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Blossom-Thats S Cute Brick!
Berserk-Whers my present on the date?
Brick-I-I Forgot.
Berserk-YOU MEANIE!!!!
Blossom-Calm down Berserk,Its just a ring.
Berserk-HO CARE!!!
Brick-I Do.
Berserk-Bye,Ill go tanggal sum wune else
Blossom-*Smirks*Ok Now *Kisses Brick*
Berserk-Take Picture.Cute.....Now Ill post it on Twitter.
Brick-For sum reason I saw a light flash.
Blossom-*Looks In Bricks Eyes*I did to.
Him-U can be on the RRBZ.
Berserk-Ill get bRICK.
Berserk-*Grabs Brick*
Blossom-LET GO!!*Tumbles into Berserk*
This hari Berserk Is located in Viletown,Where she shoukd be
The picture at screencaps was Blossom & Bricks Kiss
 Blossom-*Looks In Bricks Eyyes*
Blossom-*Looks In Bricks Eyyes*
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Boomer: Bubbles! anda came!

Bubbles: Why wouldnt i? anda already know that i cinta you.

Boomer: Yea but i am very silly. i make alot of mistakes. anda wouldnt like me.

Bubbles: I dont care. Im super silly. And of course i would like you.

Boomer: Thanks Bubbles.


Buttercup: Where is he? Its almost time to-

Butch: Dance? I know. I was here the whole time.

Buttercup: Butch anda nutball! anda scared me!

Butch: But my little Buttercup is never afraid, right?

Buttercup: I know. Just dont do that.


Blossom: Hi Brick.

Brick: hey Blossom. Its almost time for dancing.

Blossom: I know. Im just getting ready....
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