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Last thing we know was the panty get wet and oh wee .lets find out wat they berkata now. So every body woke up. We berkata good moring every body."I berkata did yall have good night rest lool. Leyniea berkata " if scream and bounce sweat a good night rest ,yea I had a good night rest then.". Lisa tmi baby we dnt want know. Then we all staterd laught. So prodigy phone was play (sweet love) oleh chrisbrown. It was text from the manger ambershia . The text berkata hey guys gt good news . We jus gt y'all verse own the omg girlz song lover boy. Oh and u guys gt tour to weeks from now. So prodigy told the other boys...
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posted by mindlesskeke16
 this is what prince was wearing
this is what prince was wearing
PRINCE:prod why would the fuc anda do this to me.
Prod:man i don`t know i guess i just like jj
Prince:(punches prod in the face and then gets a pisau and stabbed him in the back)
Prod:(got a pisau too and then jj got in frontof him and prod mad a mistake and sttabed jj in the stomach and she was bleeding to death)
rocandray:what iswrong
Prod:jj is bleeding out of her stomach(princeton was crying tring to keep jj awake but she berkata idon`t think i can makeit)
prince:somebody call the ambulance!
everbody were on their way to the hospital
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-Hi everybody, this da last episode for Season 1 of ”You're The One” So this last Ep. gonna be LONG!! Meanwhile ima be makin' lebih artikel of Mindless Behavior!! «« Season 2, comin' soon-

1st ???: I believe i berkata ”Princeton”, not Kendra!!
Prince: DANA, what do u-
2nd ???: WHY U KISSING.....her! You'll get infected! *i wanna memukul that ugly witch* (Laughs)
Dana: (Laughs also) *tf u laughin' for!!?*
Me: Emma-
Emma: Don't say my name.....actually don't say anything! Your breath is getting me infected!!! *SHE INTERRUPTED ME!!* (Laughs)
Dana: (Laughs)

//My pov//:
//End pov

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The selanjutnya hari I woke up and went to the studio, princeton was already there so I ran up to him and gave him a kiss"morning afro puff"
Prince: hey why are anda calling me that now
Me: I don't know your hair just looks lebih puffy today so it works *I ruffled his hair around* and sat beside him
Prince:so did anda like my little present yesterday
Me: Like It ,I loved it, thank's baby *i hugged him*
Prince: So can I get at least one ciuman in return
Me:*i bit my bottom lip* O anda can have lebih than just one kiss
I leaned in and we started making out

A little while later I was called over to get my hair and make-up...
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posted by Ilu-princeton
Everyone was sleep. The morning came and everyone woke up. The boys stayed downstairs and played the xbox360. The girls went upstairs and started cleaning up. Someone knocked on the door. It was a mail man with a packge for janae from her dad. She signed the paper and grabbed the box and opened it. Her dad travels the world. He got her this cute out fit and it wasnt even in stores yet. It was too freakin cute. Shes lucky but mimi get the newest clothes too and she even share em' with shay, tookie, d, janae. They always share clothes cause they cinta eachother like sisters. Janae loved the outfit...
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posted by mb_rules
-hope anda people like it!! :) LETS GO!!-

//Next hari *thursday* btw im wearing a White long sleeved kemeja *it has a anak anjing, anjing on it :D* Long white skinny jeans, berwarna merah muda, merah muda earrings and a berwarna merah muda, merah muda kalung n' berwarna merah muda, merah muda flat shoes
Me: (goes downstairs) Mom, can i walk to school.....please?
Mom: Mmmm hmmm. (walks over to me and puts a cokelat bar in my bag then hugs me) Go on, anda don't want to be late do you!?!
Me: *tf?! she couldn't put 3 cokelat bars in my bag?!* (i walk out da door, im walking, im halfway to the school until)
???: Hi beautiful. (walks beside me)
Me: (i don't respond and i walk faster)
???: Hi....Kendra....
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posted by mb_rules
-Ladeda, IM BACK!!! n' here's Episode 3, LET'S GO!!-

???: (stops running towards me) Girl it's me, Dana!

//Dana pov//:
if she bite me, i'll sue her a$$ to china, i swear.....
//end pov//
Me: (uncovers face and gets up from da ground, looks at the time on phone, 7:56) *wtf already 7:56?!* OMG WE GOTTA GET TO CLASS!!

