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 nanny grace
nanny grace
If anda don't understand any of my stories then don't read it.I hate it when people judge me.

June 3rd, 2002

Today was the Jackson Family Reuion and oleh "Reuion" I mean HUGE well anda get the picture.Daddy was having it at our house, Meanwhile I was in my Boy/Girl room coloring someone knocked softly on my door, I looked up and saw Auntie Latoya so I got up and ran into her arms "Hi Auntie Latoya." "Hey kiddo.Your Daddy told me anda can say your ABC's, is that true?" Auntie Latoya said, picking me up and brushing my curly black hair out of my face "Yes.It's true Auntie Latoya...very true." I said...
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( scene Kenny and Paris inside the Garrage)

Paris: all this sneaking around doesnt seem right lets just come out and tell them the truth Ken
Kenny: no... not yet
Paris: why not?
Kenny: me and Ex have just become friends and if she heard about us... well anda know
Paris: oh i know alright
Kenny: oh good
Paris: i know anda care lebih about your stupid ex then me!!
( Paris runs away Crying)
( selanjutnya scene Prince and Spencer play video games)
Spencer: so anda press X to Right Kick?
Prince: Yeah and if anda want to jump kick anda Press Y
Spencer: cool
( paris runs in her room crying)...
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posted by bigmanguy
December 31, 2009, Today is my last hari at halaman awal because I have to do the rest of my tour. As we were sitting in the living room I could tell oleh the look on Princes face that he was not happy about me leaving. I got up and said” come on Prince I want to take anda somewhere”. He grabbed his mantel and followed me out to my truck. He got in and said” where are we going”? I said” you’ll see when we get there”. About 20 menit later we pulled up in front of a lake and he said” what are we doing here”? I left the trucks doors open so we could listen to the radio and I sat down on...
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posted by Maskiiyah

This isn't actually maskiiyah lols.
This is actually Ataahua Haenga, her cousin. I have a page, Mystic_Magenta but I forgot to sign my cousin out and now the sotry that was meant to be under my name is under hers. So im using my ocusins page lols. Believe it atau Not lmao!

Anyway, i saw that i had two komentar on I need to know saying i hsould do number 1 but then number 2? I dunno so i guess ill do both lols.

Characters: Daniella "Ella" Kellinson (7)
Paris Jackson (13)
Prince Michael Jackson (14)
Jaafar Jackson (14)
Nikita "Niki" Anderson (Lols shes 13)
Blanket Jackson (9)
Alyssa Shouse...
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posted by alicia_cameron
Paris' P.O.V.:

*The girls are studying in Paris' room*
"The new guys are really cute, aren't they ?" I said.
"Huh, what guys ?" Alxis asked. She's really out of it latley.
"Are anda seriously that into my goofy cousin ? Anyway, so what do anda think Lia ?" I said.
"Uhh, yeah they're pretty cool .." Lia answered. She looked down and I could have sworn she blushed a bit.
"So, anda over my brother already ? Which one the guys is it ? It better not be Trey ! I call dibs on him !" I said.
" Ok, first thigs first, anda do not call dibs on people, and no, it's not Trey. How could I get over Prince if I never...
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posted by princeluvr09
It's been weeks since the accident..
My doctor has made me talk to several psychologists in order to treat me of my trauma and to cure my amnesia.
My brother and sister are not doing as good as I am, especially dad.

Prince and Paris come with me after school to meet up with some psychologists and for the treatment.

Prince defends me when people tease me about my meetings..and very supportive.

"Now, what seems to be the problem?"the psychologist asked.
"Well, I have acute amnesia..and trauma", I said.
"I see.."
I shook my head.
"I don't remember stuff from lebih than a...
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posted by princeluvr09
"Ella?"mom asked turning to me..
I squinted my eyes..
"What happened?" I asked..
I don't know if mom answered my question, It felt weird...none of what mom said, I understood.
I heard a siren-paramedics.
I woke up in the hospital, it was a pretty spacious grandma was there, so was my grandpa and the Jacksons.
"Thank god you're alive!"Paris said.
'Get Well Soon' balloons were hung around the room.
I squinted my eyes in confusion.
"How're anda feeling?"Prince asked..
"Where am I?"I asked,"what happened?"
"A carcrash"grandma told me,"your sister and your brother are doing fine, although your father is temporarily paralized."
"What?"I said.
"You're the only one who is doing well."Blanket smiled.
"I can't remember certain things"I gasped.
"What?"Prince asked.
The doctor came in the room.
"What happened to her?"grandpa asked the doctor.
"Well, good news is..she is not seriously injured..just a few scars.."she replied,"bad news is..she has acute amnesia."

