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blossom:hey guys

brick:oh look its hags
butch:and they smell like poop
boomer:ewww thats nacty
buttercup:shut up
butch:make us
buttercup:u suck butt butt licker
blossom:can we just get along
buttercup:fine but from what i heared when a boy picks on a girl that means the boy likes the girl
bommer:but we dont like none of yall ugly hags
bubbles:can i puntch him atau buttercup should
bommer:oh so your going to meninju, pukulan me i like to anda try
bubbles punches bommer
bommer:owwwwwwwwwwwww!that hurt
buttercup:well anda siad i like to see anda try and she tried and she passed punching...
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Buttercups pov:
Its the first hari of school well college to be excact i had to see who my roommate was going to be. O anda should see how much i changed in a good way tho. I had long hair now because bubbles convinced me to keep it this way. I have curves and a booty also breasts. MY breast size is a c-cup mines are bigger than my sisters and i hate it!! Oh we are still the powerpuffs nd we still save the day. Me and blossom and bubbles went to he office to see who our roommates would me. BUbbles was with a guy name ikuto , blossom was with a guy named riku, nd i was with a guy too!! NAmed takeshi!his little boy better not mess with me ! OH in case anda are wonderin we already packed our bags.

BLOSSOM: great with boys

BUBBLES: COME on it wouldnt be that bad

me: i dont

we made our say to our rooms i went insid mine and i saw the boy he looked familiar and thats when it hit me he was butch from the rowdyruff boys!!!

sOrry its short
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Milysz-sup it's chapter 2 of "what if like them!"
Miyako-how exciting * *
Kaoru-milysz doesn't own us atau anything but the story * *
Momoko-any way to the story
Milysz-its a fanfic!
Kaoru-lets go to the fanfic..plz
...with miyako at spainish class...
'i wish I could see him as his old self this is how he is now and I have to except it' thought miyako "miyako are anda okay?" asked a familiar voice....wait it was taka-chan "what...oh hi taka-chan" berkata as she made her bubbly smile as always (taka-chan became obssesed with baseball after he got cured and miyako is still populer but not as before) "hi miyako-chan"...
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Narrator:why what a beiutyfull hari no a awan in the sky and three new girls are visiting a new school for awhile let's see what's happening

Mrs.Jean: listen class we have three new students in are class so be on your best behavior
Butch:make us old lady!!!
Mrs.Jean: stop it boys now anda may come in girls introduce yourself ok and tell 2 things about anda okay
Blossom:okay I'm blossom my favorit warna us red and berwarna merah muda, merah muda and I cinta sweets
Bubbles:my turn I like dresses and boys also malls
Buttercup:okay I'm buttercup I'm a tomboy and I cinta sepatu luncur, skate boreding and fighting...
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