sighs as Takao stayed right where he was. She hated people seeing her in such weakend state, especially if it was someone who she was trying to impress. This really was pathetic. "I forgive you..." She says quietly as she runs a hand through her hair.

Dequan nods as he grabs his cellphone. But he hesitated a bit. Maybe it wasn't a good idea to let either of his parents drive at the moment.... So instead of Souji he called a cab who will come to pick them up in 15 minutes. It was better and alot safer that way.

Sora moaned softly as he grins against her lips and grinds himself up against her with his hands on her waist. "Sorry, my lips were a tad bit too buzy to comment on you sex drive." He mumbles against her lips before kissing her fiercely and passionately again.

Kane glanced at Felicia but it looked like she was not going to answer first so with a smile he says. "I have been fine. Though work is pilling a bit up. What have you been doing all day? You went to school right?" He asks, quikly changing from them to her.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu IAMYOURENEMY said…
Joseph gave Fayline a sly grin. "You know exactly what I mean. Me you, destroying Rex's office" He said with his grin before getting out of bed. "Come on, follow me." He said as he crept towards the door, trying not to make any noise at all. In the hall, he used his vampire speed to evade the cameras before getting the Rex's door and opening the door, which was unlocked, much to his joy. He left the door open as he got far enough into the office to evade the cameras.

Shiomi looked at him as her tails swayed rather fast in joy, the cute look in her eyes only growing as Rex talked. "I didn't know you cared enough to remember those things." She said quietly as she squealed internally. "I know what you like too. You like classical music, you like the color green and your favorite food is spaghetti." She said as if it was common knowledge to everyone. "And your favorite thing to do is spend time with your mother and read in your spare time." She said with a smile. "I know pretty much everything about you, not that I am trying to be scary. I just..I wanted to learn everything I could.." She said quietly while blushing a bit, now a tad embarrassed.

"I was a virgin and I had never had a girlfriend before I met you! H-how?! How even!?" Belial asked, now in utter disbelief as he admitted something he never had told Cecilia. It was his darkest secret. He got out of bed and marched to his closet angrily before pulling his demonic war armor out of it and beginning to put it on. "I'm going to kill that person!" He said vehemently. "I will commit genocide on every single district of hell, one by one until he is dead. That is of course, unless you tell me immediately!" Belial growled. He really wanted to kill this person.

"Mommy tell me what it really means!" Chi said with a pouty face, crossing her arms because her mother had lied to her. "And your pants are on fire!" She said as her face turned red.

"I'm going to kill you." Chidori whispered to Kierra, sounding dead serious and cold before she closed her eyes and smiled at Chi. "Chi, it's something that little ghoulings don't need to know. You can't know. Your precious little head will explode if you do right now."

Chi gasped. "I-It will!?"

"Yes, so never try to figure out what that means again." Chidori said quickly before going back to her food, stuffing her mouth full to try and deter anymore questioning.

Akiro pointed his eyebrows down. "Yeah, well, I'm not Navidian, so it's never going to happen." He said before sighing. "Look, I need to get back to work. Can you just get out of here?" Akiro said while rubbing his face while sighing deeply. If Riza woke up, they'd be in really deep shit and honestly being around Moira at the moment was just pissing him off.

Takao smiled a bit. "Thank you. I know it must seem strange, the leader of the Yakuza asking for your forgiveness but...trust me when I say that I keep my work, and personal life separate. With work it all well...it's just business. You have to do what you have to do to get the job done. With my personal life it's..hard to explain, honestly. I'm just a different person outside of work." He said with a sigh before shaking his head. "I'm sorry about the rambling. Are you well enough to continue our...date." He said with a gulp and a blush. "Or do you want to call it a night?" He asked quietly.

Mei quieted down when she heard they were going to see Fillian and began to rock around in a chair, singing "I get to see the stupid birdy, I get to see the stupid birdy!" Millions...and millions of times. Mina brushed her hair and got it into a bun since she was going out into public. She still only showed her hair off to her family. And Fillian, although he pretty much was in there family at this point. "Dequan is the cab here yet?!" Mina asked from upstairs.

Akira giggled a bit. "Well, why don't we just keep them busy.." She whispered huskily before they began to fiercely and passionately make out. She rubbed her hands down his bare chest as they kissed, slowly going down to his crotch before simply holding his member in her hand. She simply just loved the feeling when it turned soft to hard from her touches.

"Oh yeah that and you know, reading. Like usual" Remi said with a slight giggle and a smile. She was much more humble than both of her siblings. It was probably from her mothers side. "Is mother uhm..alright?" She whispered to Kane. Normally, Felicia would have given a response to her, but she didn't and the silence troubled her.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Mirra1007 said…
Fayline grinned slyly back, feeling herself getting wet by only thinking about what they were going to do. "Sound like a plan." She says in the most seductive voice she could muster before getting out of the bed as well. He was so quik so she wondered how she would be able to follow him but then she realized she was a vampire now as well. Following the same path she quikly followed him, suprised at her own speed and she manages to dodge all the cameras. As she arrived in the office she quietly closes the door and grins at him. "So, let us go destroy this study?" She asks as she wraps one arm around his neck.

Rex thinks for a second, did he care to remember those things or did he just remember because they were easy trivial things to remember? He never thought of himself as the caring type... When she named his favourite things he didn't know wether to be pleasantly suprised she knew those things about him or a bit disturbed because it was Shiomi. He guessed the second though he still smiled politely. "Well..." he picks up his wine glass and holds it up. "Let me use tonight to learn some more about you as well."

Cecilia's eyes widened in pure shock. He had been... A virgin?... She had been... His first girlfriend?... She found it SO hard to believe that! It was like almost not possible! When she snapped out of her shock he already had half of his armor on, ready to raise ruckus in hell. "Darling, that was 200 years ago, don't be bothered by it. And besides, you are the one who took this body's virginity." She says with a grin as she runs a hand over her hip.

Kierra simply grins at the threat and shrugs as she continous to eat. Ofcourse Chidori wouldn't really kill her. She wouldn't dare. They loved eachother to much to do that. it was strange how much of a sisterly bond they had now.

A pained expression crossed Moira's face as Akiro acted so cold towards her. But she should've expected it. Though that did not lessen the pain she felt in her chest. She sighs softly as she looks to the side, a grimace on her face. "I have really broken you..." She says quietly, more to herself than to him. But then she suddenly did something that even suprised herself. Gently but firm she grabbed the front of his jacket and pulled him closer, since their was still a table between them, and connects her lips with his, showing him the feelings she didn't want to admit to. Slowly she pulled away, not daring to look him in the eye, wondering if this action had made him hate her even more.

Listning to Takao talk actually helped to calm Eadlyn down a bit. Oh, she had noticed how different from a Yakuza boss he was being. But she didn't mind at all.She actually liked he had a strong but also a softer side to him. At his question she hesitates. She didn't want to call of the date but she didn't think she could stay proper in such a high restraunt when she was feeling this way. "I.... Don't know actually."

Dequan looks outisde and notices the cab was just arriving. "He is here!" He shouted back upstairs as he puts on his coat and shoes and sighs a bit before walking over to Mei and handing her her coat. "Come on sis. Let's go see Fillian."

Sora moaned into their kisses, loving the feeling of her always soft hands going down his chest to his member. Serieusly, she didn't even have to try and he was already getting hard in her hand. He buries one hand in her hair and deepens the kiss, sticking his tongue into her mouth and tasting her.

Kane smiles softly at her answer though it fell a bit at Remi's question. Ofcourse she would notice something was up. It was hard not to notice. "Your mother isn't just feeling that well. She needs some rest." he says quietly, not wanting at all to say the truth.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu IAMYOURENEMY said…
Joseph grinned and stared at Fayline seductively. "Let's." He said before shutting and locking Rex's door. As soon as that happened, Joseph dropped his pants and whipped his member out before kicking Rex's chair over and bending Fayline over his desk, letting her breasts over the edge of the desk as Joseph brought her panties down. "So naughty, seeing you over Rex's desk like this..." Joseph said as he rubbed her sensitive areas sensually before he teased her by rubbing his member against it. He pretended like he was going to stick it in for a moment before not and instead moving over to her front. "Not yet my dear. We're going to be very naughty in here tonight. We can't just do one thing." He said before he rubbed his member against Fayline's cheek. He moved it to her slips before he put his hand on her head and smiled. "Feast, my sexy vampire wife." Joseph said with a grin.

Shiomi smiled and raised her wine glass up as well. "Yes, let's." She said before accidentally chugging all the wine down at once. She didn't even appear face by the alcohol. "It tastes very expensive." She said as she savored the after taste in her mouth. She knew good wine from cheap, bad wine.

Belial moved Cecilia's hand away so her could get his armor on. "No! I am bothered by it! In the royal family, we kill anyone who has ever slept with our spouses to make sure that there is no chance they will ever attempt to come back!" Belial said before grunting a bit as his goat horns came out for battle. He pulled his massive war axe out from his closet with one hand, not even breaking a sweat as he held it to the ceiling. "Tell me their name. Now, Cecilia." Belial demanded.

"What are you grinning about?" Chidori asked before grinning a bit herself, unable to be mad at Kierra in the least bit. She couldn't bring herself to get mad anymore, it was too energy consuming plus, she loved Kierra like she loved Hei and Rex.

As soon as Moira pulled him in, Akiro's eyes widened. As they kissed, he could feel a redness coming to his face. As she pulled away, he stood silent, not knowing how to feel. "Please Moira...I....I'm..." Akkiro sighed before he wrapped his arm around her, bring her in closer as he kissed her deeply, rubbing her tongue with his and holding her lovingly before he pulled away from her, his face bright red. "Just...stop playing with my emotions.." He said with a sigh. "Please. Everytime this happens, it kills me inside..." He said quietly.

Takao rubbed his head. "It's okay, honestly. If you're sick, we can go on another date, at another time." He said, trying to be understanding for her.

"Yay! We get to see the dumb bird!" Mei said before getting her coat and shoes down. Mina came down shortly as well, already ready before going out with her kids to the cab. After the cab drove them to the hospital, Mina paid and got out. "Dequan, show your sister to Fillian's room. I have to...power my nose." She said before shuffling off towards the bathroom.

Akira moaned a bit, savoring the taste of Sora's mouth as well as she played with his member, stroking it nice and slowly at first to tease it before she gripped tightly, almost causing pain and stroked it fast and violently. "Do you like that?" She asked into the kiss, panting a bit because she was doing a lot of work with his member.

Remi smiled. "Oh, okay." She said quietly before sighing. "Is Virgil alright? He isn't at the table..." She said worriedly. Out of anyone in the home, Remi was the one the probably worried the most about Virgil. He was the only one that truly understood how much pain she had been in.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Mirra1007 said…
Fayline grinned as her sexy husband walked over to her but still she yelped a bit in suprise as he roughly bended her over. Not that she minded. She liked this dominating side of him. it was simply a huge turn on and it would be for any woman. She bites her lip as he began to touch a tease he. Oh so desperately she wanted him inside so a small sigh escapes her as he doesn't. Damn him for making her wait! But as soon as his member touched her lips and he grinned down at her like that she forget the small frustration. Instead she completely focused on his member. Deciding to tease him she takes him lowly into her mouth, moving slowly back and forth while occasionally licking.

Rex took a sip, not being able to down it all at once and he simply didn't want to do that. It was way too good to just drink at once. He smiles softly as he nods. "Yes it is. I think this is one of the most expensive bottles I have ever purchased." he says as he admires the sweet scent of the wine.

Cecilia actually huffed and folds her arms as he moved her hand away. Well, that was rude and offending. Fine, then she wouldn't touch him. She sits down on the side of the bed and crosses her legs. "No." She says stubbornly as she actually look a bit pissed. "I am not going to tell you his name. We parted on good terms and I do not want you to kill him because you are feeling jealous for no reason at all. You should trust me and believe me when I say me going back to my ex is never going to happen."

"I am grinning because I know you will never hurt me." Kierra says as she grins a bit more, knowing she was completely right. "And besides, threaths like that sound rather cute when coming out of your mouth." Yes, she knew Chidori hated being called cute just as much as she hated it.

Moira was very suprised when Akiro actually pulled her closer and kissed her like that. Her face turned a fierce red but she closed her eyes, enjoying the feeling of his tongue against hers though kissing like this wasn't very usual on her planet. She did like it very much. "I never wanted to play with them." She says quietly as she puts her forhead against his and runs a hand through his hair. "I have broken my pledge, disgraced myself, technically betrayed my people, to save you from yourself. If I ever return home... I don't think my people will ever accept me back, especially not on the throne." She says quietly, looking a bit to the side. Clearly it pained her alot that that was the truth but instead of letting it get to her she shakes it away. "But... I realized I would break a million more pledges if it meant you would be safe... I-It is alot to ask for, but will you allow me to stay with you? I will not ever hurt you again... Please..." She asks him, almost begging him with her eyes.

Eadlyn felt very guilty that he even needed to propose something like this. She didn't want to prospone this date... But she had the feeling it might be for the best since her stomach was still doing flips. "That might be for the best." She admits quietly though it was clear she didn't want to end it yet.

Dequan nods as he gently takes a hold of his sister's hand and leads her through the hospital. he asks a nurse the direction to Fillian's room before they walked in. Fillian was laying asleep on the bed and besides and IV and a heart monitor he did not have any more wires attached to him. Souji was asleep on the chair, both exhausted from the stress and the full work day he had had. Dequan motions for Mei to be quiet as he closes the door of the room after they had walked in.

Soft moans escaped Sora's lips as she teased him but when she suddenly became so rough he lets out a sound that was the mixture of a groan and a moan. God she was so feisty at times. He was lucky his member hadn't fallen off yet. "God... You are... A beast." he panted out as his member got deliciously violated,

Kane hesitates a bit before gently patting Remi's head. "He isn't feeling that well either. You should go talk to him later. You always manage to cheer him up and make him feel better." he suggests with a soft smile.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu IAMYOURENEMY said…
Joseph bit his lip as she took him in his mouth, nearly finishing right there due to Fayline's mouth being a special treat he didn't like to use too much. He moaned with every lick, having his hand tangled within her hair as he pushed her head down on him, pushing his head against the back of her throat as he began to moan louder and louder. "You're such a goddess.." Joseph moaned out loudly, throbbing hard against her tongue.

Shiomi smiled a bit, propping her head up with her hand. "You bought it just for me?" She asked while her smile grew larger. "You're so sweet. You know...I honestly thought you didn't want to go on this date..and that you just were going to try and make me not love you anymore by not putting any effort.." She said quietly while looking down before looking back up. "I'm glad you're putting effort into this.." She admitted quietly.

"Don't you say no to me!" Belial said before letting his axe down. "You tell me now!" He said angrily before sighing, seeing her reaction. "Cecilia..." Belial said quietly before sitting down on the bed, wrapping his arm around her. "I'm sorry I took your hand away.." He said quietly before kissing her cheek. "I just...I trust you... I know you won't leave me...it's...it's just a pride thing. I can't feel like a man without doing this. He was the first one. He took your virginity in your original body. Your first memories of..of making love, are with him. I must kill him. As we have our next children, do you want them to grow up, seeing their father prideless?" He asked, hoping she would understand.

Chidori's face turned bright red. "C-Cute?!" She said before pouting and tugging Kierra's cheek hard. "So who isn't going to hurt you now?" She asked with a cute growl as she pulled again, clearly insulted. "A Nagachika will always hurt someone if we say we will." She said with a grin. "Cutie, you should have know." She said teasingly.

Akiro felt pain in his heart as Moira begged him. One part of him, the part from his father, told him to not succumb to her. His mothers voice in him however, said to give her a chance, to forgive her. He listened to that side, so he embraced her and nodded. "Yes, you can....when the boss gets here, I'll show you too him." He leaned in and was about to kiss her cheek before realizing it meant something else on her planet. So, he instead kissed her lips, running his hand through her read hair before pulling away. "So..you'll...you'll stay?" He asked, his heart warming up a bit.

Takao smiled a bit. "That's okay. At least I can say now, this date was...kind of a success? I mean, we are going on another date, so I can't say it was a failure..." He thought outloud. "I'm sorry. Would you like to head home now then?" He asked.

Mei looked at Fillian and smiled, seeing him breath. She moved her head over and leaned it as she placed her head against his chest to hear his heart beat. When she heard it beat, the smile got bigger. "The stupid bird is alive.." She said with a smile before walking over and sitting on her father's lap. "Daddy, did the gods do this?" She asked with a smile.

Mina walked in when Mei said that and cringed, making it very apparent to Souji and Dequan her feelings about that.

Iris came home, her head hung down low as she walked home. Vasilia stood up and embraced her daughter, sighing quietly in the process. "How..How is she?" Vasilia asked.

"She..." Iris's voice cracked, as if she had lost it from crying, and screaming. Most likely a mix of both. "She is..in a coma and Daniel isn't doing much better...he's on life support at the moment.." She said as her voice cracked again. "How is Seth?"

"Doing...as well as he can..." Vasilia said shakily. "Shall we awake him?" She asked.

"Y-Yes..." Iris said before she slowly went upstairs and went in Seth's room. She turned the light on and shook him and Lizana. "Kids." She said quietly. "Kids?"

"...Mom?" Seth asked, slowly waking up.

"Eva is in a coma honey...she...she's alive." Iris said as her voice cracked.

"A coma?! What?!" Seth said, instantly getting out of bed.

"Honey please..."

"No! I need to see her now!" Seth said as he got his clothes on. Sneakily, he slipped his pistol into his back as he zipped his jacket up.

Akira chuckled before grunting, roughly stroking him with all her might. " I am a fox honey..not a beast." She said with a smirk as she started panting. "Come on Sora, spray your milk all over me." She said as she moved down and rubbed her breasts against his member. "Give me my present for milking you. Show me how much you love this." She said before spitting on the tip of his member, using the spit to lube him up and stroke him even harder.