To be continued...
posted by princeluvr09
musik playing in the background..people dancing around the dancefloor without a care in the if the world just stopped for a moment and it was just us on the dancefloor smiling at each other like we've been hypnotized atau something.
Me and Prince were there..dancing without a single care in the was a night to remember..a night I wouldn't forget.
But I would forget everything after the accident after the ball..
"THE BRAKE DOES NOT WORK!"my dad screamed in sheer terror as we were about to crash into a car.
*wait for the story*
posted by princeluvr09
*Wednesday night*
I told Paris that I wasn't coming over after school, I berkata I had to help my brother with his talent tampil act. Which I lied..
1. I hate my brother
2. he hates talent shows
I just couldn't stop thinking about my fights with Prince..they are killing me!
I went straight home, and straight to my room..
I didn't bother giving my brother the Skittles I promised him..
I just watched tv and got my homework done.
*2 hours later*
I fell asleep..
I just got up when my mother opened the door and told me to bring my brother to the Jackson house to play with Blanket and Jermajesty.
"Do I have to stay...
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posted by princechick

Diana's POV

Me and Prince talked and talked. Eric came over to us.
"Diana, we are leaving... are anda gonna come?" He asked. I sighed.
"Yes." I mumbled. I turned to Prince. Then I noticed a girl running over to us.
"Hey babe!" The girl berkata ciuman Prince on the cheek. Prince blushed. My mouth dropped. She turned to me and smiled.
"So who is this?" She asked him.
"This is Diana." Prince berkata uncomfortably. I clenched my jaw and forced a fake smile.
"Hello. It is nice to me you! I am Maddy, Prince's girlfriend." She informed me.
I rolled my eyes and turned around. I felt a little tug on my hoodie...
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I hope those who enjoyed the 1st chapter enjoy this one!


As we get to class, someone taps on my shoulder. I turn around to find my enemies, the twins, Natalia and Naomi. They are bitches (Mind my cursing) they backstab just about everybody in the school, that’s why they’re actually not only bitches, they’re backstabbing ones too. Me and Isabella roll our eyes. “What do anda want?” I ask them looking away from the disgusting sight (Natalia and Naomi) “Aw. Can’t a couple of old friends drop oleh and say hello?” Natalia says in that bitchy voice of hers. “Ew. No. Why would we want...
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posted by princechick

Diana's POV

The driver drove me to the airport. I was so nervous. I looked around. The sky was really dark. The moon and the stars were shining.

I climbed onto the plane and sat down in a seat. I was really tired. I quickly fell asleep, falling into a deep sleep.


The plane finally landed. I quickly climbed off and looked around. The sun was warm and welcoming. Palm trees were scattered around. It was really cool.

Another limo picked me up. We were heading to a restaurant to meet the other people I'd be living with. Then tomorrow morning we would start living in front of the camera...
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posted by TomboyWriter
She says to close my eyes because she can't concentrate when she see's the dark hazel that has her lost in forest of beauty and no suffering but then she thinks other wise I know so that its no hatred for me its cinta in her eyes and mine

    Dana puts her arms around my neck and starts to ciuman me there. I look down hoping to see her loving eyes but their hidden away. Just as she reaches for the button of my pants the door opens and a beam of light flashes in and there Riley stands in the doorway and she looks at me to Dana and back to me. “Umm I just need this.” She takes...
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posted by kingofpop829
After our classes, Me and Colin berkata 'bye' to each other and hugged. I met Prince and Paris down at our lockers.

"When did anda and him date?" Prince asked.

"Why do anda wanna know?" I asked back.

"You never talk about him." Prince wasn't making any eye contact. He just played with a picture of me and him eating the same piece of pizza together.

"Ok, I dated him in the 5th grade. Right before I started to go to the record company. And now he's stalked me to this school!" I explained. Prince nodded his head and walked out to the carpool waiting area. Me and Paris followed. We had to stop so i could...
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