//Blahh blah we run and we make it to ”Math Class” in time// *thank god*

//In Classroom
Me: (sits in da back of the classroom in a meja tulis, meja selanjutnya to Dana) *NO NO NO!!! WTH HE DOIN' HERE?!* (i look around the class and see Prince)...
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posted by Kelise143
After The Promise Rings
me:aww...thanks boo(gives some m and m's & some new shades)
prince:u r always welcome and thankx baby(we kiss)
libby:how sweet thanks(gives roc a new hat)
roc:welcome...thankx 4 gift
jaz:baby thank you(gives prod some shades)
prod:babe,thankx 4 da shades and u r ssooo welcome
lee:ray thank you(give sinar, ray purple googles)
ray:u r welcome and thanks
(I cook some jagung meletus, popcorn and get out some snacks)
me:here r the snacks everybody
prince:thanks baby
(the couples feed each other)
roc:dis is good
me:thankx y'all
After we get done eating(every body splits up)
me:I cinta u sssooooooo much
prince:baby I cinta u 2
(I leave 2 go 2 the restroom)
I come out n sinar, ray I there
ray:so u n prince r really into each other
ray:well I lik yo cousin lee but....
me:but wat
That same night, they ate some nachos, although sinar, ray sinar, ray wanted tacos, and deciding what they should do next.
Destine: Should we go 2 Cailfornia now???
Roc: Yea! For my birthday!
Alana: What 2day is??
Destine: July 15.
Roc: Oh.
Roxie: I think we should wait 4 another week....
Destine: I feel dizzy.....
Princeton: Why??
Destine: Idk....
Roc: Go lay on the couch.
Destine: K. *getting up, but then suddenly passes out.*
Princeton: Destine!
Ray Ray: I'll call the ambulance......
At the hospital.....
Doctor: Well we had examed her, and shes dying.
Princeton: WHAT!!!!
Doctor: Yes...her liver cancer is getting worser...
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the person grabbed my hand.
" hello sweety" he said
" lance??what r u doing here???" i whispered.
" i wanna get back with you." he said
" nigga is u a stalker???!!!" i asked
" baby is errry thang alite in there???" are princeton from the living room
t-t got up and went to the door
she gasped ." oh my gosh its its" stuttered t-t
"hey t-t" lance greeted. " whats going on " berkata princeton as he headed to the door. " nothing " i berkata as i slammed the door befor he could look. i kept guarding the door so princeton wouldnt look out the door.
"whats going on jenet???" asked princeton as he kept tryin...
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posted by zmoney3695
guys for the record i dont kno wat happened to part one but wateva her we go

cupcake:guys wers prod
eb:we dont kno
prod:here iam
cupcake:wer u been
prod:on the kings thrown doing my duty
cupcake:ewww (laughing) i didnt need to kno all that
cookie:well u asked
cupcake:well u need to stfu
cookie:thanks for the offer but no way ill keep talkin now if u mind idc
cupcake:u betta watch it cookie monsta
cookie:oh i do watch it everytime i get halaman awal and c elmo on
cupcake:(laughin)gurl u crazi
princeim confused
boys:yea us to
girls:well we do this thing called mood swings u shud trt it sum times(they all say sarcasticly)
boys:wateva leggo
cp&kiwi:kk(they all leave n get on the bus)


Ahhh berkata Princeton omg I cant believe this is happening I berkata in my head while getting pushed over from the fight with Princeton and roc princetons face was red as a rose and roc seemed to be lebih worried then defending himself then he is knocking Princeton out. All I heard was boom snap crash brake until finally I got up off the ground with half of my clothes back on a tang puncak, atas and shorts then I pulled Princeton off of roc who was screaming and kick everywhere roc just had wide eyes on the tempat tidur panting really hard with only his pants on kind of like he was completely...
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6 months later ............

i was in my tempat tidur room cheaking off the hari on the calender. " guyz the boyz are back!!" i exclaimed we ran down the stepps . just as i expected the door bel, bell rang. me and the girlz were so excited to open the door that we pushed eachother out of the way just to open the door. " oh jacob!!!!" i berkata as i ran into his arms." oh roc boo boo ." screamed t-t as they tonge twistered eachother." oh sinar, ray ray!!bby i cinta u!!!" shouted vickie she thomb wrestled him. " so did anda miss me????" he asked " yeah . did anda miss me??? were anda playin hooky with some hoes???" i asked...
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