Remi looked away shyly. "W-What? No I don'T...we...we just understand each other." She said quietly before looking down. "I'll talk to him later." She said with a smile as her food came. "Finally." She said with a sigh before picking up her fork and biting in, the dinner now awkwardly quiet without Virgil.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Mirra1007 said…
Fayline knew how much Joseph was loving this. She could easily tell by his moans and the way his hand tangled in her hair. Also since they didn't do this very often she knew he saved this for special occasions. Deciding to give him even more pleasure she began to suck him harder as she moved faster while her other hand began to caress the part her mouth couldn't reach.

Rex blushed a bit as she called him cute though he felt a tad guilty. Honestly, no he did not wanted to go on this date. it was only because Belial kinda forced him too. But he should atleast make sure Shiomi had a good time so that was what he was going to do. Though then he realized somehting else she said. She said love. She was saying she loved him... Quikly he takes another sip from his wine, really needing it at the moment. Luckily just then the waiters brought in their food.

Cecilia did not understand or atleast did not want to understand at all at the moment. She was very pissed out and even hurt that he had been yelling at her and ignoring what she wanted. Keeping her arms folded and continouing not to look at him she snaps. "His name is Tomoe, he lives in the red light district of hell and he is a fox demon. So go ahead and kill him if you want you next children to see their mother pissed of at father all the time."

"Ouch!" Kierra said a bit in complained and groaned a bit as she rubs her already red cheek but still she was smiling. She had never thought for them to get along so well but she liked it. "Yeah, I get it now."

Moira felt such a huge wave of relief hit her as he said yes. She even laughs a bit because of the relief she felt. Such a weight was suddenly lifted off of her heart and she swore she felt what humans would call butterflies in the stomach as he kissed her again. She embraces him back, laying her head on his chest to listen to his steady soothing heartbeat. "I actually wished you would leave this place together with me." She says, feeling not very comfortable in this dangerous place. "But if you stay, I will too. My place is with you now, where ever you decide to go."

Eadlyn sighs a bit. She wouldn't really call this date a succes. They hadn't even finished it... With another sigh she stands up from the ground and quikly cleans her mouth with water from the sink before leaving the bathroom. "I guess I should..."

Souji was forced out of his rest when he felt someone go sit on his lap. He tensed up a bit but calmed as he realized it was Mei. Sleepily he rubs the sleep out of his eyes and stiffens a yawn as he looks at Fillian. He was so relieved his companion was fine. "Perhaps. Did you pray for him?" he asks with a soft smile as he rubs her head.

Lizana groans softly as she was gently shaken out of her sleep. Though she was immediatly wide awake at Iris's words. Quikly she gets up as well and puts on her clothes too. "I am coming with you, Seth." She says, not going to let him leave alone in the emotional state he was in now.

Sora tried to hold back as long as he could, not wanting these amazing feelings to end but he just couldn't hold back. She was really trying to milk him and it was working. So with a loud groan of pleasure he releases, spurting his seeds all over her chest and hands.

As the food arrived Felicia and Kane started to eat as well. Though the silence was almost unbearable for Felicia. Normally both Louisa and Virgil would be bickering while Remi would be politely laughing and Kane would be talking about work or saying sweet things to her. This silence was almost like a punishment. Half way through dinner she couldn't bear with it anymore. "Excuse me, I am not feeling that wel." She says as she wipes off her mouth and leaves the dining room.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu IAMYOURENEMY said…
Joseph moaned louder, wrapping his hand in her hair even tighter as he closed his eyes, holding in his seed as much as he could as he tried to hold on, loving everything Fayline was doing. "Ah...you...are so great..." Joseph moaned out, sounding a bit strained from how much he was holding it. He looked up to the ceiling and moaned loudly before he finished in her mouth, pouring in loads of his juice into her mouth. So much so, that it was leaking out from the corners of her mouth and running down onto the ground. Joseph squirted all he could and pulled out of her mouth slowly as he got his fingers untangled from her hair. "Let me see it before you swallow it..." Joseph said with a small deep breath as the end as he rubbed her head slowly.

As Shiomi saw the food roll in, her eyes opened wide and started gleaming again. All of her favorites foods! Salmon, duck, chickens, turkeys, bass and trout! All in so many ways. She drooled a little bit, her primal fox instincts beginning to set in as she smelt the food. "So...yummy looking!" Shiomi as her tails and behind started to raise up. She looked like she was about to practically pounce the waiters for the food.

Belial whined. "Cecilia...don't be like that.." He said as he poked her cheek. "Come on....please stop being mad at me.." He said quietly, not liking it when she was mad like this. If there was one thing he hated to see most, it was angry Cecilia. "Please let me kill him?" He said with a slight whine. "What does his life matter? We tortured children and murdered their parents right in front of them in the war, what does some scummy couple hundred yearold demon mean?" He asked.

"Good." Chidori said before she acted like she was going to pinch Kierra's cheek again before just instead giving her nose a light boop before she giggled a bit. Kierra never expected the boops to come, even if Hei bombarded her with them constantly.

Akiro sighed a bit, rubbing the back of Moira's head. "These tattoo's are on me for life Moira...even if I left, everyone would still know.." He said quietly as he could have sworn he felt his heart beat a little faster. "You're really making me..blush, with such words.." He said as he turned red a little bit before sighing quietly. "But...me as well. If you want me too, I will be with you too. Where ever you choose to be, forever." He said quietly as the redness got even brighter on his face.

Takao smiled a little bit. "Come on..I'll drive you home. He said quietly. As he tried to leave, the man in the samurai armor blocked his way.

"Ehem. Sir."

"Yeah yeah." Takao said as he pulled out a stack of hundred dollar bills and handed it to him.

"Thank you for your patronage. Come again soon." The man said as he moved out of the way. It looked like Takao had paid the man over a thousand dollars for their meal.

Mei smiled and nodded her head. "Yes I did! And now the stupid bird is going to live." She said with a smile as she started rocking back and forth happily.

"I'm glad he's okay..modern medicine works miracles." Mina said quietly, getting her mind off of the gods.

Seth shook his head before sighing, his breath sounding even shakily. "F-Fine..." He said quietly before rubbing his hair. "But stay out when I'm talking to her. I want to be able to see my sister...alone." He said quietly as he waited for Lizana to get dressed. After she finished, he took her hand and lead her downstairs and outside into his mothers car. After they got in, Iris drove off in the direction of the hospital. After the short drive, when she parked, she didn't get out. "I can't...I can't see her again like that.." She said, her voice cracking as she spoke before Seth nodded and walked Lizana out to the front desk. After learning Eva's room, he took her upstairs. Seth sighed deeply before he looked at Lizana and gulped. "Stay out here, alright?...I need to go in there alone. We'll...go home and we'll figure everything out from here when I'm out.." Seth leaned in and gave her a incredibly deep kiss, a kiss that almost appeared to slow down time and space itself while they were in it before he pulled away. "I love you Lizana.." Seth said quietly, yet still shakily before he placed his hand on the door knob.

Akira opened her eyes wide and chuckled as Sora sprayed her. She opened her mouth wide, luckily being able to catch just a little bit in her mouth as her entire yellow skinned chest was painted a creamy white color by him. "Ohohoho, you had so much in you.." She said as she licked some of her hand.

"Mother?" Louisa said as she saw Felicia stand up and leave. She looked over at Kane and rubbed her head with an actually worried expression on her face. "Should..Should I go after her?" She asked, not wanting to just track down her mother if Kane thought it'd just make it worse.

lebih dari setahun yang lalu Mirra1007 said…
Fayline moaned softly as the familiar fluid once again filled her mouth, making her blush a tad bit. Obeying to his request she opened her mouth to show it to him before swallowing. With a grin she wiped the rest off of her chin before licking him clean. "Hmmm.... So sweet." She before standing up and sitting down on the desk. Seductively she spreads her legs for him as she motions him over. "Now, let's get real messy."

The waiters quikly put the food down as they noticed the look in Shiomi's eyes. They were actually a tad bit afraid she would really pounce on them so they left quikly. Though Rex was only smiling, seeing how happy she was with such a simple things like food. He raises up his wine glass. "Bon appetit." He says before sipping his drink and starting to eat.

Cecilia simply 'humpfed' as he poked her cheek and asked her not to be mad. Ofcourse she was mad at him! He was still completely ignoring her wishes and trying to get what he wanted! "His life does matter. Those children and parents didn't mean a thing to me but he did once mean something to me. He treated me good and I do not want someone who treated me good to be killed for no damn reason at all." She growled out. "Pride you can regain, but if you kill him he'll be gone forever and I do. Not. Want. That."

Kierra blinked twice in suprise before glaring a bit at Chidori. Sometimes she and Hei really were the same. After finishing dinner she puts the plates away in the sink to wash them later. "I guess you all are in for dessert?" She asks with a smile.

Moira smiled softly, enjoying the feeling of his hand on the back of her head. It was such a sweet and soothing motion and it simply made her heart warm up a bit. When she sees the blush on his cheeks she chuckles a bit and cups his cheeks. "Stop sighing." She says before placing a soft kiss on his lips. "It is your decision. I have no destination in mind. So where ever you choose to go I'll follow. It is what YOU want." She says, laying the decision completely in his hands.

Eadlyn smiled a bit in return though she wanted to scream in frustration. This was not how she had wanted her evening to go. Not at all. Still she follows him as they leave the restraunt, shooting a glare at the man in his armor. Greedy bastard. She rather give all her money to people on the street who really needed it then such a man.

Souji chuckles a bit at his daughter's child like enthousiam and pats her head, not even having noticed what his wife had said. "Yes, he will be fine."

Dequan, who had notices, softly takes his mother's hand and places a kiss on it as he smiles at her, completely understanding how she was feeling about all of this. "That's right." He says quietly. Honestly, he was really torn between the two. One side wanted to believe in the gods like his father did, it would be logical, but the other side was as clear headed as his mother, seeing the logic in everything without the gods intervenings.

Lizana nods slightly as she takes a hold of his hand. All the way she didn't like go. Something she softly caressed his hand our gave it an encouraging squeeze just to let Seth know she will be by his side. Quietly she followed him through the halls, her heart beating in her throat as they came to a stop infront of a door. Honestly, she wanted to follow him in. But he needed to be alone. As he kissed her with such intensity she felt her cheeks flush a dark red. Still she closed her eyes as she kissed him back with the same amount of passion. "I love you too, Seth... Forever and always." She says quietly as well as he went inside.

"I am suprised I still have this much in me since it looks like it is kinda your hobby to milk me dry every day." Sora pants out with a grin on his face before kissing her. "I love you, you sexy fox." he mumbles against her lips.

Kane immediatly lost the small appetite he had and puts his fork down on the table. He takes a small sip of his drink, deep in thought when Louisa spoke. It took him two second the realize what she had said. "Oh... Well..." he sighs softly as he puts his glass down again. 'I don't know..." he says honestly. He had no clue what would be the best for his wife at the moment...
lebih dari setahun yang lalu IAMYOURENEMY said…
Joseph moved in closer and chuckled, leaning in and rubbing her shoulders with his hands before whispering "Let's." huskily into her ear before kissing her and slowly sliding himself inside of her, making a slight moan as he made his way all the way inside of her before sliding out and sliding in, now making thrusting movements as he started to grunt a little bit. "Make sure to get all nice and wet. Leave a nice puddle of your lovely juices on his desk." He said in a seductive tone as he continued to thrust.

Shiomi made a growl noise of joy in response to Rex's 'Bon appitit' before she savagely dug into the food, letting her primal fox instincts take control as she stabbed the fish and bird meat with her fork and put it into her mouth, quickly chewing it and swallowing it as she ate. She let out a large fox howl before she regained control of her senses. "O-Oh my..." She said with a blush as she realized she had ate almost all of her food in the time that Rex had ate a quarter of his first dish. "Forgive me.." She said quietly.

Belial just silently started taking off his armor as Cecilia talked. As he got the last part off, he got a suitcase out and started putting some clothes on their. "No. Not this time. My pride ISN'T going to be regained." He said as he put some dental hygiene products in his suitcase before zipping it up. "If you're going to really put a strain on our marriage over the life of some guy who treated you good once, over the happiness of a man who's treated you good for over twenty years, then you can sleep alone." Belial said as he started putting his shoes on. They hadn't slept alone since...since ever! Ever since she was brought back to life, they had slept in their bed together every single night. To not sleep in their bed at this point was...was taboo! "I'm getting a hotel. Tell me when you think you're ready to accept this. If not, don't come and visit me." He said coldly as he slammed the door shut in anger before leaving the room and walking towards the outside.

Chidori opened her mouth to give a response but suddenly all of her children yelled 'Yes!' at the same time. After the were quiet, Chidori sighed and smiled. "I guess they said it for me." She said with a smile before reaching over and rubbing one of her daughters heads.

Akiro smiled and stroked the back of her hair. "I'll stay. If I leave, it'll put us both in danger, even though I'd love to run away with you. Somewhere far away from here. But, I won't. I want us to be safe, even though this is a dangerous group." He rubbed his nose against hers. "We're both stronger than humans, so we'll be okay. When the boss gets here, I'll get him to let you join. I just hope...he won't put those hideous tattoo's on you." He said with a shudder.

Takao arrived to his car and opened the door for Eadlyn before getting in himself. He buckled himself in and started his car. On the radio the song 'Best I ever had' started playing. He smiled a bit and looked over at Eadlyn before smiling and handing her a mint. "Here. To get the taste out of your mouth." He said as his heart fluttered a bit and he felt butterflies in his stomach.

Mei started humming to herself as she relaxed against Souji, liking her father rubbing the top of her head. "Nrr. Rub my head more please~" Mei said as she closed her eyes and leaned back.

Mina smiled and rubbed Dequan's head a bit. "So smart. Just like his mother." She said while smirking before leaning in and kissing his forehead. "I'm glad I raised such a handsome and intelligent son." She said softly before hugging Dequan.

Seth went inside and shut the door before looking at Eva, seeing the doctor taking notes in a chair next to her and seeing his mutilated sister. He nearly vomited at the sight. He walked over to her, his lip quivering and tears silently running down his cheeks as he saw her. Her legs were in complete casts, seeing painful looking blood marks coming from her bandages. He saw her arms, , covered in surgery stitches. Her face, broken, bandages over it. Her jaw had been broken and many of her teeth had been cracked. They had to fix her jaw and replace the teeth that had been cracked with stronger, artificial ones. What got Seth the most was the blood surrounding her vaginal area. It made him sick to his stomach. He looked up at the doctor, him coughing a bit before he managed to croak up the words 'Was she raped?' out of his mouth.

The doctor pushed up his glasses, coughed quietly and sighed. "...Well...yes, it appears so. When we preformed surgery on her, we found a large..." He cleared his throat. "We found a large quantity of...sperm inside of her vagina canal and...well....this was her time of fertility. I'm sorry, but using the latest technology we have found out that....conception has already taken place." He said with a slight cringe.

"Con....Conception!?" Seth screamed out, falling down to the ground, freaking out a tad, screaming random nonsense about the situation. His dilated and he started foaming at the mouth as the doctor came over to try and help him. Seth could literally feel the world around him crashing, and in that moment, the sanity that he was clinging onto that Lizana was able to keep together, finally broke, and Seth was no longer Seth.

"Sir, p-please calm down. Your sister will li-" Suddenly, Seth pulled the gun out from his pocket and fired it three times in his stomach. He doctor fell back, screaming as Seth crashed the window next to the door , his face now splattered in blood as he started his rampage through the hospital. He ignored Lizana, but instead started shooting at doctors and nurses, screaming as he emptied his gun into the innocent people. When Seth's shooting ended, nine people laid on the ground, dead. Him, bloodied, got a surgical knife from one of the tables and kicked down one of the doors, killing the inhabitants that were hiding from him with the knife. Soon, an officer that was stationed at the hospital came upstairs and Seth hid behind a wall and waited for him to go past before he snuck up behind him.

"By the gods...what was happened- HMPH! HMMMPH! HMMMMM!-ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH!" The officer had said before Seth had put his hand on the officers mouth and brutally sliced his throat.

Seth picked up the ammo from the cop and looked behind him, still crazed, one final time at Lizana, frowning a bit as he knew what he had just done, before turning around and casually going down the stairs and leaving the hospital and running off into the streets as mass amounts of police cars started pouring into the area.

Akira kissed him back before looking at her chest again, which was quite warm from the seed on her chest. "My my Sora, look at me. You made my pretty yellow skin all white." She said as she pushed her breasts up with her hands. "I'm sad, I don't have any dinner now.." She said while taking a tear drop from her eye. "And you don't have any left in there..." She said as she cupped his sack with her hand.

Remi frowned a bit, rubbing Kane's head. " Are you and mother fighting?" She asked worriedly.
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Fayline shivered as he whispered so huskily in his ear and moaned softly as his familiar length pushed into her. Softly she gripped his shoulders, trying not to dig her now sharper nails in his flesh. They weren't even going all out yet and already it felt like heaven. "Oh, I will honey~" She moans out before beginning to nibble on his neck and ear.

Rex wasn't even supirsed by the way Shiomi was devouring her food. He had seen her eat like this many many more times so he had not expected this to go any different. At her apology he simply smiles. "No need for apologies Shiomi. It just means you have enjoyed it to the fullest." He says as he chuckles a tad bit. "Would you like some more?"

Cecilia thought she had won when she saw him take off his armor, making her smile softly. She would make sure to give him many cuddles and kisses as a thanks. But then her blood ran cold as she saw him pack his suitcase. Her ears flattened on her head as she stared wide eyed at him in disbelief. What.... Was he doing?... He couldn't be serieus... Right? He would never... "B-Beli-" She starts weakly as she reaches out towards him but he had already slammed the door shut, leaving her in silence and loneliness she hadn't experienced in 20 years. Tears already began to stream down her face as she curled up on the bed, small whimpers leaving her mouth. She never wanted this to happen. She doesn't want to lose him. Not like this. But she couldn't let Tomoe get killed either.... In frustration and heartbreak she grabs his ears and pulls a bit as she screams into the pillow.

