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gabung Today: Lolly4me2's FanFic PKMN-Trainer Gene Crossover Advetnure

My goal is to have members of this spot who are interested in this do the following:

Sign Up
Choose/create a character name, age, six pokemon in your party, hometown, personality, crossover Pokémon, if anda are a trainer, miner, teacher, professor, etc., and a foto of your character.
A collided pokemon is any PKMN(Pokémon) of your choice in which anda menyeberang, salib genes with.
Ex: (my character)
Name: Mylou "[Mi-lo]"
Age: 12
Hometown: New Bark Town - "A town where wind blows and tells of impending change."
Status: Grass-Type Gym Leader
Personality: Quiet, timid, wise, soft-eyed [as though she is always on the verge of crying].
Crossover PKMN: Meganium
Six PKMN: Meganium, Butterfree, Raichu, Frosslass, Celebi, Togekiss
Extra (optional): Mitsuru is made fun of because she is the youngest of the gym leaders, and only two of her PKMN are grass-type. She constructed her gym in her New Bark Town because she believes most if not all towns should participate in battles. Like Ash, her first PKMN, Meganium [formally Chikorita], is with her at all times and she enjoys riding on it's back.

Photo: (below)
This a walk-through of a trainer's personal journey through any region of your choice. anda are allowed to meet-together, battle, trade, ect. (However, keep in mind it is only in a forum)
The forum topic will begin as soon as sign-ups are completed.
 gabung Today: Lolly4me2's FanFic PKMN-Trainer Gene Crossover Advetnure
Excuse my misspelling of "adventure" in the title.
Lolly4me2 posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
 Lolly4me2 posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
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