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Chapter Two

We gabung are friend Nicole on her way to Professer Oak's lab, but as she was heading there a strange noise stops her.
"What's that noise?" I look around me trying to see where it was coming from and I see a Pidgey attack something hiding in a bush. Pidgey keeps using peck on the Pokemon atau what ever it is that is hiding. I run over and start shuing the Pidgey away "Go away, leave it alone! What it do to you! Go on now, shu!" The Pidgey smacks me with it's wing and flies off. "How rude, picking on someone smaller then you" I look in the semak, bush and I see a baby Eevee curled up in the back of the bush. "Hi there little guy, it's ok. Nobody's going to hurt you. I'm here to help" She looks at me with tears in her eyes. She tries to stand up, but she falls back down. Poor thing must be hurt, I reach in the semak, bush and pick her up. "There we go, you're aman, brankas now" she curls up in my arms, shaking in pain. "I'll take anda with me to Professer Oak, he'll make anda fell better!" I take Eevee and run as fast as I can to the lab. "Professer Oak, Professer!" He turns around from his deck "Nicole, you're late. Haha, you're just like your father." "I'm sorry I'm late sir, but I had to help this Pokemon" I hold Eevee up to him "She's badly hurt, can anda please help her." He walks over to me and looks at Eevee "She's hurt, but thankfully it's not that bad. All she needs is a Oran berry. Then she'll be good as new." I look at Eevee and smile "that's good" He grabs an oran berry off his deck. "Here we go, now eat this and you'll feel better." Eevee yelps and hides from him in my jacket. "It's ok, he's not going to hurt you. Eat the berry, it'll make anda feel better." She shakes her head and turns away from him. "Well, she won't take it from me. I don't know how I'm going to give this to her." He scratches the back of his head "I got it, she seems to like you. Why don't anda give it to her. she may take it from you." I take the berry from him "Sure, I can try." I hold the berry up to Eevee "Come on, eat it. It's really good." She sniffs the berry and takes a bite out of it. "Eev! Eevee!" She eats the rest of it, almost taking my hand with it "Haha, there we go, see I told anda it was good." Oak goes to a deck and takes three Pokeballs out "Now that Eevee it taken care off, I think it's time for anda to pick your new friend" He holds up the three Pokeballs "Have anda decited which one anda want?" I look at him, then the Pokeballs, then at Eevee. "Yes Professer I have, I want Eevee to be my starter Pokemon. I saved Eevee and it's my job to make sure she stays safe" He laughes "I thought anda would say that, will how about it Eevee. Would anda like to be Nicole's Pokemon." Eevee jumps on my shoulder and starts rubbing against my face. "Haha, I think that's a yes. Looks like anda have a new friend now." I take Eevee in my arms and hug her. "We're going to be friends forever." She smiles and starts licking me "Haha Eevee stop it, haha that tickles." The Professer grabs something off the meja "Here are your Pokeballs and your Pokedex. Have fun on your new journey and take care of each other" Me and Eevee nod "We will! Well Eevee, lets go halaman awal and tell my family. Then we can start are new life together" I walk out the door with my new friend oleh my side and I know a lot of new Pokemon wait for me. My journey is just getting started.

*To Be Continued*
posted by StarWarsFan7
A/N: Okay, so I'm going to try to write my fanfics WITHOUT making it like a script. I'm going to do it oleh Third Person version. (Someone's POV I think)

I can't breathe. Everything I've done to make it this far to the Grand Festival. People would tell me: "Aurora, you're an awesome coordinator!" I would totally disagree! I'm waiting in a room with people that I don't know! But I do know that they're competing. I see an intern enter the room. "Next Red stage performer, please stand by." And guess what? He's talking about me! I walk out the door and the intern motions me behind a curtain.

"And next...
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