Ichirou quikly covers his ears to save them from the killing screams and nods in agreement with a slight smile. Kierra simply chuckles, loving her lively family, as she gets out a pie she had been baking in the oven. She slices it into pieces and gives everyone a piece on a plate. "There you all go."

Moira smiles softly at his answer. She already had the feeling he would be choosing this. It was indeed a very dangerous place but if this is what Akiro wanted then she will follow him. A soft blush covered her cheeks as he rubbed her nose against her. This was actually the first time she was so intimate with someone. Hugging, kissing, holding. It was still so foreign to her but it felt so good. He made it feel good. She glances at his tattoo's and shrugs with a smile. "If that is what needed to be done to be with you, so be it."

Souji chuckles a bit as he obeyed his daughter's request, rubbing her head more. His little girl was just so adorable. Sometimes he really wanted to squeeze and pinch those adorable cheeks.

Dequan smiles softly as he hugs his mother back. "Both can be questioned." He says with a chuckle when he noticed Fillian started to stir. "Hey, I think he's waking up." He says quietly as he lets go off his mother to walk closer to the bed.

And indeed, Fillian slowly opened his eyes, groaning and shielding them as the light almost seemed to blind him. His throath was dry he noticed and his stomach hurted like crap. As if he had a huge hangover or so but he knew for sure he hadn't been drinking sake with Souji last night. So what was going on?

Lizana got extremely worried when she heard Seth scream. She should be in there for him even though he didn't want her to. She puts her hand on the door but then her whole body froze as she heard a gun shot. Gun shot? That couldn't be right. But then Seth crashed through the window, making her yelp in suprise and fall down on her butt. She groaned a bit but then her eyes widened as she realized what Seth was doing. He was... She was so in shock that the only thing she could do was simply stare as he murdered all those people. W-Why was he doing this?! When he looked at her she had actually hoped for a proper explaination, a reason why he was doing this. But she saw nothing. As he left she jumped up and ran after him. "Seth!" She screamed after him as she left the hospital but he was out of sight already, the streets too crowded with policecars and panicked people to spot him. "Seth! SETH!" She continoud to scream as tears streamed down her face.

Sora chuckles a bit but then raises an eyebrow as an actual tear runs down her cheek. "No need to be so devastated about that. Give me an hour or two and I am ready to go again." He says with a grin before kissing her.

Kane's eyes widened a bit as Remi rubbed his head but then he smiled gently at her. Such a sweet child. Though at her words his stomach clenched a bit. Did it look like they were fighting?... "No, we are not. Your mother is just not feeling that well..." He said, knowing how much of a weak excuse that was.
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Joseph moaned a bit, thrusting as he felt himself nearly melt inside of her. He hadn't done this with her as a vampire, and was surprised at how wet and warm the inside of her was now. He loved it. He chuckled a bit, being slightly tickled by her fangs that were nibbling on him. He nibbled back a bit before he put his hands on her sides for a grip and began to go faster and harder, letting out slight grunts with each thrust inside of her. "How does it feel my love?~" He asked with a slight pant at the end, really going as hard as he could now, making the large desk creak and drop things off of it.

Shiomi howled as Rex mentioned more food. "Yes yes yes!" She said in a fast and extremely energetic manner while her tails started wagging before she blinked a few times and cleared her throat. "I mean, yes, please, if you may." She said while scooting in, trying to control the inner animal inside of her. Slyly, while they both sat, Shiomi began to rub one of Rex's legs with her tail, slowly, crawling up his leg at a slow pace.

Belial walked outside of the house but instead of leaving the premises, he sat down in a chair, set his suitcase down and thought to himself, thinking his entire situation over. He wanted Cecilia to be happy, and he didn't want to punish her like this by leaving her alone, but he couldn't let this Tomoe guy live either. It was his inner nature to want to conquer and destroy those he deemed a threat and in his mind, Tomoe was. Just as Cecilia had her fox nature that drove her to be incredibly close and protective of her children, Belial's royal demon nature drove him to murder all of his mates previous lovers, as a sign of love and as a showing to the mate that they will protect them. He had given up his entire destiny as the ruler of hell up for Cecilia, and he wasn't sure he was willing to give up anymore. He stood up, sighed, and went back inside the house. He waited outside of the door, listened in on her crying for a bit and went in, shutting the door behind him as he set his briefcase down and laid down on the bed putting his hand on Cecilia's head. "There, there. I'm back. Is there anything you'd like to say to me?" He asked.

(You forgot to reply to Eadlyn :P)

The little girls all spoke at the same time, loudly in excitement over the food while Chidori just smiled. When the kids finally quieted down, she finally spoke. "Thank you Kierra. " She said with a smile as she bit into her slice of pie, which was very delicious.

Akiro looked at his tattoo's and winced. "These hurt. They had to practically cut the skin open and put the ink in there because of how strong ghoul skin is..." He said as he shivered a bit. It was like being sliced open with a knife, except worse. Akiro thought for a moment before chuckling and looking at Moira. "I just realized, if I choose the nickname 'my princess' or 'my queen' for you, eventually both of them would be true." He said before leaning in and giving her another kiss. The black market was pretty slow, so the other guards didn't mind too much. Sometimes they had their girls visit too when they were on a shift.

Mei grinned more as he rubbed her head and leaned in to hug him tightly before she quickly turned her head. "The stupid bird is waking up?!" She asked excitedly before running over to Fillian's side. As he woke up, she grinned even more. She poked his cheek and giggled a bit, overjoyed he was alive. "Stupid stupid birdieeeee~" She sung joyously while spinning around. Mina walked over and placed her hand on Mei's head to stop her from spinning. She didn't want her to fall over.

"How are you feeling?" Mina asked with a small smile as Mei continued to try and spin in her hand. "Stop spinning!" She said with a growl. She raised an eyebrow as she heard some extremely loud sounding bangs from the next from over. Those sounded like..."Everyone get down!" Mina said as she locked the door and shut the lights off. She watched as she saw Seth firing upon innocent civilians, dispatching them with a grin. After the shooting ended and a cop came into the picture, she sighed in relief, thinking they were safe before he too was killed and his ammo was taken. Some of the blood from his sliced open throat splattered onto their window. She started to shake as Seth went into the room next to them and killed the people, hearing their screams and Seth's grunts before it all stopped. Luckily, they had not been targeted. Mei clinged to Souji for dear life, shaking and crying quietly as she waited for it to be over. Soon, police in SWAT gear came into the hospital and started searching the hospital, thinking this was a terrorist attack. They rammed down the door and lowered their weapons as the saw Souji and Mina before sighing.

"Counselor Zhang and Counselor Souji, are you both unharmed?" The officer asked, checking over the room to see if they were all unharmed.

Seth ran through the streets, having his gun now in his pocket as he rushed through the always crowded streets of the downtown area. He ran, and ran, and soon, found his way into a manhole, where he climbed in. Inside, he found a homeless camp to be with, but instead of staying with them, no, he killed them, executing them one by one with his knife before dumping their bodies into the sewer waters and staying in their camp, eating their food and figuring out what he was going to do next. He had to make people pay. He had to make everyone pay for what happened to Eva. She was a goddess in human form, placed on this earth for good, only to be defiled by the sick lower creatures of this city. He had to shoot the school up, right? The person that did it had to be there, and they needed to pay. They were sick too, all of them, rapists, killers, fornicators, sinners, they needed to die. They all needed to die, and it had to be by his hand. Seth wasn't a killer. He was a crusader in his mind. He leaned against a wall, laughing in madness as insane thoughts went through his mind. Without anyone now leading him, or keeping him from being this, he was truly mad.

Iris left her car as soon as she heard the gunshots and police sirens and found Lizana, tugging on her arm with an expression of fear on her face. "We need to get back to the car!" She said as he voice cracked. "Where is Seth?" She asked, tears running down her cheeks, mostly because she had a sick gut feeling from not seeing him.

Akira kissed back, smirking into the kiss before sighing as they pulled away. "That's such a long time." She said as she got a rag and started to wipe off the seed that was covered her chest. "I'm so sad, an hour or two. What are we going to do for an hour or two?" She asked.

Naomi looked awkwardly away from Yumi, biting her lip as she tried to think of a way to make conversation. "So...uhm...do you want to talk about...that thing we mentioned earlier today?" She asked quietly, trying to break the ice.

"That's such a lame excuse." Remi said before flicking Kane's forehead lightly. Louisa snickered a little bit, covering her mouth with her hand as she grinned a bit. It seemed all of Tiras's children just loved laughing whenever someone was extremely blunt with someone else. "What's REALLY wrong?" Remi asked, applying the pressure to Kane.
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Fayline softly bit her lip as he nibbled on her neck as well. The sensations she was feeling were almost undiscribeable and she thanked her new vampire genetics for them. This making love had been amazing before but now she truly felt what heaven was like. "Like heaven~" She moaned out loudly as he started going harder and faster, making her pleasure sky rocked. Loud moans continously left her lips as she tangled her hands in his hair. Oh god, they were really going to crack his desk if they continoud like this.

Rex chuckles at her enthousiam as he motions for some waiters to bring her a second round of food. Quikly they brought it and just as quikly they left again. Rex sipped his drink, this date wasn't actually as bad as he had thought, but then his eyes widened as he felt one of Shiomi's tails run up his leg. Oh. Now things were heading that way again. He cleared his throat. "Shiomi, I would appreciate it if you wouldn't do that with your tails." He said as politely as he could.

Cecilia immediatly stopped crying as Belial entered the room but as he patted her head she teared up again. Quikly she wraps her arms around him and buries her face in his chest as silent sobs shook her body. "Please... Please, don't ever leave me." She says quietly and weakly, showing Belial how much she needed him in her life. She couldn't ever live without him anymore. "I'm begging you... Please." Never had she shown herself this weak.

Eadlyn accepted the mint with a soft smile and a thank you before gladly popping it into her mouth. It did help with the taste luckily. She glances at Takao from the corner of her eyes. He looked happy. There wasn't a trace of dissapointment or so even though she was. She sighs softly as she leans her head against the window to stare out at the streets. "I am sorry for ruining this..." She says quietly.

Kierra simply smiled as she began to eat as well. Hmm, maybe next time she should add a tad bit more of cinnamon. Just to get a stronger taste. When everyone was done she cleaned it all up before stretching a bit. It has been such a long emotional stressing day. She really needed to follow her husband and get some sleep.

Moira gently ran her hands over his arms as she saw him wince, trying to soothe the pain that was already gone. When she heard him chuckle she smiled a bit more though it fell a bit at his words and a small flash of hurt cross her eyes. "Well, they are not that true anymore..." She says quietly with a sigh as she looks to the side. "I have told you before how much of a treason and disgrace breaking a pledge is right? So what do you think what will happen if they found out the princess has not only broken her death sworn pledge, but also dared to let a creature from earth willingly dirty her with his lips and hands?" She asks softly, giving his lips a soft kiss in return. "They will never let me on the throne. They won't even let me set foot on Navidian again... But I have you. And at the moment that is all that matters." She tried to end positively with a smile but her eyes showed how broken she secretly still was of the fact she could never return home again.

Fillian groaned in annoyance as the first thing he heard was Mei's annoying voice sighing that annoying nickname. He then remembered what had happend. Oh yeah. Some asshole had stabbed him in the side in an alleyway. He groaned as he sat upright, a hand on his stomach. He tried to give Mina a reasuring smile and tell her he was okay when he heard the shot. Quikly everyone got down on the ground. Both Souji and Fillian looked ready to pounce if anything dared coming through that door while Dequan helped his mother keeping Mei quiet. Luckily, no one walked in. Dequan sighed in relief as she police officers walked in while Souji immediatly stood up.

"We are unharmed. I want this place on lock down right now. No one in nor out till we find out who did this and where he is now. I want reports on deaths as soon as possible and let the nurses call up the doctors who are not working at the moment to come assist. Use the surveilance cameras to find this lunatic and don't still till you have him." He immediatly said his orders, showing why he was a counselor.

When Lizana felt a tug on her arm she actually prayed it was Seth so when she saw it was Iris she teared up even more. Immediatly, not being able to hold herself back, she wraps her arms around the woman as her body shook a bit. "I-It was Seth... The s-shootings. It was him." She said quietly, not wanting police officers to hear.

Sora puts his arms behind his head to make himself a tad bit more comfortable. "No clue. We could see what is on tv. Maybe something excited has happend in this always dull town?" He says with a shrug, not knowing what else to do either.

Yumi looks up from the magazine she was flipping through at Naomi, kinda suprised she openly asked to talk about that. "U-uhm.... Yeah, Ofcourse." She says as she puts the magazine down. "So.... Do you want to... Start?" She asks, not sure how to even start such a conversation.

Kane rubs his forhead with a bit of a grumble, saying something about him not being a small child, even though their was still a small smile on his face. But it quikly dissapeared as Remi did not bother his excuse. He honestly did not want to tell. He already had a hard enough time telling Virgil and he wasn't sure how Remi and Louisa were going to react... But just like with Virgil, he couldn't keep this a secret from them. He sighs as he runs a hand through his hair. "A couple of hours ago me and your mother were in her study and then we heard the voice of your father, Tiras, talking to us... He has said some things to really shaken up your mother and that is why she is so... Down." He explains while looking down at his hands.
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Joseph moaned loudly as he heard Fayline speak to him, almost as if her speaking was pleasuring him even further. He throbbed violently, feeling every muscle in his body tighten as he tried to hold his load in. He leaned in and kissed her, running his hands through her hair as he violently went all the way inside of her, pumping his seed into her before he opened his eyes to see a giant crack running in the middle of Rex's desk. Just as it was breaking, Joseph slid Fayline deep onto his member and hoisted her up, using his firm grip on her rear to lift her. He finally let all of his load out, pulling out of her before chuckling a bit as he placed her on her feet. "We actually broke it." Joseph said with a chuckle as he brought her closer for a kiss. He panted out a bit as he pulled away, slipping his pants up as he tried to catch a breath. "How do you feel my dear? Do you feel nice and filled even though I filled a different hole than usual?" He asked with a grin as he reached over and rubbed one of her breasts.

Shiomi whined a bit and pulled and one of her tails before taking her tails away. "I'm sorry.." She said quietly as she looked down. "I just...I want..to make you happy I guess..and my mother does stuff like that to make my dad happy so..." Shiomi pouted a bit as she started to look teary eyed. Her hormones when she was in heat messed up with her emotions horribly. "And I just want you to love me already! Because after twenty years I still am waiting! And do you know how much that sucks?! As a kid, you told me no because I was a kid, as a teenager, you told me no because I was a kid! Well now I'm an adult! I have the breasts, I have the behind, I have the everything a regular adult has!" She said as she started crying. "Rex why won't you just love me?" She said with a sob, quietly. If she got any louder, Cecilia would probably hear.

Belial bit his lip as he saw Cecilia beg him not to leave. He actually felt guilty. He knew he had done something wrong since she was like this. Or had he done something right? He was getting what he was wanting after all and...she wasn't telling him to fuck off. Yeah, this was a good thing. "I wouldn't really leave you, my fox queen." He said as he started rubbing her ears and pulling her into a cuddle with the other hand. "I've slept with you by my side for over twenty years. I wasn't going to do that I just....I wanted to give you a taste of what it would be like if we let this guy split us apart..okay?" He said quietly, speaking softly to her to try and calm her down. "I didn't want to make you do this Cecilia, I didn't want to do this....and after seeing this, how you are now, I won't do it to you again.." He said quietly as he gave her a soft kiss. "You're my fox queen, okay? I'm going to treat you like the queen that you are. I'm going to shower you with all the attention you want." He said as he rubbed her ears some more. "Forgive me?" He asked after kissing her cheek.

Takao shook his head. "I forgive you. Although I am the one who gave you the drink, so really I should be apologizing. I apologize." He said while driving. At a red light, he noticed a large swarm of police cars drive by them at a high speed, making the hairs on his neck stand up until they left. He was sure that they were after him and was surprised when they drove by. He quickly got him phone up and texted Riza 'Are the police there? And did you show the newest initiate to his assigned apartment?" before sighing, running his hands through his hair, actually getting some sweat off with it and continuing to drive. "I apologize again. I have a very....stressful job.." He said vaguely as he continued to drive.

Chidori continued to eat her food happily, and as Kierra started to get on the dishes, she sent her daughters to bed, making sure they all said goodnight to Kierra and Ichirou before going off. "Goodnight Kierra." Chidori said while patting her back. "Goodnight big guy." She said while rubbing Ichirou's head. "Make sure to not be naughty with the girls at your school ichirou. I hear about you and the girl you've been hanging out with." She said teasingly while snickering before pinching his cheeks hard and lovingly. "Goodnight." She said before going upstairs, waving at them both before going up to the guest room and getting in the bunk bed with her daughters, sleeping on the bottom floor with four of the youngest ones.

As Kierra went upstairs, Hei was fast asleep in the bed. After the lights went off and Hei felt Kierra's body in the bed next to him, he turned the lamp on and smirked. "Hey there, beautiful." Hei said, trying to sound erotic even though he sounded like a geek while trying it. Suddenly though, Hei stopped the ruse and started giving Kierra the begging eyes as he rubbed her arm with his hand. "Please? Foot time? I'll burn all those photos I took of you.." He begged, being unable to bare it any longer. "I haven't been able to sleep without it." He panted out. "I am addicted to your feet." He said as he reached down with one of his tentacles and started to rub her feet, getting visibly aroused by even touching them.

Akiro ran his fingers through Moira's hair and looked at her straight in the eyes as he gave her a loving gaze. After she said what she was going to say, he smiled as he put his forehead against hers. "I'm sorry you won't be able to come back to your planet, or that you'll be able to see your people again, over me. But believe me when I say that I'm going to treat you more like a princess than any of them will." He said before he leaned in and kissed her. "I'm going to shower you with everything you ever wanted, Moira. I'm going to love you, I'm going to make you feel special, because you are a special gal." He said with a smile before he kissed her lips again, this time putting his arm her lower back and pulling her closer as he rubbed his tongue against hers.

