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posted by deedragongirl
 I admire her!
I admire her!
Hi everyone, while I adore both of them. However, there are certain things that I felt that Kate is better than her late mother in law.

Kate Middleton

She knew Prince William since their universitas days in Scotland, she also get to know the Royal Family very well. Prince William also knew her family very well and got along with them in a cordial way.
After the Royal Wedding, she also knew the strict protocol of the Royal Family. However, I wish that the press would respect their privacy more, in fact the Royal Family file a lawsuit on the French paparazzi for invasion of privacy. I hope that...
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posted by Imdifferent
"Wave" dad whispered in my ear as I sat menyeberang, salib armed in the carriage.

I didn't want to; I didn't like people at staring at me with wide eyes and all the screaming.

"Come on wave with your grandma" berkata Camilla.

"You're not my grandma" I berkata looking away.

"Wave for grandpa then" berkata Grandpa Charles.

"No." Dad sighed and I knew I was causing him great stress with my melancholy. "What do anda want me to do Diana, can I make all of them go away?"

"No I suppose anda can't."

"Then can anda please wave for daddy?"

"I suppose so."

"Thank you" he berkata ciuman my head.

Mom sat straight and held Alina on her lap....
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posted by logan789
The Royal Wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton marked history in a lot of people’s lives today, not only for British citizens but everyone around the world! Many people stayed up late to watch the wedding even if it meant no sleep until 4 am! Others showed their support oleh wearing clothing with the British flag on it atau holding signs that read “Congrats Prince William and Kate!”

One of our favorit artis took her support to another level, though. She’s always known for her crazy outfits and accessories, but this time around it was her nails that got the royal treatment!
posted by Imdifferent
I walked behind dad so longing for the days where I was required to hold his hand. Alina walked still pouting and holding mothers hand much to dad's displeasure. Dad had a bald spot on his head like grandpa that Uncle Harry always made fun of. The only person that could really make dad come out of his shell was Uncle Harry. I always stayed on my dad's side and called him "ginger" for he had red hair. I walked beside my dad and sat beside him.

"Dad can anda please make the speech?"

"Diana please not today."

"Dad I don't want to please."

"Fine I'll make your speech."

"I cinta anda lebih than anything...
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THE Royal Couple have arrived halaman awal from their honeymoon today.

Wills and Kate - formally known as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge - jetted back into Britain from the Seychelles.

The newlyweds spent ten days in a luxury resort on an exclusive private island in honeymoon hotspot.
A spokesman for St James's Palace said: "The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have returned to the UK from their honeymoon in the Seychelles.

"The couple thoroughly enjoyed their time together, and they are grateful to the Seychelles Government for their assistance in making the honeymoon such a memorable and special ten...
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posted by Princess-Yvonne
"When I first met Kate I knew there was something very special about her. I knew there was possibly something that I wanted to explore there. We ended up being friends for a while and that just sort of was a good foundation. Because I do generally believe now that being friends with one another is a massive advantage. And It just went from there."

"She's got a really naughty sense of humour, which kind of helps me because I've got a really dry sense of humour, so it was good fun, we had a really good laugh and then things happened. "

"I was trying to impress Kate I was trying to cook these amazing fancy dinners and what would happen was I would burn something, something would overspill, something would catch on fire."

~ Prince William , Duke of Cambridge
The royal couple has made their first pindah toward parenthood today: They adopted a baby penguin!

The little pinguin, penguin named Acorn was diberikan to Prince William and Kate Middleton as a wedding gift from the Chester Zoo Friday, reports Us magazine. They will be the official parents of the animal, but they won't be making a nest for him at their Anglesey home. Instead, the furry creature will stay at the England zoo with his 49 other Humbolt pinguin, penguin friends.

"Hopefully the happy couple will come and see little Acorn playing in his pool very soon," a zoo spokesman berkata Friday.

The decision to gift the new duke and duchess the pinguin, penguin came after Acorn received 20 percent of the vote conducted on the zoo's social networking sites. He beat out 400 other species of pinguin, penguin for the win! We only wonder if little Acorn is ticklish...
William and Catherine have made their way onto the celebrity couples daftar of 2011 and guess where they came...

...come on guess.....

...3rd Place!!!!

3rd. Prince William and Kate Middleton

Last Years Rank - N/A
Popularity - 9
Success - 9
Attractivness - 8
Staying Power - 9

Prince William and Kate Middleton may be newcomers to this list, but they've made quite the debut! The college sweethearts finally tied the knot on April 29, bringing half the world to a standstill with their internationally-televised nuptials. With her shiny locks, thousand-watt smile and sleek sense of style, Kate is poised to become the selanjutnya People's Princess. She's got quite the match in William, whose commitment to humanitarian causes mirrors that of his late mother, the beloved Princess Di. Welcome to the list.

{Yay!!!!! What do anda think about this? Do anda think they deserved a better place? Do anda disagree with how they rated them?}
Martin Beckford in london revels in a jovial reception at the palace.

THE Prince of Wales paid a touching tribute to his new daughter-in-law, saying the royal family was ''lucky to have her'' as he addressed 650 wedding guests.

At the champagne reception in Buckingham Palace, the prince repeatedly praised the Duchess of Cambridge, but gently poked fun at his son, Prince William, over his thinning hair.

Dr Robert Acheson, former headmaster of St Andrew's Prep School in Berks, where the then Kate Middleton studied, said: ''Prince Charles gave a heartfelt speech and offered some high praise for...
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I originally planned to sleep through the entire wedding. I had no interest whatsoever in watching Prince William and Kate Middleton marry, little did I know that I would enjoy it better than my daily soaps.

I awoke at 7 (unable to sleep) and for the first few hours continued to switch the channel over, at one point staying on The Scooby-Doo tampil for several minutes. But as I began cleaning my room at around 11 o'clock, I caught a glimpse of Kate Middleton, climbing into a car with her father on their way to Westminister Abbey. I was struck oleh how beautiful she appeared through the car and from...
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We were all for this spare ordinary of the twelvemonth. The company of symptomless boot and his bride Spouse Pamphleteer. The Brits Affair document righteousness the earthborn Recipient in 2011. It tulis be held on Fri 29 , 2011 at tat Abbey. Compliance The Hymeneals William & Wife Playwright. Two 1000000000 group are promising to vigil stretchable on broadcasting and the Cyberspace to see the result son of Princess Diana and his cause bride tie the burung kedidi, sandpiper on Fri after a tale that began at universitas in Scotland piece eld ago.


Up to 1,000 soldiers, sailors and air journey segment,...
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