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This daftar contains personal points of view, it's perfectly fine if anda don't agree with them. This daftar will contain possible spoilers if anda haven't seen the episode/movie the moment is from.

#10. Serena losing her first pokemon Performance in "A Showcase Debut"

Seeing as Serena trained really hard for the pokemon Showcase her loss was pretty shocking and upsetting. What was even lebih upsetting was her emotional breakdown about the loss, and I'm surprised I didn't start bawling my own eyes out because I'm a very sensitive person so when I see something sad on TV I often end up in tears. Serena...
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Here I will daftar off all the pokemon Ash caught within the first 16 seasons of the anime, what season he caught them, what episode he caught them, where he caught them, and their original trainers (if they had a trainer before Ash). Here are the first 20.

Kanto (Original Series)

1. pikachu (episode 1- Pokémon- I Choose You!)

Pikachu was Ash's starter pokemon that he received from Professor Oak. He received pikachu because he woke up late on the hari he was supposed to start his pokemon training. pikachu didn't like Ash AT ALL when Ash first got him, and was very disobedient, refusing to help...
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