Mei was going to continue singing until she heard the gun shots. She buried her face into Dequan, keeping her shrieks bottled up inside as she silently cried, scared for her life. She shrieked when the cops came in but sighed in relief as she noticed they were good people.

The officer nodded, waving towards the other officers to get their attention before he barked the orders given by Souji to cops and nurses alike. "I've been assigned to your family by HQ to be an armed guard for you and your family until it is deemed safe around here." The officer said before turning around to face the outside of the door. Soon, more officers and doctors poured in and the official death toll was counted up. Sixteen people. One man had managed to kill sixteen people, by himself, until he got tired of it and left the hospital. Something like this in these peaceful times was just....unheard of.

Iris wrapped her arms back around Lizana tightly before hearing her words. "S-Seth?..." She asked quietly, almost thinking she heard wrong. "N-No that can't be right..." She said quietly before leading Lizana into her car. When both the doors were shut, Iris's lip started to quiver and tears started to really begin coming down her cheeks. "P-Please tell me my little Seth didn't do this..please.." She said as her voice cracked, praying to the gods it wasn't true.

Akira raised an eyebrow. "As if anything could be interesting in this scumhole." She said before reaching over, grabbing the remote and turning on the TV to the news channel. As soon as she saw the words 'Possible terrorist attack' she let out a hearty laugh. Sixteen people!? Sixteen people died! "Bwahahaha, Sora, do you see that?!" She said, almost shocked that had happened. This was so much better than the usual crap on the TV!

"Yeah..." Naomi said quietly before looking down. "I guess...I should start when it began...I was four years old.." She said as her voice cracked a little bit. "My father was going to work on a Saturday and told my mother he was bringing me to her office so she could have some alone time with my brother...and after a little while in his office he pulled...he pulled out his...his...and.." Tears started rolling down her cheeks. "He told me to suck on it, but I told him no so he punched me and jammed it into my mouth anyways, making my throat b..burn because he was choking me...then he put his nasty seed down my throat.." She sniffed a bit as tears ran down her throat. "Then he stuck it inside of my butt, because he said he wanted to wait until I was older to play with the other area...and it hurt so bad.." Her voice cracked again. "It started bleeding, but he didn't care...and it burned when he put his seed in there too...so.." She sobbed a little bit. "Every Satuday, and maybe some days during the week too, if my mom was gone my dad r-raped me...and on my tenth birthday...he brought me out, late at night, outside of the house in a parking lot and...he...he..he took my.." She reached over and pulled Yumi closer before she broke out balling, crying against her arm as she thought about what he had done to her.

Louisa's eyes opened at Kane's revelation. She clenched her fists, angrily, and growled thinking about it. "Of course...as if that piece of waste hadn't hurt her life enough already!" She said in pure anger as she banged her fists against the table.

"He wasn't waste!" Remi said in Tiras's defense angrily as well before she growled back. "Kane, tell her to shut up!" She said as Louisa was about to open her mouth again to insult Tiras.
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Fayline gasped loudly as he pushed himself all the way in and moaned loudly as she held his shoulders tighter. This man truly knew how to hit her sweet spots dead on. She was blessed with such a lover as a husband. The way his was throbbing inside of her felt delicious, causing her walls to clench around him as she almost released but she held back. But when he suddenly slid her onto his member even more and hoisted her up she couldn't hold back anymore. With a loud moan, almost scream, she climaxed. As he puts her her down she wraps her arms around his waist for support as her legs felt wobble. She glances back at the desk and blushes furiously. "W-We really did." She says a bit embaressed though she was still giggling. "Oh, and it felt lovely." She softly moans out as he rubs her breast.

Rex sighs softly as he hears Shiomi whimper. He opened his mouth to speak when she suddenly started yelling at him. Well, he should have been expecting this emotional outburst though he had hoped it wouldn't happen since the date had been going actually pretty well. Again he sighs as he runs a hand through his hair. How in the world was he going to explain... "I don't think I will ever love you , Shiomi... Not in the way you want me too. You see, I remember having you in my arms when you were just born. I have seen you grow from a toddler to a grown up. For a big part of my life I kinda felt like a god father to you and to see you in a romantic way... I don't think I can. And besides that, you are a demon. I am a human. And I am not the youngest one anymore. You should be out searching for someone to spend a real long life time with, like your father and mother. Not me."

Alot of tension left Cecilia's body as Belial said he wouldn't leave. That was such a relief to her. She never wanted him to leave. Ever. But as he said he did it just to make a point her ears twitches a bit. She sniffed loudly as she wipes her tears away. "D-Doing this just to make a point is really mean." She said softly. Normally she would have been yelling at him but she was too emotionally shaken up to do that at the moment. "It was really not needed to give me a taste of how it would be like if we split up because I would not let anyone split us up. I haven't even thought about Tomoe for a single second in the twenty years we were together. This is the first time thinking about him again and only because you brought him up. I would never EVER let ANYONE get between us." She says before kissing him hard to make her point.

Eadlyn smiles softly as Takao took the blame on himself. Such a gentleman. Atleast she knew now that he was rather good at heart. When the police car drove by she raises one eyebrow curiously. Hmm, what could be going on? But then she noticed that Takao's heart was beating faster than before. And he was even sweating a bit. She was quiet for a minute before suddenly asking. "Be honest, how wanted are you by the cops?"

Ichirou grinned proudly as he was called big guy since he has always been the smallest kid growing up. But when his aunt began about girls his face paled a bit before going furiously red in embarresment. H-H-How did news travel so quikly?! "G-G-Goodnight!" He says as he rushed upstairs and immediatly crawls into bed.

Kierra said goodnight to everyone as well before laying down in bed for some good needed rest. But it was immediatly disturbed by her husband's lust. She grinned a tad bit as he tried to sound erotic, which he was failing a bit, but she kept her eyes closed, knowing that his puppy eyes were staring right at her. "Honey~" She groaned a bit in complainment as he began to rub her feet. "It was a long day..." She says, trying to show him she needed some sleep by keeping her eyes closed.

Moira's heart started to beat faster at his words. She heared the truth and love behind every single word he said. He truly meant it. He was going to be the one love who'll cherish her forever. And she was going to cherish him in return. Now that she had him she was never going to let him go. She wraps her arms around his neck as she passionately kissed him back, rubbing her tongue a tad bit shyly back against his. And in that instant she knew, she had made the right choice.

A small buzzing awoke Riza from her sleep. She groaned as she sat upright and rubs her head, confused at the situation. She was... On the ground? Unconcious? With other Yakuza members? They had been talking about the woman they were going to capture she thinks. Incident with the gas? She honestly didn't know and she was too dazed to be alerted. Slowly she grabs her phone and looks at the message, immediatly waking up more as she saw it was from Takao. Hold up. Police?! She rushed out of the room onto the market but it was quiet. No police. She sighs in relief and texts back. 'No police and yes I have showed it to him.' She sends. Talking about Akiro, she should go check on him, see if he has been holding up well. She rubs the back of her head as she makes her way over to his stall but what she sees makes her jaw drop in disbelief. T-That was that damn woman! She was with him! And they were kissing?! Now her blood was boiling. Had Akiro been LYING to her?! She makes her way over to the stall and slams her hand down on it. "Akiro, what in the world is the meaning of this."

Souji nods at the officer but his stomach clenches as he hears the death toll. It was so unusual. Unheard of. Sickening. It made his stomach turn a bit. He didn't know why but he had the horrible gut feeling this was just the beginning of something bigger... "I want this man caught and brought to justice as soon as possible." He said, more to himself than as a command.

Lizana numbly followed Iris back to the car before slowly getting in. She was simply staring at the dashboard as the scene of Seth shooting people replayed over and over in her mind. The look he had given her... It made her feel the urge to trow up. "I wish I could say it was not the truth..." She sais softly, not wanting to face to truth either. But it was the stone cold heart wrenching truth.

Sora simply shrugs, agreeing that nothing really good could be on as she turned on the tv. As he saw the headlines he sat a bit up in interest. Strange but he actually chuckled at the normally horrifying news. There humanity goes again. Destroying itself. Like always. "Looks like things are already starting to get more interesting. How about we go help tomorrow? It may be the perfect day to recruit lady Louisa, and maybe we could recruit that hospital lunatic as well." He says with a grin.

Yumi listened with a pained heart to the broken girls story. She knew how it felt like to be raped and molested. She did not know how it felt like to be raped and molested by her own father for several years. Naomi had it so much worse. She pulls her closer and gently runs her hand through her hair to sooth her a bit. To pull Naomi a bit out of her thoughts she starts her own story. "I was four when the final battle of the war began. I was playing at a friends house when suddenly ghouls broke in and kidnapped me for some reason. It was one crazy man with sick habits who managed to get his claws on me. He raped me and forced me to do stuff till my new parents saved me." She tells quietly. There were no tears. There were no more to be shed. She had build a defense around herself when it came to this. "He was killed. He won't bother me again. Your dad is gone now too. You are safe now."

"Enough! Both of you!" Kane snapped at the girls, actually losing his cool thanks to the stress of the situation. This may been the first time in much years he had snapped at the girls. He took a breath and a shaky sigh escapes his lips, betraying the emotional state his was in even if he tried to keep himself composed. "Your mother is already having it hard enough. She doesn't need you two fighting against eachother as well."
lebih dari setahun yang lalu IAMYOURENEMY said…
Joseph grinned a bit before leaning in and giving her a soft kiss before he pulled away to go get the rest of his clothes on. "Well Rex is going to have a lovely morning." He said as he looked at the messy room and the desk, which had both of their juices on and off, soaking into the rug. "Making love with you it's just..so different now. But a good different. It's as if your body knows what gets me going.." He said quietly before pulling her closer and giving her another kiss. "Let's get back to our room shall we?" He said before unlocking the door and using his speed to get back to their room without being seen by the cameras.

Shiomi crossed her arms. "I don't WANT a demon male! They're gross, smelly, loud, they don't have manners! If I go after a demon male, my father will marry me off to some other royal demon because he doesn't want me to go with some lower class demon! And I don't want that, I want to choose! And I want you! You're smart, you're clean, you were so powerful and awesome in my eyes as I was a child and I looked up to you so much..and I developed a crush on you..and it's just grown so much and I can't live without you being mine.." She said before her ears went down, her tails drooped and she started crying, loudly.

Belial continued to rub her ears as he listened to her. And as he was about the respond, she kissed him so, he kissed back hard in return, rolling them over so he was on top of her. "Want to make up the way we always do?" He asked. Their usual make up routine was rough, hot love making then about six hours of cuddling. "Hey do you hear something?" He asked as he heard what sounded like faint crying in the distance.

Takao sighed as he tried to figure the words to explain it. "I myself am not wanted, mostly because the police do not know my identity but the leader of the Yakuza...the person I become at work, is very wanted. I am known only as the wolf to the police and everyone else outside of my inner circle, they have an entire task force dedicated to capturing the wolf. I am not wanted, yet, but if they figured out who I was...I'd never see the light of day again." He admitted quietly with a sigh.

"Kierrrraaaaa..." Hei whined. "It'll only take like a minute..." He said as he rubbed her feet more. "Pleaseeeeeeeee?" He asked some more. "For your dying husband?" He asked with a small grin. He hadn't gotten the surgery yet so technically, he still was terminally ill.

Akiro was enjoying their kiss quite fine, getting quite into it with the tongue action until Riza came along, making him jump up a little. "PFFT- Oh hey! Uhm, uhm, listen it's not what it seems, I wasn't lying, trust me, me and Moira made up you see so, so, there's no reason at all anymore to you know, hurt her or anything else, hahaha...uhmmmm......" Akiro started to turn pale. Riza looked ready to kill. He stood in front of Moira to shield her from Riza.

The officer nodded. "We're doing everything in our power to figure out who the suspect is.." He said. After he said that, the radio buzzed in. "H-Hold up? Identified suspect?" The officer said, surprised. "S-Seth?....Romanov?..." He said, the words making his stomach clench up. "I-I see..." He said before signing off the radio. He looked back at Souji, his head hung low as he was about to speak. "The suspect has been identified. His name is Seth Romanov, he is seventeen, he is the son of Irisviel Romanov, grandson of Vasilia Romanov and is the nephew of counselor Romanov.." He said, sounding sick to his stomach.

Iris started to cry even more, sobs now coming in. "Why?!....Why would Seth DO SOMETHING LIKE THIS?!" She asked, becoming visibly upset by the news. "What in the world was he thinking?" She asked while having her hands on Lizana's shoulders, hoping Lizana had an answer as to why.

Akira grinned as she laid back in the bed, putting her face against Sora's bare crotch as a cushion. As he spoke, she slyly reached over with her tongue and licked his tip, seeing if any response would come out from him. "Well, Lady Louisa we will be recruiting for sure but the hospital lunatic well....he'll be a little harder to find. We have no idea who he is. However, when we recruit her, let's try to get her to find the lunatic too." She said before licking him some more

Naomi continued to cry into Yumi, visibly upset by returning to the memories but also somewhat glad she finally told someone. "I know.." She said with a sniff. "He's gone now, forever...nobody can hurt me anymore.." She said as she placed her head against Yumi's stomach. "Thank you for listening..." She said with a quiet sob.

"Yes Kane." They both said in unison before they continued to eat. Virgil eventually came out and started to eat too, but it didn't change anything. Dinner was now silent, and after everyone was done, they all went back to their respective rooms to do what they pleased.
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Fayline giggles as she adjusts her clothes and hair, which had gotten quite messy thanks to Joseph running his hands through it. Oh, Rex was going to lecture them and then kill them in the morning for sure. But hell it was worth it. When he said it felt different than before she nods in agreement. Making love does feel different now but in a very good way. "Very well." She said before quikly following him, managing to once again dodge all the cameras. As she enters the room she immediatly drops down onto the bed. God was she tired now.

Rex sighs as he rubs the back of his head. Okay, he get why she didn't want a demon mate but she completely IGNORED the first things he had said. "I can't Shiomi. I really can't see you in a romantic way." He says again, trying to get his point through. He didn't want to hurt her but she had to see that a relationship between the two of them would be very awkward and weird from his side.

Cecilia shrieked a bit as Belial rolled on top of her, grinning widely since she knew what this meant. Yes, she was ready to make up. Especially since this may be a chance to inpregnant her. "Yes!" She said enthousiastically but then her ears twitched as she heared a certain sound. "M-My baby is crying!" She says, looking slightly panicked before getting a murderous look in her eyes. "What is Rex doing to my baby." She growled out, ready to rip off his throat.

Eadlyn felt a bit bad for asking. It looked like he really had a hard time with all of this. "Why?... Why did you decide to join the Yakuza and later even be the boss?" She asks quietly. She didn't know why she was suddenly asking these things. All she knew was that a part of her mind kept nagging her to learn more about him to see if he was too dangerous to be around or not.

Kierra opened one eye and glared at him. "You really want to use THAT as a reason to force me?" She asked him, finding it wrong he was using the fact he was dying to get what he wanted. It was a sensitive subject and he should not be taking it so lightly.

Moira immediatly became alert as she heard the voice of the woman who had tried to kill her. She glares back at Riza with the same murderous look. Maybe she was a princess but she was not going to let anyone mess with her nor with Akiro. If Riza even dared to point a finger she will pounce. Protectively she wraps her arms around Akiro as he stood infront of her, glaring at the woman over his shoulder.

"Moira, huh?" Riza said slowly as if testing the name of her new found enemy on her tongue. "There is reason enough." She almost growls out. She would never admit it out loud but she wanted revenge for the fight she had so savagely lost. She will not rest till she had beaten Moira or till that woman's body lay still on a scientist's table. "There is no reason for a non Yakuza member to be here on the secret black market. Especially not something like her. What are you exactly? Experiment? Mutant?" She said while not taking her eyes off of Moira once.

Moira stood a bit straighter, actually stepping from behind Akiro to stand straight infront of the woman with only a table full of weapons between them. "What I am is none of your concerns and you have no right to know. And I think you have already seen my reason for being here less than a minute ago. You can either accept my pressence or dare challenge me again. Only this time I will not give you a second to catch your breath as I pay you back for even trying to kill me. Trying to kill someone like me shall be punished by death, yet I decided to spare you, but I will gladly personally deliver it to you if you still wish for it." She said, not backing down from the Yakuza woman at all.

Riza lets out an unamused loud laugh as she folds her arms and grins a bit. "Boy, you sure think highly of yourself. Where papa and mama rich? You sure sound like a rich baby. Born in a world without having to bat an eyelash and getting whatever you wanted. You even manage to manipulate his heart in such a way that he forgives you and accept you back even though the things you have done to him, and yes he has told me those things. But here's some news, this here, is MY family, and I will not let an arrogant heartless bitch try to join in." She spat right back. The tension was getting so high between them that other people all stapped back and made space. If looks could kill they would've both dropped down dead.

Souji's eyes widened at the news. He knows that boy. Not very well since he had only seen him a few times but still... "Go, get him arrested and brought to justice... And try to get him mental help. I have the feeling this boy might need it." He says, almost not believing a family member of Valeria would do such a thing. Something must be very wrong.

Lizana looks to the side, unable to look Iris in the eye as she felt her heart being torn up inside. Her heart ached for her lover. "I don't know...." She admits softly. Why would he do this? She had no clue... All she knew was that he was not like this. This was NOT Seth. And she was going to bring the real one back.

Sora didn't mind that she lay down on his crotch, she did that all the time. But he was too engrossed in his thought to even notice the lick she gave him. "Hmmm, that would be better indeed. We need to be in the shadows as much as we can, let her get the feeling she is the master behind it all while we are secretly pulling the strings." he says with a grin but then he suddenly did feel a lick, making his member twitch. He chuckles softly. "Still not enough?" He asks teasingly as he poked her cheek.

