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The Rowdyruff boys in this episode they like to make jokes all over the town,like to make the girls go crazy. Buttercup will go realy mad. Some scenes are cut off: Peeing in public rok touching shouting rude words 'old hag'.
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School today was okay. Momoko was sick today, so that left me and Miyako to save the hari if something goes out of hand atau anything. Hopefully, nothing happens!
"Kaoru, don't anda think that the new boys are the nicest?!" Miyako shrieked.
"Miyako, plenty of boys are nice to you. Don't even ask me how they could fit all of those gifts in your locker! What's different about him?"
"Well, he doesn't keep on asking me out, is nice, and he acts like he is a sweet and polite version of Boomer." Her voice sounded like she knew it was Boomer. Why do I keep on noticing things like that?!
"Something in...
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hey anda know that two weeks yang lalu i went to the forest and i saw a very cute rabbit my granny berkata i could keep it for a few days it was great!Miyako said.Yeah and i was doing tenis until this
guy berkata i was so good i could maybe go to a tournament and it is tomorrow!Kaoru said.

Hey Kaoru,Miyako anda want me to tell anda what happend to me monday week? Momoko said.
Yeah!Kaoru said.OK! Miyako berkata

Ok so i was in a jungle and...WAIT! WAIT! Kaoru said.How could anda be in the jungle if anda where
at halaman awal and doing your homework?.Well...um i was doing my homework...Tuesday! Momoko berkata not sure of herself...
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