Softly Yumi started to run her hand through the girls hair, soothing her as much as she could. "No problem. You can tell me anything you want. You can trust me, Naomi." She says with a soft smile, for the first time in years feeling a connection she would call friendship.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu IAMYOURENEMY said…
Joseph shut and locked their door before sliding his clothes off and crashing on the bed, stretching his wings as he groaned loudly. "God that was amazing.." He said as he relaxed, grunt as he rolled over. His whole body was already starting to feel sore. "You were amazing..." Joseph said as he leaned over and kissed her before pulling her over to cuddle. "Goodnight dear..." He said quietly as he closed his eyes.

Shiomi started crying even louder, unable to understand why Rex wouldn't love her. She came out from her chair, wrapped herself in her tails and started balling, letting out loud whines in with her crying. "I just want you to love me..." She said quietly while crying some more, biting her lip as she sniffed loudly as tears rolled down her cheeks, smearing her make up and going onto the ground before her ears twitched. Her parents. "O-Oh no Rex...I-I'm sorry..." She stood up and crawled into his arms. "Hold m-me...it's the only way you'll get out of this unharmed.." She said quietly, sniffing a bit at the end.

"Wh-What?!" Belial said in surprise before that surprise turned into anger. "How dare he make my daughter cry!" He said in rage before he got up and got his armor back on, this time to go and kill Rex. Or at the very least, kick his ass. "Cecilia, come! After we go beat Rex, we'll have our make up love!" He said as he pulled his axe out of the closet and started angrily speed walking towards the dining hall.

Takao bit his lip and sighed before pulling over at the side of the road. He turned the vehicle off and rubbed his face before looking over at Eadlyn. "Let me start from the beginning..." He said before sitting back in his seat and having a grimace appear on his face as he began to recall the events that lead to him joining and becoming the leader of the yakuza. "It started about twenty five years ago, the events that lead to this. My brother, Yamada, had immigrated to Cantenseel, and I was left alone. At my home, with my mother and my father. I grew up after that pretty lonely. I was bullied in school, I had no friends, it was rough. Then the Incident happened, and ghouls invaded our town. My town was hit the worst in our region, and only ten survivors came out of it. I...I had hid under the bodies of my parents and the ghouls didn't notice me. They thought I was dead too. My brother was missing and my grandparents had died, leaving me the last Sesshoumaru as far as I was concerned. The government shipped us refugees to Cantenseel, and I first ran into the Yakuza there. Us orphans were being gathered in our camps and kidnapped by the Yakuza for human trafficking when there, I ran into my brother. He ordered his men to bring me back to him and we had a lengthy reunion. He had joined the yakuza while he was away in Cantenseel, and he became it's leader by way of killing the previous leader. It was there that he told me that I had two choices. Join the Yakuza at age twelve, or be sold to some man to become a slave. The choice was easy. Of course eventually I got sick of it all and at age sixteen, I murdered my brother. Little did I know that, that was the way that the Yakuza got a new leader. You had to kill the old one. So, I was forced into that position. Then...after that, the rest was history. I adopted the girl who I consider almost like a daughter, Riza, whom I saved from a human trafficking deal another clan was doing/ I reformed the Yakuza to stop the trafficking and began doing more arms shipments, drug dealing and extortion. So really...it was never my choice to join the Yakuza. I was forced into it...and I just went along with it..I guess that's why I'm so different outside of work than inside. Because I was forced to grow up with it." He said with a sigh before turning the car back on.

Hei squeaked. "No, no, you're right. Sorry honey. Sleep tight." He said before kissing her nose and crawling away in to the bed covers. About twenty minutes later, he peeked his head out to see if Kierra was still awake, as he was in fear of her right now. Her shortness made her all the more scarier to him.

Akiro blinked a few times as they continued to argue, not liking the arguing. This was going to get bad if he didn't do something quick. "H-Hey now, let's stop this arguing okay? There's no need for it. Riza, Moira is going to be JOINING our family, so she'll be a part of it too. How about you both let by gones be by gones so it doesn't complicate things?" He suggested, trying to put an end to the arguing.

The officer rubbed his head. "They're searching for him now. However...the last we saw of him was right before the dead zone. unfortunately, he has taken refuge in our only blindspot and we cannot find him." He said quietly. The dead zone was the area referring to the district Akira and Sora completely cleared of cameras so the government couldn't track them. Again, his radio blared and he started listening. After he finished, he began to relay the info back to Souji. "The investigators have figured out a possible motive for...this, although it's quite slim this is truly it. His sister Eva a few hours here was admitted here because of a severely bad assault. During the scan before they began operating on her they found out that she had been raped and...she had shown signs of conception. This may have lead to this happening, if he found out. I'm not quite sure.." He said quietly.

Iris continued to cry for several minutes after Lizana's response until she managed to get a hold of herself. After she did so, she started the car and started to drive in the direction of her home in silence. "You...You may stay with us if you please...I know that he would have wanted you to have stayed, even if he was gone.." She said quietly, thinking about Lizana now. "In two weeks, get yourself checked out for pregnancy. I know what you two have been doing. You are welcome to use anything in our house, what is mine is yours...I'm sorry I didn't get to officially do this yet.." She said as tears came out of her eyes. "But welcome to the family.." She said shakily before she broke out crying again, luckily pulling into her driveway just when it started to happen again.

Vasilia came out of the home in her robe, her extremely long curly hair being let out from the bun it was usually in as she sipped her tea. "Oh by the gods you are back! I thought you all were...I saw the news and..." Suddenly, she dropped her tea as she noticed Seth gone. "W-Where is Seth?.." She asked with a hint of fear in her voice.

Akira grinned. "Correct." She said before sighing. "We must approach her yesterday outside of her house, preferably when she is coming back from her best friend Annelise's home. That's the best time for us." She said in response before she licked again. "And of course. I can never get enough of your thick meat stick." She said before wrapping her lips around it and sucking, hard. She moved so that her breasts pressed against his leg and she was able to look up at him. "I have a question, Sora. What race are you?" She asked curiously before she continued sucking.

Naomi looked up and gave Yumi a sad smile before giving the signature frown. "Well duh. Of course I can. I wouldn't have told you this unless I trusted you." She said before booping Yumi's nose. "Hey uhm, I have a question. How are you?" She asked with a raised eyebrow.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Mirra1007 said…
Fayline took off her clothes as well and slips into her nightgown before cuddeling up against Joseph. She agreed. Today had been amazing, even though it started out crazy with him turning her into a vampire. "Goodnight." She says before kissing his nose and closing her eyes. She was actually suprised that he was going to sleep even though Eadlyn was still out on her date. He had probably forgotten... She probably shouldn't remind him.

Rex sighs as Shiomi started to cry even harder. He shouldn't have agreed on this date. But then his eyes widened a bit as she suddenly got onto his lap and crawled into his arms. What was she doing now?! Wait, unharmed? What did she mean wi- Quikly it clicked. Oh. Cecilia. She probably had heard. He listened to Shiomi and wrapped his arms around her just as Cecilia stormed in.

Cecilia immediatly speeded past Belial, her fox instincts urging her to protect her baby. She kicked open, or more like broke, the door to the dining room as she walks in with a growl, her tails and ears on point, looking ready to attack. "Why is my baby crying?!"

Eadlyn listened closely, not looking away from his once as he told her the hardships of his life. Ofcourse she has heard many stories of people who had lived through the attack of the ghouls but all of them were able to get their lifes together after that. But not Takao. He had no choice but to become the person he is now even if it was clear this wasn't what he had wanted. She reaches out to the car keys and turns the car off again. "For a Yakuza leader... You are really not a bad man." She says softly as she gently puts a hand on his cheek. "I can't even imagine how hard this all must've been... For a man who is good on the inside to be forced to go down this bad road..."

Kierra grinned a tad bit as he quikly changed his mind and went 'to sleep'. She knew for death sure he was not sleeping at all but pretending to do so so she wouldn't go bite him. When she felt him peek out at her she sighs in defeat and rolls over to face him. "You still want foot time?" She asks with a slight smile.

Riza's eyes widened and her mouth fell open in disbelief. This woman, JOINING THEM?! "No. I will not allow this woman to be part of this! And it is not your decision to make if she stays or not." She growls at Akiro.

"It is not your decision either, is it?" Moira says challengingly as she folds her arms and raises one eyebrow. "You do not look like the leader. More like the person following him. You are neither strong nor smart enough to see that you should back off before you get any more hurt. It is for your own safety if you just let us be." She says, causing Riza to look even more furious. One more word and for sure they will lung at eachother.

Souji sighs a bit in frustration as he runs a hand through his hair. That blindspot of town has always given them some troubles. But then his eyes widened at the mentioning of Eva. That would for sure be a reason for someone like Seth, who adored his sister so deeply, to snap. Now he suddenly felt bad for the poor boy. "We need to contact his family. Ask if they know where he could be... But for god's sake, be gentle with those people. It sounds like they have been dealing with enough pain."

Lizana felt a bit sick at Iris's words. He would have wanted her to stay. She was talking as if he was dead and gone for good. But he was not! He was alive and she was going to bring him home safely. But at the woman's other words she pales. P-Pregnancy test? No. She would not even think about the option of her being pregnant. It was too soon. And they have only done it a few times. No person gets pregnant that fast... She hoped. Getting out of the car, she didn't even notice Vasilia untill she heard the cup drop. She didn't want to bring the news but knew Iris couldn't either. "Seth... Was the one shooting." That was the only thing she said before making her way into the house.

Sora grins and nods in agreement. All was according to plan. As she began doing her thing he moaned softly and ran his hand through her hair. "You beast." He says with a light chuckle before raising one eyebrow. "You havn't asked me in the years we know eachother and now you are curious?" He asks with a grin. "I am half Korean and half god knows what. I don't remember what race my mother was actually." He says with a shrug.

Yumi chuckles a bit as Naomi frowned but then frowned in return as he nose was booped. Really, people should stop doing that. At her question she rubs the back of her neck a bit. "I guess I am fine. I am not feeling any different than before..." It was true she wasn't feeling different though her mind often now wandered back to her old friend.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu IAMYOURENEMY said…
Shiomi sniffed and rubbed her nose, trying to make herself not sound sad when speaking to her mother. "I-It's fine mother..I..it wasn't anything." She said, her voice cracking a bit at the end. "I..It's fine...Mom..Dad...just leave, please? I'll come out soon..." She said quietly. Something in her voice hit Belial and instead of arguing against it, he listened. "Cecilia let's go...she clearly wants to handle it herself.." He said as he picked up Cecilia and took her out of the room with him, shutting the doors behind him. "This is something she wants to do herself." He said with a sigh. "So let's let her." He said while going back to their room. He set Cecilia down gently on the bed before taking his armor off and laying back down. "I feel bad for our little girl.." He said quietly.

Shiomi bit her lip as she looked at Rex, tears going down her face as she looked at him. "You know...you broke someones heart tonight..someone who loved you with all of it. Someone who had grown up their entire life wanting to be Mrs. Ellington...but..I guess that was just a dumb dream, right?..." She said quietly as she got off of Rex. "Goodnight Rex..." She said before kissing him unexpectedly and deeply before pulling away. "Thank you for tonight. " She said quietly as tears ran down her face. She left the dining hall, her head hung down low as she went to her parents bedroom. She came in before her lip quivered violently and she broke out crying, running towards her mother and wrapping her arms around her tightly as she cried more and more, clearly heartbroken.

Takao looked slightly surprised as Eadlyn turned his car off but blushed a little as she put her hand on his cheek. At her words, he bit his lip a little bit, knowing how much it actually did pain him. "I wasn't who I really was for many years as I did this..this work. I would have stayed permanently heartless forever had it not been for the little girl I was taking care of....she truly saved me, even though I was the one who saved her. Now..she's growing up and I'm still doing this work. And honestly...I don't want her going down this path, but that's all I was ever able to teach her.." He said quietly before sighing. "I don't want to be this bad man...but I need to. That's the most painful thing about it. I can never be a normal person, I can never have a normal family..I won't even be able to be normal.." He said quietly before actually sniffing, although he wasn't going to let a tear dare come out. "I wanted to be an astronaut as a kid....an astronaut..I wanted to go to other planets and be a hero..saving aliens on their planets from their troubles..now look at me. I'm the one creating trouble on our own planet...." He said quietly, looking up and grimacing as he tried to keep tears from coming to his eyes. "I'm sorry. It's just...this is stuff i've needed to tell someone for a really long time.." He admitted quietly.

Hei was surprised when he saw Kierra was awake but was also deathly afraid. Afraid of ehr bites. When she offered foot time, his eyes opened wide and he smiled. "Why, yes." He said, trying to whisper so he wouldn't wake up the entire house with his mouth. "Please?" He said, giving her the begging eyes.

Akiro winced a bit, being caught completely in the middle of a cat fight. After Moira said the last thing, he stomped to get both of their attention. "Both of you stop, NOW." He said, sounding a tad irritated. "This arguing isn't going to get either of you anywhere!" He said, trying to be the voice of reason between the two women.

"We'll do that as soon as we can." The officer said before a doctor approached him and gave him a list of information. The officer nodded and sent the doctor on his way before looking at the info. "Alright so...Eva has actually awoken from her seemingly deep coma about three minutes ago. Her boyfriend, Daniel, who has been extremely injured, is still in intensive care. His heart has already stopped about three times. The attack started with a doctor who had been examining his sister and had ended with a six yearold girl who had been visiting her sick grandmother." He said before handing the list to Souji. "If I may give you advice sir, I would say check on the Romanov girl. It would be nice for her to see a familiar face. "He suggested.

Eva laid in her bed, staring at the ceiling as she silently looked at the blood splatter on the wall from her brothers massacre. She felt pain all over and felt extremely violated on all levels although she could not remember what happened that much. A silent tear fell from her eye as she came to terms with two facts. She had been beaten and raped, and Daniel was hurt because of her. She continued to cry, feeling an extreme amount of discomfort in her throat whenever she tried to make noise. Her windpipe had been hurt when Louisa stomped on it, making it a bit uncomfortable to speak.

"Ah..oh my god.." Vasilia sad as she leaned against a wall for support as she began to feel nauseous. Iris came out of the car and helped her mother back into the house and back into her bedroom, rubbing Vasilia's head. "I'm sorry mother." She said as her voice cracked.

"It's okay my dear, you are not to blame.." Vasilia said, not wanting Iris to blame herself. "Nobody could have seen this coming.." She said quietly, keeping the tears back as she knew she needed to be here for Iris.

"Well, Yumi mentioned it and I got curious." Akira said with her mouth a bit full before she shot a glare up towards him. "I am a beautiful and sexy fox, not a beast." She said while narrowing her eyes before continuing what she enjoyed doing most. Bringing pleasure to her man.

Naomi frowned even more, thinking about that guy today at the park. "Who..Who was that man today? At the park?" She asked, the whole thing bothering her. "He seemed so upset.." She said quietly.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Mirra1007 said…
Cecilia opened her mouth to argue. Her baby was hurt! And she was going to do something about it! But Belial spoke first, causing her to keep her mouth. She grumbled a bit in complaint as she was picked up and carried away. Still she shot Rex a fierce look. Oh, he was going to get it later. As Belial puts her down on their bed she sighs as she grabs her ear and pulls. "I want to do something about it so badly." All of her insticts were screaming to go take action and it was driving her insane. As her baby girl entered the room she got teary eyes as well. Never had she seen her girl so broken before. She held her close as she cried, soothingly running her hand through her hair. There was no way she could heal this broken heart right now. The only thing she could do was hold her crying daughter.

Rex could hardly bare to look Shiomi in the face, the girl he had broken to the point of crying this much. He did not have romantic feelings for her but ofcourse he still cared about her alot even if she could be pushy and stalkery at times. He had seen her grow up and that was the reason why he cared so much but couldn't move on to being more. As she kissed him he simply let it happen, actually hoping for her that he would feel something. A spark, a skip of heart beat, anything. But he didn't. So he only watched as she felt. With a sigh he grabs the bottle of wine and refills his glass, really needing it at the moment.

Eadlyn saw how hard it was for Takao to keep all of these emotions in. Though he shouldn't keep them in at all. True they have only met this day, and he probably didn't want her to see him any weaker, but he needed to let them out. So gently she pulls him closer to her before wrapping her arms around him in an embrace. "No need to apologize. Just let it all out... Even the tears you are trying to keep in." She says quietly as she runs her hand through his hair. "I don't think you are a bad man. You are a good man. Yes, you are forced to do bad things but I can see that in your heart you are good."

Kierra melted a bit as she saw the smile of her husband and she smiles sweetly in return. "As you wish." She says before kissing him while slowly moving down his boxers and pulling his member out. She moved a bit as her foot ran up his leg to his member where she began to rub him with first just one foot before the other quikly joined in.

Riza looked annoyed at Akiro while Moira actually flinched a tad bit, hating to make him this irritated and her ears slightly stung since he was screaming a bit closely near her. Though she didn't move her eyes off of Riza. They were both quiet for awhile. "I am not leaving Akiro." Moira said strongly, breaking the silence.

"Well, you are not staying either, if that is your plan." Riza simply snapped back as she narrows her eyes even more.

Souji scanned through the list and information as well as he listened to the officer. "Thank you for your advice. I will listen to it." He says as he hands the list back. It was true she could need someone she regonized. He would've gone even if the officer hadn't advised him. "Please, look after my family." He says before heading towards Eva's room. His stomach turned on his way there as he saw the blood. It reminded him of so many years ago... He shakes it away before entering the room. "Eva, this is Counselor Souji. A friend of you grandma and mother. Do you remember me?" He says quietly, wondering if she even regonized him after not having seen eachother for a rather long time. He sits down on the chair besides her bed and immediatly notices the bruises on her throat. "Hang on." He says politely as he puts his hand over her throat. Softly it began to glow a gentle golden colour as he began to heal her throat a tad bit. He didn't have much healing powers but he could heal minor things and take some pain away.

Lizana made her way up to Seth's room, not knowing where else to go. She didn't want to be in the living room since she couldn't bear talk to Vasilia or Iris right now so the only option was his room. That didn't make it any better. As she closed the door behind her she broke out crying. She was so afraid. Afraid of not knowing where he was and what was happening to him. She wanted him back so badly. But god only knew where he was now and what he was doing.

Sora simply chuckles as she glared up at him. Over the years that glare has gotten from scary to actually kind of cute. "Fine. You are a sexy fox. Wouldn't want you to bite my thing off, beasty." He says with a grin though it quikly fell as he laughed nervously. "Please, don't really bite. I love you." He says quikly as he reaches down and runs a hand through her hair.

"He..." Yumi thinks for a moment before taking a deep breath and sighing. "He was the friend I was with when I got kidnapped. His name is Virgil and we had been the best of friends. Though this is the first time in 19 years I have seen him again..."
lebih dari setahun yang lalu IAMYOURENEMY said…
Shiomi continued to cry and whine, loudly, the only thing muffling her being her mother herself. She pulled away for a second to speak, only to break down sobbing when she tried. "Mommy..he..he said he could never love me!..because...because he watched me grow up!.." She whined as her snot ran down from her nose. Belial bit his lip, hating seeing his daughter like this and rubbed her ears, making Shiomi's crying quiet down a bit.

"Oh Rex you didn't.." Lissa said as she came into the dining hall, wearing an old lady robe with her hair up in a towel. "I could hear the crying from my bathroom." She said as she pulled up a chair next to him and sat down.

Takao sniffed a bit before chuckling quietly. "You could see those?.." He asked, thinking he had been doing a pretty good job at hiding them before he closed his eyes and opened them again to look at Eadlyn. "Yes...you understand.." Takao said quietly before tears finally started to come from his eyes and down his cheeks. "For years, I was unable to convince myself I was a good man..I believed that I was bad...now though..after hearing you...and thinking about it, and bringing back those memories I never wanted to speak of again...my mind has changed a tad.." He said quietly before he started crying some more. "I wanted to believe I was good so badly but I guess it just took someone else saying it for me to really believe it.." He said quietly as he bit his lip.

Hei smiled gleefully, awaiting his wife's touches. He felt himself become aroused as she pulled his pants down and when she touches him with her cold foot, shivers went up his spine. "Ohohoho.." He said before biting his lip, feeling completely in submission from her feet.

Akiro narrowed his eyes. "You're not the boss. When the boss gets back, he can decide." He said with a slight bite in his voice. "Now, was this all, or was there an actual reason you decided to come over here?" He asked, slightly annoyed by Riza.

Eva looked at Souji, surprised he was even in her room right now. She tried to say 'Yes' when he asked if she remembered him but of course couldn't, due to her throat being hurt. After he healed her throat, she cleared it a bit, sounding a bit pained as she did so. "Thank you.." Was what she said before she tried to move her arms, only to scream a bit in pain as she realized her arms and legs were broken. "What..has happened to me?!" She almost screamed out, vaguely remembering the attack. As she tried to think more and more about it, she started to panic, suddenly the pain coming back to her as she let out a bloodcurdling scream

Seth slept peacefully, not a care in the world in his broken, sick mind. Of course as he slept, some of his inner humanity tried to crawl back into his nightmares, but he defeated it in them, seeing no need for it. He was a changed man, a better man, in his opinion. He woke up, feeling compelled to do anything. He looked around and grumbled, not seeing anything to do that would alleviate the boredom.

Akira nibbled on his member to scares him a little bit, showing she wasn't afraid to use teeth before she continued. "Beasty huh?" She growled out before becoming like a vacuum, sucking to an almost painful amount. "You want a beast, you'll get one." She said as she suddenly started to take him deep in her throat.

"Was he...was he that fucked up looking as a child too?" Naomi asked, recalling Virgil's appearance. His dark eye circles, pale skin and cuts all over him really made him look frightening to say the least. "Or do you even remember?.." She asked quietly.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Mirra1007 said…
Cecilia's heart clenched at her baby's words and she pulls her close, looking at Belial with a worried look in her eyes before nuzzling her faces against Shiomi's head. She uses her sleave to wipe her daughters nose before kissing her cheek. "Honey... Human emotions work differently than ours. Mostly because their timeline is different. We live for hundreds of years while they live hardly a hundred..." She says softly, trying to sooth her child but not having the words to do so.

Rex couldn't help but smile in affection as he saw his mother, even though her words were disaproving his acts. He adored his mother to the bone and everyone knew it. He rubs his head a bit. "The only things I said were the truths...." He said quietly. He had told his mother before ofcourse about Shiomi, her affections and actions and ofcourse about the feelings he did not have. "I just couldn't lead her on. It was better for to know the truth."

Eadlyn smiled softly and nodded at his question. Yes, it was easy for her to see those. As tears started to stream down her face she felt a bit guilty though she quikly realized she shouldn't feel that way since he was actually looking relieved. "Then I am glad I said it." She says quietly as she wipes some tears away from his cheeks. Embracing him a bit tighter she lets out a small chuckle. "Well, this was not how I planned on spending out first date together. I though puking and getting emotional was only in later stages of a relationship." She tries to joke, trying to make the air a bit lighter. "Though, I do not mind. It really made me see what a gentle man you are." She adds with a sincere smile.

Kierra grins a bit as she saw she had him once again completely under her control. All it took was one rub of her foot for Hei to be a complete slave to her. She grins a bit more as she started to rub him faster and harder. "Is this what you wanted, babe?"

Riza narrows her eyes at Akiro, wanting to snap at him as well. She may not be the boss but he deffinantly wasn't either. He was way too new in this family to go act like that. "I was coming to check on you, see how you were doing." She says almost between gritted teeth. "But it looks like you are... Fine." She adds while glaring at Moira. "When Takao's back we will discuss this further." She said before turning and walking away, her fists clenched.

Moira didn't take her eyes off of Riza, keeping her ears, waiting for the woman to suddenly attack or anything. But when she was out of sight she relaxed a bit. Dear ancestors, please give me the strength to survive mentally living with this woman. She thought with a sigh. But if living with her meant she could be with Akiro, she would do it a million years. She turns around to face Akiro, a soft smile now on her face. "Looks like I am loved already." She says, hoping the joke would lift the mood.

Souji immediatly puts his hands on the sides of her head, using his powers to mentally calm her down and reduce her panic levels. "Eva, I need you to stay calm. You are very hurt and you have been through somehting traumatic. I need you to take a deep breath and not try to move for awhile. It'll hurt if you do." He spoke gently and calmly, hoping to calm her down like that.

Sora paled alot but then sighed in relief as he noticed she was just kidding. He could actually see her really biting it off. Though she probably wouldn't since that would him one less way to pleasure her. When she sucked that hard he let out a groan mixed with a moan. Damn, he had one talented woman. "Fine by me." He said as he already started to pant.

Yumi frowns a bit as she thinks about it. But then a memory replayed in her mind. One she hadn't thought off in a long while. It made her cold heart almost melt as an soft smile forms on her lips and an affectionate look crosses her eyes. "He was a very gentle soul..." Was the only thing she says as she sees a small white haired kid, with two different eyes, run towards her. A huge grin on his face and light itself gleaming in his eyes as he holds up an overly large cat and asks her to pet him. Yes, he was a very gentle soul... What had happened to that sweet boy...
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Shiomi whined more, continuing to cry although she was calming down a bit. She sniffled a bit, rubbing her eyes as the tears began to clear away a bit. "But...but I don't wanna be with a demon either!" She said, showing her disdain for demon men. "They are gross, and smelly, and too cocky and I...I don't want one! I want him!" She said before her eyes started to tear up again.

"Ouch." Belial said, genuinely hurt by his daughters words.

Lissa patted Rex's head and sighed before smiling. "Oh Rex, even if you tell some women the truth, they'll never believe. Like her." She said with a small chuckle. "It's okay though." She said in her thick British accent before patting his head. "Although...Rex, when am I going to get some grandbabies?" She asked with her arms crossed. "All of your aunts and uncles have grandbabies. I'm the only one who hasn't gotten one yet." She said before grabbing Rex's glass of wine and drinking it. "Your my only kid, I am relying on you to make me a granny." She said while filling the wine glass again.

Takao chuckled a bit at Eadlyn, wiped his tears away as he did so. "Heh, that was pretty funny." He said with a small smile before starting the car back up. "Not that I would know what the later stage of a relationship is like. I never had the time to be honest to find someone. Or the courage." He said with a small shiver as he started to drive towards her home.

Hei made excited gleeful noises as he nodded his head. "God yes...please..more.." He whined out, feeling himself throb against the softness of her feet. He was reaching his finishing point, and holding it in so much was driving him mad.

Akiro sighed as Riza left, he couldn't leave her angry like that. He groaned a bit. "Moira, stay here, I need to talk to her." He said before giving her a quick kiss and walking quickly over to Riza. "I know you're angry, really angry, okay, but can't we talk about this?" He said, wanting to try and keep her calm too.

Eva's breathing calmed down and her crying mellowed out. She blinked a few times, breathing in and out. "Okay...okay...I'm calm.." She said quietly before looking up at him. "Where's...my mother?...or grandmother?..Or my brother?...and why is there blood on the wall?" She asked, sounding slightly frightened.

"Good. I'm going to make you moan my name dammit." Akira said as she got even more forceful, trying to suck the life out of him via his member. She went faster, bobbing her head up and down quickly on him as she tried to make him moan loudly.

Naomi was silent for a moment, seeing how deep in though Yumi was now. "Do you ever...do you ever miss him?" She asked, wanting to try and be there for Yumi.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Mirra1007 said…
"Ouch indeed." Cecilia mumbles as her ears twitch a bit. Hey, she had been a man once as well. And she was never smelly, nor gross nor cocky... She thinks... Probably. She puts her daughters face against his shoulder as she pats her head. "Honey, you do not need a demon. Nor do you need a man. You just have to live your own life and eventually the perfect one will fall right at you. Just like your father fell for me." She says with a soft smile as she looks over at Belial. "You will find your perfect person one day. One who will treat you like a queen. Less is not good. The man needs to be working for you, not otherwise, not what you are doing now."

Rex smiles softly as his mother's words which actually managed to make him feel slightly better. Though he sighed with a small grimace as she started, once again, to talk about grandbabies. How could he give them to her when he havn't even found a wife! "Mother, they'll come when the time is right." Was the only thing he ever said. Honestly, he didn't know if he would ever find a woman and have babies. A buzy man like him did not meet many people.

Eadlyn chuckles a bit as she relaxes back into her seat, glad to see he was doing fine. "Me neither. I mean, I did have the courage. But all the boys lost theirs when they saw my father." She says as she giggles a bit, remembering some boys frightened faces. "So I have no clue what the later stages of a relationship are either. I just know them from tv and movies." She says with a shrug, not very bothered by that fact.

"More? So greedy. But if that is what my man wishes for..." Kierra says teasingly with a grin as she began to move even faster, knowing he was close to his finishing point by the way he was throbbing against her feet.

Moira's smile falls a bit at his words. That was not the reaction she had been hoping for. "O-Oh, okay." Was the only thing she managed to say before he kissed her quikly and then left. She looks around a bit and sees a chair behind her to sit on. With a sigh she closes her ears off with her hands. She didn''t know what he wanted to talk about but she found it rude to eavesdrop. Even though she was worried...

Riza simply keeps walking, narrowing her eyes at him from the corner of her eyes. "No. We are not going to talk about this. We will just wait for Takao and see when he will trow that woman out. I have no other things to be said because I think it is clear how I feel about this. So just go back to your wench." She spat out.

Souji smiles softly as he takes his hands away. "Good... Your mother and grandmother are probably at home. They will get called soon to make sure they know you are awake...." He glances at the blood before sighing. "To be honest, your brother was here before. We don't know what exactly has happend but we think he mentally snapped when he saw you and then he... Shot some people..." He says quietly. He knew it was probably not the best to tell someone in Eva's situation this news but he couldn't keep it a secret.

Sora moaned loud as she pleasured him so greatly. He clenched his fist in her hair though he tried not to hurt her. Biting his lip hard he tried not to moan out her name, he did not want to make her win that easily. But the pleasure was too great. He gave in. He loudly moaned her name as he already released inside of her mouth.

"Actually... No." Yumi says with a half shrug. It was strange. She never really missed him thought the memory of him did make him smile. Honestly, she hadn't even thought about him alot till she saw him again today. Why not? Hadn't they been great friends? Her dissapearance had clearly affected Virgil, so why wasn't she as affected? Why didn't she miss him?....
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Shiomi sniffed as her ears started to go back up and her tails began to sway slightly again. Belial smiled at Cecilia and rubbed Shiomi's ears, making them perk up. "I know...I should find better.." She said with a sigh. "I guess I had just felt the way I did for him for so long...I didn't see that I could get better..." She said with a sniff. "Thank you mother.." She said quietly as her tails rubbed against her mothers. Belial smiled a bit before sneezing in the opposite direction of the girls, his nose getting all stuffy from the fox hair.

Lissa pouted. "Rex you are forty eight. If you get any older, women who can't bare kids anymore will be the women you'll be getting." She said before lightly flicking his forehead. "Ugh...forty eight....I feel so old..." She said quietly, just happy the wrinkling process hadn't gotten her yet.

Takao's eyebrow twitched. Her father. Ugh. He was not a man he wanted to anger, especially in his line of work considering her father had connections all over the place and was the sort of man who could get you killed anywhere and at anytime at the dial of a phone. "Oh yeah...your father." Takao said, sighing internally. Soon, he had pulled up to the mansion. He left the car running as he exited the vehicle and opened Eadlyn's door. "I suppose this is where we end our night together.." He said quietly with a small smile. "Did you have a good time?" He asked.

Hei bit his lip hard and began letting out stifled moans before he finally finished, blasting Kierra's feet with his seed, covering her small feet in the pasty thick white liquid as his eyes rolled back into his head slightly. After finishing, his head fell right onto his pillow and he appeared to relax greatly. "Thank you dear.." He said quietly as he wiped her feet with the rag they had at the side of their bed using one of his tentacles.

"The boss will do what he sees fit within reason. Any addition to the family would be good. Your pride is blocking your ability to see that." Akiro said before he walked away back to Moira, clearly agitated as he waited for Takao to come back and handle the situation. "I'm sorry about that.." Akiro said with a deep sigh.

Eva's lip started to quiver when she heard what Seth had done. That couldn't have been true... right? Her twin brother, the person she has been with since they were in the womb together...couldn't have shot up a hospital. "And...And Daniel?...Is he okay?.." She asked quietly, her voice cracking as tears started to roll down her cheeks. "Please tell me he's okay..." She said shakily. She looked like she was about to break out crying, hard.

Akira grinned as she slurped up all of Sora's slimy seed, knowing she had won this time. She pulled away, leaving his member completely clean as she moved next to him on the bed, showed him what was in her mouth and then swallowed before pulling Sora into a cuddle. "Mmm, I knew you had another load in you. I'm glad I just didn't have to wait an hour." She said before smirking and laying her head against his chest.

Naomi rubbed her head and shrugged. "I guess you got over it then. That's good. There's no need to have to have that in your life again." She said quietly before chuckling. "Besides, you have me now, and I'll be here for you." She said with a smile.

Virgil sighed, laying on his bed as he looked through his phone. There was a picture of him, Remi and Louisa during their trip to Germany when they were in their early teens. This was one of the few photos where him and Louisa were in the same photo together, smiling. All three of them were wearing a traditional German Lederhosen with Felicia behind them, wearing the same Lederhosen. Virgil smiled a bit. That had been one of the few times he had been really happy with his family. Then, he saw another photo. Him and his friend, Yuichi. They had split apart due to Yuichi joining a dangerous gang, the Yakuza. Virgil dialed his number and sighed deeply, calling him up.

Yuichi was holding his position in the black market, ready to get off work when suddenly his phone rang. He saw it was Virgil and sighed. "What is it now, Virgil?" He asked with a groan. He started walking towards his area where to clock in for work.

"Let's meet up tomorrow, old friend. I want to patch things up. I miss you." Virgil said quietly.

"Really? Are you sure you just aren't going to try and kill yourself again?" Yuichi said with a sigh.

"Yuichi don't be like that.." Virgil said with a sigh.

"How could I not be? You attempted suicide in my bathroom." Yuichi said angrily.

"Dude..Come on. Just meet up with me. Do you really want to leave our...friendship at that?" Virgil said calmly.

"Yoyogi park. Tomorrow. Twelve o'clock. You better be there." He said with a venomous bite in his voice.

"That'll do." Virgil said before ending the call quickly. He laid back in bed and sighed, actually regretting destroying their friendship. If he could ever call it that. He really never had anyone he'd call a friend after Yumi.

Yurichi sighed and hung up the phone, annoyed with Virgil coming back before on accident, he walked straight into Riza, causing them both to fall over. When he opened his eyes, he found his hand on one of her breasts, causing him to stammer and fall back. "Oh shit!" He said as he realized who that was. Everyone knew that was the bosses little girl. "I-It was an accident, honestly. Sorry." He said as he extended her hand to help her up.
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[Name] Yurichi Mizushima


[Faction] Yakuza

[Age] 19

[Gender] Male

[Race] Human - Japanese

[Power] None, although he is great with a dagger.

[Biography] -To be explained later-

[Relationship] Ronin Mizushima- Dead.

Serika Mizushima- Alive.

Sister- He has never met her. She disappeared before he was born.

[Extra] His long sleeve shirts cover his tattoos on his arms.
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 [Name] Yurichi Mizushima [Nickname/Title] [Faction] Yakuza [Age] 19 [Gender] Male [Ra
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Cecilia smiled and rubbed her tails back against her daughter's as she seemed to manage to have calmed her little girl down. Though she was still going to have a hard conversation with Rex later for making her baby cry. "Oh darling, you are one beautifull gorgeous woman, you can get soo much better. Guys will be falling head over heels for you in no time." She says as she nuzzles her cheek against Shiomi's.

Rex rubbed his forhead with a slight groan as he smiles a bit apologetically at his mother. "I know... I know. And your age may say you are old but you still look fantastic." He says with a smile before kissing her forhead. "It is rather late now though, perhaps we should both just get some rest?" He suggests. He really could use this rest.

Eadlyn chuckles a bit at his reaction. Already she could see the slight fear of maybe having to meet her father once. She understood though. Even a Yakuza boss like him would be afraid for a man like her father. As she exits the car she internally sighs. The night had ended way too quikly in her opinion. She would've liked to spend more time with him. "Besides the throwing up-" She grins a bit "-I had a great time." She says, smiling softly. "I would love to do it again so..." Suddenly she puts a hand on his cheek and leans up, placing a gentle kiss on his other cheek. "Call me, okay?" She says with a wink before turning around and walking to the doors of the mansion.

After he finished and cleaned her feet, Kierra cuddles closer against her husband and lays her head against his chest. "No problem... Now let me sleep, okay?" She says with a soft smile before leaning up and kissing his lips. "Love you." She says before closing her eyes.

Moira uncovered her ears as she saw Akiro walk back to her, he clearly did not look happy at all. She stands up from the chair and wraps her arms around his waist to pull him closer to her. "Don't be sorry. Everything will turn out as it was supposed to go. Now stop sighing, I don't like that sound. I want you to be smiling." She says as she gently runs her hand over his cheek and leans in to kiss him.

Souji looks to the side, a pained expression on his face. He should tell her. "Daniel is in the intensive care at the moment... His condition isn't really... Good." He said, not knowing how else to say it. He did leave out the fact Daniel had almsot died three times already.

"I didn't know." Sora said with a chuckle as he wraps his arms around his wife and holds her close. "But it appears you just have a gift for getting everything out of me." He says before kissing her cheek. "It almost looks like your goal to get me dry." He adds with a laugh as he nuzzles his face against hers.

Yumi thinks about Naomi's words. Did she get over him? She guessed so. There would be no other logical explaination in her mind even though the truth was she had just automatically blocked him out to forget all the traumatic events from her past. She smiles at Naomi before patting her head. "Thank you for being here for me. Don't forget I am here for you now as well."

Akiro's words just managed to agitate Riza even more. Damn that man, talking as if he was already ruling the god damn buisiness. He was just a rookie! He should be crawling in the dirt to thank them for the oppertunity given to him. Not try to make a wench like that woman jo- In the middle of her raging thoughts she bumped into someone at full speed, making her drop to the ground. She groaned. That hu- W-What was she feeling?! She looked down with wide eyes as she saw someone's hand on her breast, making her blush furiously. Luckily the guy stood up quikly. As the shock faded away she glared furiously up at the guy, who happened to be Yurichi, someone she was already not that fond off. "Keep you hands away." She growled out as she slaps away the extended hand and stands up by herself. Oh, she was so in a horrible mood right now.
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Shiomi gave Cecilia a toothy grin, showing her the rows of straight sharp teeth she was so proud of before she nuzzled back, making purring noises as she rubbed her face against her mothers. Belial sat back a little bit, not understanding the level of...touching, that foxes would partake with each-other. "Hey mother, do you know what you should do? You should find me a nice fox boy. A not smelly, or cocky, or arrogant one." She said, slightly open to the idea of courting. "Only a fox though." She said before using one of her tails sneakily to tickle her mother.

Lissa smiled before leaning over and kissing Rex's forehead back. "Yes, I could use a nap." She said before standing up and stretching, groaning a bit as she stretched. "I'm getting old." She said with a sigh before patting Rex's head. "You know, as a baby, you liked to sleep a lot too." She said before snickering, liking to tease him with her memories of him as a child. "Be glad your a lot like your mum Rex. Your dad slept for at least eleven hours each day. But for some reason, he always was up all night, fumbling around." She said before patting Rex's back. "Did you know your favorite food was banana puffs when you were a child?" She asked with a snicker.

As soon as Eadlyn's hand touched Takao's face, he turned bright red and wasn't able to respond. After she kissed his cheek, he stood there, speechless, before snapping out of it at the last minute. "Y-Yes! I'll definitely call you!" Takao stammered out before rubbing the back of his head. "I-I'll see you soon!" He said, covering his face a bit with his hand before going into his car. After seeing Eadlyn in the house, he grinned and started speeding down the road as fast as he absolutely could, screaming in pure joy and before he knew it, he was back at the black market, or well, the area he parked his cars, which was also underground. He made sure to put the wolf mask on he had on his back seat before closing his door and going down the stairs to the black market. "Riza! Status update, now!" Takao called, seeing her with Yurichi. Suddenly, the entire market went much more quiet, seeming to calm down with his presence.

Hei snuggled Kierra, wrapping his tentacles around her a nuzzling her. "Yes yes you can sleep now.." He said before smiling a bit and kissing her cheek. "Goodnight Kierra, love youu." He said before closing his eyes and beginning to fall asleep.

Akiro chuckled a bit and stopped sighing. "Alright, alright, I won't sigh." He said with a grin before leaning in and kissing her. Suddenly, he heard Takao's voice, making him grab Moira's hand. "Let's go see the boss. He's here." He said as he started walking over to Takao with her.

Eva's lip started to quiver even more before suddenly, she just started whiling, letting out cries of emotional and physical pain as the tears ran down her cheeks. This was the worst day of her life. Not only because she got hurt, but because Dainel got hurt and because her brother went crazy. "Why have the gods allowed this to happen?.." She cried out, although no response was given.

Akira nuzzled her face against his and grinned. "It is my goal. I am not going to give you any chance to empty it out for anybody else but me." She said with a small grin before she started drawing little circles on his chest with her finger.

Naomi frowned. "Well duh. I know that." She said before smiling and booping her nose. "It's nice to finally have a friend. Maybe I can now see if all those things people say about having friends is true." She said before chuckling slightly, never really having had a friend before.

"Oh hey come on! Are you still made about that thing from two years ago?" Yurichi asked. Ah yes, the time he accidentally knocking a wooden crate full of heavy drugs by accident and crushed both of them with it, breaking more than one bone in both of their bodies easily. "It was an accident!" He said while rubbing the back of his head, still surprised she was mad about that. As soon as he heard Takao's voice, his back straightened and his attitude changed. "Excuse me while I clock out.." He said while walking towards the clock in area.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Mirra1007 said…
Cecilia tilts her head a bit to the side as one ear flattens on her head. Hold up. Her daughter was asking her to court her? Was she serieus? Honestly, she could not believe her ears. Shiomi would normally NEVER ask for that since she had Rex... Though maybe her little girl was finally allowing herself to look around. As she got tickled she giggles a bit before her other tails wrapped around Shiomi's tail to stop the tickling. "Well, I would love to set up a date. But there is a bit of a problem. The only fox people I know are family. Except for one other fox male but I am not going to court you with him." She says, ofcourse talking about Tomoe.

Rex loved to hear stories and things about him as a child because he mostly couldn't remember that and hearing her mother talk about them made him glad that he atleast had some childhood. Though he did not like it whenever she brought up his 'father'. "Actually, I can imagine since I do still like those sweets." He says with a light chuckle as he rubs the back of his neck.

Eadlyn leaned against the doors as she closed them, listening to his car as it drove off, a big smile on her face. The date could've gone better since she had kinda the feeling she had ruined it with her puking. But the man she had been with was amazing. She goes to her room, a skip in her walk as silently walked through the hallways. When she got into her room she lets herself fall backwards onto her bed with a small shriek of joy. Her heart was pounding in her chest as she thought about Takao. He was probably everything she could possibly wish for in a man. He was strong, a man of power and might, but at the same time he was so sensitive, sweet and understanding. It didn't matter he had done many horrible things she doesn't know about because the man behind that mask was as good as any person could be. She never though she could fall in love this easily but she felt herself falling, hard.

Riza kept her eyes narrowed on Yurichi and opened her mouth to speak when she heard Takao, the frown on her face immediatly dissapearing as she smiles a tad bit. "Just leave." Was the only thing she said in a rather light tone before making her way over to Takao. "Hello Boss, hope you had a nice evening. Everything here has been quiet and normal. No special occurences and bussines as going in it's usual lines." But then she saw Akiro and Moira make their way over and she narrows her eyes a bit. "There is only one casuality and it is making it's way to us right now.''

Moira gladly accepted his kiss but then flinched as a booming voice made it's way into her ears. Immediatly she noticed how everyone became quieter while their heartbeats sped up. So this was the boss they have been talking about. She takes a deep breath as Akiro led her towards the boss, squeezing the hand she was holding softly and hoping for the best.

Souji flinches a bit at her words as he gently wipes her tears away with his handkerchief. He had no answer to that. The gods did what they seemed fit. Wether it be good or bad. Every thing that happens lead to the next in their book so this happening must've had a reason. But ofcourse he could not say such a thing to such a broken girl.

Sora chuckles a bit as he kisses her cheek. "I know." He said softly before stiffeling a yawn. He was actually feeling tired right now. "Maybe we should get some sleep. We have a big day ahead of us tomorrow." Yes, a big day indeed. If all went right that would be the day their revolution will start.

Yumi rubs her nose with a slight frown and a grumble. No booping the damn nose. "What do people say about friends then?" She asks, curiously what people thought friends were like. "Wait, am I your first friend?" She asks as it suddenly passes her mind.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu IAMYOURENEMY said…
Shiomi pouted as her mother stopped the tickling before frowning. "Whhhaaaaat? How could there only be one other fox guy?" She asked with a pout. "Are fox demons rare?" She asked, never having actually met another fox demon outside of her family. Now that she thought about it, she hadn't even seen an actual fox in real life.

Lissa snorted a bit. "You still eat those banana puffs Rex? Those are for little kids!" She said before she started giggling, hard, wrapping her arms around her stomach and sitting back down as tears started to go into her eyes. "As a kid, you would sometimes stuff them into your nose, and I'd have to fish them out of there. And then, you'd have this little lion toy, and no matter what I tried, you'd never sleep without it." She said with a small smile, thinking about Rex as a baby.

"Ow fuck!" Valeryia said as she hit her head on the wall underneath Eadlyn's bed. "Your bed is too cramped underneath here!" Valeryia said as she got out from underneath Eadlyn's bed. When she got out and stood up straight, she dusted off her dress. "So, how did the date go? Do you kiss?" She asked with a small smirk.

Takao looked over at Akiro and Moira and narrowed his eyes. "All three of you, my office, now." He said before opened the door to his office, letting Riza, Akiro and Moira in before shutting and locking the door. Akiro's heart started beating faster as they came in. He didn't know what Riza had said to Takao. Yurichi went to the bathroom and put a glass cup against the ear he carried with him to listen in. He was curious what this was about. Takao sat down in his chair before pulling a gun out and setting it on the desk. "Newblood, who is the female with you?" He asked, having the gun pointed in the direction of Akiro.

"Her name is Moira. Actually, she was looking to jo-" Takao picked up the gun and pointed it at Akiro.

"I asked you who she was, not what she wanted to do." He said before narrowing his eyes. "Riza says we have an issue. I'm going to resolve it. Riza, explain to me the issue." He said, keeping the gun up. Akiro started to actually visibly sweat from this. It was nerve rattling.

Eva continued to cry, cursing the gods for letting this happen. How were the benevolent when things like this could happen. "Counselor...if the gods are so kind...why did they let this happen to me?! To my brother?! To Daniel?!" She asked, sounding hysterical There was so much pain in her heart right now. "I was attacked...beaten...violated....ruined...for no reason. How could anything good come from that?" She asked with a growl, her teeth gritted as tears still continued to flow out.

Akira yawned quietly. "Your right. We should rest. I need beauty sleep to impress Lady Louisa tomorrow." She said before getting comfortable in bed, which was just being under the covers and being held by him. "Goodnight, my sexy husband." She said with a grin before closing her eyes and beginning to fall asleep.

Naomi chuckled a bit before looking down. "Uhm...yeah...you are.." She said quietly while awkwardly smiling. "People just...say how amazing it is to have someone there for you and stuff...and how cool it is to be able to talk to someone about your problems..and how fun it is. I was so jealous when I was younger.." She admitted quietly.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Mirra1007 said…
Cecilia rubs the back of her head. "Well, I never met any other fox demons aside that one guy. I guess I wasn't really looking around or so. But we are not that rare but we are not very commen either." She says with a shrug. "Maybe you should go to the hell districts yourself and go take a look." She suggests with a smile.

Rex smiles softly and blushes a bit in embarresment as he rubs the back of his head. Maybe he still eated those, but only because they tasted so damn good. At his mother's childhood story of him he couldn't help but laugh. Oh god, did he do those things? "Glad I do not stuff food up my nose anymore. And rest assured, I can now sleep very well without my toy." He says with a slight grin.

Eadlyn's eyes widened as she heard Valeryia and saw her emerge from under the bed. "How did you even fit under there." She mumbles before blushing a bit and grinning. "So eager to know. Well, I would love to tell you but-" She obviously fakes a yawn. "- I am sadly too tired and need of sleep. Come back tomorrow." She says teasingly as she takes off her jewerly and shoes before laying down completely on the bed.

Riza folded her arms and leans against the wall as she waited to see what Takao was going to do. She couldn't help but grin as she saw Akiro this nervous. Good, he should be nervous because this was not a thing he should've done. As Takao asked her to speak she stood up a bit straighter. "This woman wants to indeed join, though I am completely against this. I have no clue what her true intentions are of joing but I know two things, she is millatary and a creature or species never heard off before." She says as she narrows her eyes at Moira. "I have seen it myself. She is quiker than any creature I have seen and she seemes to predict every single move as if she knows exactly what is coming. Maybe she is a mutant of some sort but I am not sure. Akiro knows what she is but won't spill it and it all makes me very weary off her. I do not trust her and in my opinion we should not let her join or we could sell her to some scientist for a huge amount of money. Sure they would love to dig around in her body to find out what she is." She says, being completely blunt and voicing her opnion, using everything she knew to make Takao agree with her.

Souji was quiet for a minute as he leans a bit back in his chair. "Kind is an uncorrect way to describe the gods... They are tactical and right. They do what is needed to do for the world to head into the way they want. They have reasons for happenings, may they be big or small. It all is part of a plan not seen by us yet... May they actions leading to the final result be rather good or bad, the gods will still do it...." He said calmly, knowing it would not sooth her but it was the truth.

"You are already beautifull enough." Sora complimented her as he kissed her forhead and got comfortable as well, pulling her close against him but not too close for it to be uncomfortable. "Goodnight, my love." He says before falling asleep as well.

Yumi simply smiles at the confession before patting Naomi's head. "Now we'll get to see for ourself how friendships are like." She says with a smile, really liking their new friendship already They were both new to this so she was excited to see how their friendship was going to develop.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu IAMYOURENEMY said…
Shiomi pouted a bit. Ew. Hell. "Mother, it smells there. I don't want to go looking for a boy there. Can't you find me one?" She whined. "You'll know what sort of boy is best for me." She said as she gave her mom the begging eyes. "Pleaseee?" She said, blinking her eyes a few times.

"Shiomi, if you want it done right, do it yourself!" Belial barked out before sneezing again. The fox hair was getting to him.

Shiomi's lip started to quiver and tears filled her eyes. "Mom dad...he..." Her ears pointed upward in anger as tears came out of her eyes. "He yelled at me!" She said in her squeaky voice, sounding really angry before she growled at him and smacked him with one of her tails.

"Ow!" Belial said loudly while rubbing his arm. "Cecilia, control her." He said, knowing Shiomi wouldn't listen to him.

"Are you sure Rex? Are you sure you don't need your lion?" Lissa asked teasingly before pinching Rex's nose. "Awww, you know I'm just teasing you." She said with a smile before hugging him. "Now it's bed time." She said while kissing his forehead. "Goodnight son." She said quietly before pulling away and moving towards to door to go to bed.

"Oh that was such a fake yawn!" Valeryia said before putting her hands on her sides. "Nope, you are not a store who just closes and opens up. I need to get all the juicy details while they are still fresh in your mind." The room suddenly got very cold. This was Valeryia's passive aggressive way of saying 'I
l'll freeze you if you don't do what I want'

Takao listened, rubbing his chin in contemplation as he listened. "I've heard your side now Riza. Akiro, speak. Riza, Moira, silence." He said, sitting forward and tapping his thumbs together.

"You see sir, Moira here, who I have great trust in and am in a relationship with here, wants to join us. She has incredibly abilities and her word is her bond. She could be an incredible asset for your family. She is incredibly loyal too, and is armed with many skills. Money, you can get from anywhere but Moira here, she is one of a kind. It would be a waste, sir." Akiro said, explaining his piece.

Takao took a moment to think, before sighing and turning his head to look at Riza. "I'm sorry Riza, I cannot allow our personal relationship to get in the way of business. I hope you will forgive me later. You may leave now, if you wish." He said before looking at Akiro and Moira. "I will accept you on two conditions. The first one, is that you must show me your abilities. I want you to grab the bullet I'm about to fire at you and I want you to grab my gun out from my hands before I can blink." He said before holding a second finger up. "Two, you must tell me what you are. I must have clear transparency with my family. I will keep your race secret, as will everyone else in this room, but I must know." He said before holding his gun up. "Begin." He said before firing at Moira.

Yurichi gasped, surprised he hadn't listened to Riza. He rubbed his head, wondering who these new people were anyways. He stood outside Takao's door, leaning his back against the wall as he waited for Riza to come out. Perhaps he was going to pester her. Perhaps he was going to use this opportunity to make up with her and become friends. He had to admit it. She was cute to him, that breast felt pretty nice, and he wanted to be on her good side.

"Why?! They are the gods! If they wanted to, they could change the course, could they not?!" Eva said angrily before breathing out deeply, a high pitched wheezing noise coming out as she breathed. "I'm sorry..I'm just...I'm frustrated...and..I just..I need Daniel.." She admitted quietly. "I miss his voice..his touches...his geeky sense of humor..I just...I don't know if he'll be the same when he wakes up.." She said quietly with a small sob.

Naomi smiled. "Yep, we will." She said before closing her eyes and yawning. "This couch is comfy..." She said before she quickly fell asleep on Yumi, now as stiff as a rock.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Mirra1007 said…
Cecilia narrowed her eyes at Belial and smacked his other arm with her tail. "No yelling at my baby when she just got her heart broken." She growled out before nuzzling her face against Shiomi. "It's okay baby. How about we go together? I havn't been in hell for years so I would love to see how it looks like now." She suggests with a wide smile, not even thinking at all how her ex might be in hell and that he might be able to scent her.

Rex chuckles softly as he hugs his mother back. He knew she was just teasing and her really liked that about her. "Goodnight mother." He said as she left, leaving him once again alone with his thoughts. Perhaps he should go sleep as well. He could do some work but he knew he would never be able to concentrate on it at all. So with a sigh he stands up and makes his way over to his bedroom.

Eadlyn simply giggled, not at all afraid of her friend's power since she knew she would not use them on her very often. Only on very rare occasions. "Fine fine, I will tell." She says as she sits upright. "We went together to this really fancy Japanese restraunt and it was really fun. We talked and laughed a bit though sadly out night was cut short since I drank a too strong beverage that got me throwing up." She says a bit embaressed but still she was smiling. "Even still, Takao didn't seem to mind. He was just so sweet and understanding as he asked me if I wanted to go home." She decided to ofcourse let out the part where they talked about Takao's feelings and past in the car. "So after getting here I kissed him on his cheek. It was so adorable the way he was blushing and stuttering. Really, he looks dangerous but inside he is just so sensitive." She says with a dreamy sigh.

Riza's eyes widened and her whole body suddenly just felt numb as Takao took Akiro's side. H-Hadn't they been family for years? Shouldn't he trust HER on her words then? Dumbfounded, she could only nod as she quikly left the room, not daring to look anyone in the face, and closed the door behind her. She felt so embaressed, humiliated and most of all, betrayed. She snapped out of her thoughts as she saw Yurichi. She glared at him though it didnt looks as dangerous as before. "What are you doing here?"

Moira blushed softly as Akiro talked that way about her. She smiled softly up at him as she squeezed his hand though even her heart was beating in her throat as Takao spoke out his decision. Her eyes widened a tad bit as well before she smiled widely. Thank her ancestors for this. She was may to stay! Though her smile fell a bit as he said there would be conditions. The first one she could do with her eyes closed though the second one... Before she had time to think he shot. In one tenth of a second she had moved though she was only standing one step away from her previous position. The bullet was caught between her thumb and point finger and she held the gun up in her right hand. She walks up to his desk and puts both of them down before walking back to Akiro and taking a hold of his hand again. Like she had known, not a problem at all. But now for the second condition. She had already broken her pledge but it would be just the more dangerous for her planet if she kept telling around what she was. And these people were especially dangerous. She took a step back as she holds Akiro's hand tighter. She wanted to be with him badly though again the thought of having to betray her people again made her hesistant. She couldn't help it though, it was in her blood.

Souji wiped some dried up tears from her face with his handkerchief before softly patting her head. "There is no need to apologize...." He said softly before looking at the clock. "You should get some rest. We'll contact your family to let them know you are awake."

"Yeah, it is... Hey... Naomi? Hey, wake up." Yumi says a tad bit annoyed as she tries to shake Naomi awake or atleast move her off but she wouldn't budge at all. How in the world could a woman fall so fast asleep?! And she couldn't sleep on her lap like this! She had no way to escape with her laying on top of her! With a sigh she folds her arms. This was gong to be a long night.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu IAMYOURENEMY said…
Belial screeched as he got smacked again and pouted a bit, listening to what Cecilia was talking about. "She's my child too.." Belial grumbled a bit as Shiomi grinned. "Oooh, we haven't had a vacation to hell in a very long time. Maybe we could visit grandpa too!" She said with a smile, although it feel. Grandfather had been getting old and very sick. Her uncle, Lucifer, was going to get the throne when Satan died. it scared her, because Lucifer was a very hateful man who had a hatred for the gods and all of his creations for the death of his mother, Lufillia. "Oh mom, mom, mom, can we visit my grandpa and grandma on your side too? And my cousins, and, and, and whoever else! Maybe dads sisters."

"That's a little too much Shiomi. Maybe later. And if you guys are going to Hell, I want to come too. No reason in particular, I just want to see my father." Belial said before smiling.

"Ughhhh...mom, does he have to come?" Shiomi said. Belial bit his lip, feeling a little hurt by how mean Shiomi actually was to him. "Shiomi...why are you so mean to me? I'm your father. I've given you love and care your entire life, just as much as your mother has, yet...you act as if you hate me." Belial asked quietly, sounding a little depressed.

"Hate? I don't hate you it's just...I can't connect to you as well, dad...it's not that I hate you, it's just your not going to be able to understand how I think or what I like on the level that mother does. Trust me dad, I love you just as much as mom. It's just that I come to her when I need to talk about my problems. " She grinned a bit. "When I need to have someone destroy or break whatever or whom is causing my problems, I go to you." She said before bringing him in close for a tight hug. "Don't be sad dad, okay?" Shiomi said before poking his cheeks and forcing him to smile. Belial chuckled before rubbing Shiomi's head and kissing her forehead. "Alright, we'll i'll leave you two 'foxy' ladies to your conversation." He said before putting ear plugs in and going to sleep.

"Are you happy with me, mom?" Shiomi asked, knowing she had just calmed her dad down in a very good way.

"Nighto." Lissa said before she went to her room. She looked around her room, which was nicely decorated in a ritzy British style. She looked around, smiling as she held up an old photo of her and Rex when he was just born. She chuckled a bit before going into her bed and closing her eyes, falling asleep quickly.

Valeryia sighed out quietly. "Wow...he sounds great..." She said, thinking that Takao sounded like a wonderful man before a very, very tiny spark of jealousy flew. "I'm glad you had a great time Eadlyn.." She said quietly before patting Eadlyn's back. "Well vampy, I'm going to go to bed now. I'll see you in the morning." She said, quickly leaving the room before Eadlyn could respond. She went to her bedroom and took most of her clothes off save for her underwear and bra before going to her bathroom to look at herself, having her hands over her face. "Ugly.." She said as she looked at her hair. "Ugly.." She said as she looked at her body, especially her height. "Ugly!" She said before smashing her mirror. She turned on her bathroom sink and pulled a bottle of Tylenol out that she planned on overdosing on. She screamed and threw it against the wall, curling up in a ball and crying, not noticing her bloody fist from hitting the mirror. Ivanka, who was lying in bed with Renald in the next room, heard it and instantly opened her eyes wide. "Renald, I heard some noise coming from Val's room. Can you check on her?" She asked quietly, slightly worried.

Yurichi flipped his his knife that he always carried around, accidentally losing his grip and fighting the damned thing in the air as he tried to catch it. After he caught it, he put it away and cleared his throat before rubbing his nose and beginning to walk and talk with Riza.. "I heard what was said in there. In the bathroom. I completely agree with you, we should have sold that woman for profit. We should have kicked her boyfriend out too. He acts like he's running the place." He said before flipping his knife again, catching it this time. "Come on. Me and you have been at each-other's throats now for about two years, and it's getting old. We actually agree on this.
Why don't we get some coffee some time? Think of ways we can convince the boss to rethink this." He said before flipping his knife again, this time accidentally grabbing the blade and causing his hand to be sliced open mildly, causing him to internally screech and tear up.

Takao raised an eyebrow as suddenly his gun was gone. "Impressive." He said before smirking. "Now...tell me what you are and we'll be good as gold.." He said. He could hear both of their hearts beat faster as the question was asked. "I can hear the fear...Your very afraid aren't you?..." Takao said before suddenly, the gun was back in his hand, almost nearly as fast as Moira had taken it. "I know what you are, girl. You're like me." Takao said before taking his mask off, showing her his face with his sharp chin, dark black eyes and straight, humanoid teeth that still had an edge to them. "You're a hyper human, like me. You have the blood of hundreds of generations of warriors in you and now, you're super human, just as I am." He said before rubbing his face. "I was testing you, to see if you would leak what you were to me. I wasn't sure if your family had made you keep it secret or not." He said before opening his desk up. "Here is the keys to your apartment, room 18. It's across the street from the headquarters, which is right here. Work begins at 8 A.M, lunch is noon and you end your shift at 9:30 P.M. Oh, and try not to be too loud in your room together. Other people do live there." Takao said before flicking his wrist. Go now, I must get ready to sleep." He said before pushing them out, afterwards gathering his things, putting the mask on and going into his garage where he got into his car. He started it up and drove in the direction of home, quickly getting to his small, two bedroom house. He parked it in the garage and went inside, sitting down on one of his chairs and sighing when he saw that Riza wasn't there. He looked on the wall to see a picture of him and his brother, sitting together in traditional Japanese garments. He then looked at a photo of a much younger, less tattooed him and Riza, who was just a little toddler at the time. He sighed a bit and pulled his phone out to text her "Are you coming home tonight? :'(" Before he sat down and sighed, closing his eyes as he awaited a response.

Akiro looked like he was afraid he and Moira were going to die with each word Takao spoke. When Takao came to his conclusion, Akiro breathed out, thanking the gods Takao had his own idea. He grabbed the keys and quickly left the office with Moira, not wanting to hang around any longer. He actually sped walk, dragging Moira behind him all the way across a street and down a hallway until the reached their room. He stuck the key in the look before looking over at her and smiling. "Put your hand on the key with me. I want us to open the door to our new life, together." He said with a smile.

Eva sniffed, nodding her head as much as she could before she coughed. "I'm glad.." She said quietly before smiling a little bit. "I'm glad to be alive...as miserable as it is.." She said quietly before yawning. "Good...night..." She said quietly before the pain drugs that were pumping into her kicked in and she finally fell into a sleep state.

Naomi grumbled something in her sleep about 'letting it just happen' before suddenly wrapping Yumi with her wings, pressing herself tightly against her, using Yumi's small chest as a pillow for her to cushion her head on.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Mirra1007 said…
Cecilia smiled widely at Belial's idea. A vacation with just the three of them to hell would be great! It would be so much fun and she really wanted to see the whole family again. Though her smile fell at Shiomi's words. Sometimes she really did not like the way she interacted with her father. But it was logical. Fox demons tend to cling to one certain person. They may love others but it will never be the same as with that person. When Shiomi solved it she softly rubbed her daughter's ear and smiles a bit. "Yes, I am. I know you love your father dearly, but perhaps you should try to show it more. Do more stuff together with him as well. He needs you just as much as you need him." She said before kissing her forhead. "Now, go get some sleep darling. It has been a long day."

Renald was very close to falling into a deep sleep, he was exhausted from work, but then his wife's voice pulled him back awake. "Hmm?" He groans out, trying to proces what she had asked off him. "I'll go check on her." He mumbles out, his voice slightly hoarse though he cleared it and sat upstraight, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. He was wearing a pyjama pants but still he puts on a bathroom before making his way over to Valeryia's room. With a yawn he knocks on the door. "Valeryia?" When he got no answer he cracked open the door to see her not there but he saw light in the bathroom. He softly closes the door behind him before making his way over to the bathroom. "Valeryia, honey, what are y-" He completely froze in the doorway and he turned pale extremely fast as he saw his daughter in such a state. Quikly he dashed the short distance towards her and drops onto his knees next to her, flinching a bit as shattered glass bites into his knees. He quikly scanned her body for wounds but the only wounds he luckily found were on her knuckles. "W-What's wrong?" He kept his voice normal, though it was clear he was a bit panicking and very worried, as he pulled his crying daughter into his arms and held her close.

Riza rolls her eyes a bit at Yurichi's clumpsyness. Someone as clumpsy as he should not be allowed to have a weapon. Though at his words her eyes widen. He had listened in on them?! There goes her angreyness again. That was supposed to be a private conversation. She growls a bit at him as she slaps the back of his head. "I don't give a damn if you agree or not. You should NOT listen in on the boss's conversations. And no way I am going to give to this lame excuse of yours to go drink coffee with me." She says as she folds her arms. She hears her phone buzz and sees it's a texts from Takao. With a sigh she replies. "I have no other place to sleep." So that was a snappy yes. Honestly, she did not want to go home. But it was exactly as she said, she had no other place to go. As she sees Yurichi cut his hand she sighs and hands him the handkerchief she always kept in her pocket. "Here, now go home."

Moira swear she felt her blood freeze as Takao said he knew what she was. Was it that obvious? But then she frowns a bit. Wait what? A super human?... Oh thank her ancestors, she was saved. She had been lucky enough that her abilities somehow resembled his in a way so she would not have to say what she truly was. Let him believe she was like him, that didn't matter, the important thing was she could keep her true identity a secret. Her body relaxed in relief and she even smiled gratefully at Takao as he fullt accepted her into the Yakuza. Before she had time to say her thanks though Akiro was already dragging her off to their new house. She looked at the door of their home, wondering what was behind it. At his words she blushes and a pleasant warmth spreads through her body. With a smile she puts her hand on the key. "Our new life together.... I love the sound of that." She said quietly as she leans up and kisses him passionately as they unlock the door together.

Souji softly patted the broken girl's head, a painfull look in his eyes. He just stood there, looking at her, thinking about it all. "I am so sorry...." He said quietly before leaving the room to go back to his own family. He informed a nurse and asked her to call the Romanov family about Eva and he also asked to keep him informed about Daniel. Also he asked an officer if there was any news on Seth yet but there wasn't. He sighs as he enters the room Mina, Mei, Dequan and Fillian were in.

Yumi groaned a bit and tried to push her off but it was no goddamn use! So with a sigh of defeat she tries to make it herself as comfortable as possible before, miraclously, falling asleep as well. Boy was she going to feel her neck aching in the morning.
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"How do I hang out with dad though?..I don't even know what he likes...besides killing things..." Shiomi said with one ear up and one ear down in confusion before she gave her mother a toothy grin from her kissing her forehead. "Goodnight mother." She said before yipping and kissing her mother's forehead before she intertwined her big bushy tails with her mothers and started to fall asleep.

Valeryia shrieked as she saw her father but quickly wrapped her arms around him as she cried, not wanting her father to have walked in on this. She was so afraid he was going to yell at her, or call her stupid for doing this. She didn't want to be judged right now, she was already doing that to herself enough. "Daddy, I'm so sorry!" She sobbed out, squeezing him tighter as tears came out of her eyes. "I almost made such a horrible mistake.." She whined out quietly, looking over to the bottle of pills she threw against the wall. "I just...daddy..I've been feeling so sad for years..." She said with a slight sniff and almost a hiccup. "Shiomi and Eadlyn are so beautiful, they get boys, people want them..people aren't scared of them..but me.." She sniffed. "I'm so freakishly tall..and I have this weird hair, and I'm just ugly!" She said before she broke out balling some more. Ivanka came into the room, hearing Valeryia before gasping at what she saw. "My baby!" She gasped before coming over and holding Valeryia with Renald, her motherly instincts kicking in when she saw her daughter crying. She put her hand on the back of her head and started to rub it soothingly, making her at least stop screaming.

"There there..." Ivanka said softly before kissing her forehead. "Valeryia, my beautiful daughter. Your not ugly, you just have made yourself think that way. If you would have took the time to really notice, you would have seen that men look at you all the time with lust in their eyes. You may think it's them judging you, but it's not." She ran her fingers through her hair. "Your hair is not weird, it is unique and beautiful. It is green, like an emerald. Your height is not freakish, it shows you have good genes. Valeryia, darling, don't hurt yourself because you think your are ugly. Your one of the most beautiful people I know, and me, your father and Gilford would be devastated is something happened to you." She said as she rubbed Valeryia's head. Valeryia's lip quivered a bit before she started crying again, feeling like a fool for wanting to even take to her own life.

Yurichi chuckled a bit, although winced as he placed the handkerchief in his sliced hand. "Ah thanks.." He said as he breathed in deeply before sighing. "I guess if giving lame excuses isn't going to work, I'll need to be straight up. You're cute, and your fiery personality is..well..it's...err....heh...sexy." He stammered out before giving her a jackass grin, although it fell and he sighed again. "Come on, one cup of coffee. Like just, five minutes. I'll pay for you. Come on, please? I'll leave you alone if you do." Yurichi said, lifting up the handkerchief to see if he was still bleeding.

Takao smiled a bit, looking at his cellphone before he went to Eadlyn's contact and sent her a text message saying 'Goodnight, Eadlyn.' Before he put his phone on his charger and started to rest his eyes, napping a little bit until he had to go and deal with Riza when she go to the house.

Akiro smiled as he gave Moira a loving yet passionate look. "I do to." He said before they kissed and turned the lock. He opened the door, taking the key out as they walked in, still kissing. It was a rather nice apartment, actually. Very oriental, but they wouldn't have noticed. They were too busy making out. While kissing and walking further in, Akiro tripped and fell back onto the couch, Moira coming down with him. When he opened his eyes, Moira was ontop of him, her breasts were laying down on him and now, he had some severe...pant discomfort. Discomfort was a rather broad understatement. "So the apartment is pretty nice." He said, trying to ignore the breasts, and the discomfort.

"Sir, the hospital is clear. You may leave now, if you wish." The officer said, continuing to stand guard. Mei ran up and hugged Souji, squeezing him tightly before she looked up at him. "Are we going to be safe, daddy?" She asked, still afraid from the gunshots.