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posted by ichigocat
I Think pikachu Is Better Than Raichu.
pikachu Is Totally Cute And Raichu Is Cute, But Raichu, Not As Much.
Pikachu: Yeah, Pika!/Raichu: Hey!
Uhh... Back To Subject.
A Side Comment, Ash's pikachu Is So Awesome. Even If They Don't Make It The First Time, They Always Come Through. Also, Once It Is In Raichu Form, It Can't Learn Any lebih Moves Except Ones That Are TM's And HM's. That Is Not A Good Thing... Pikachu's Moves And Determination Is Awesome!
Especially When He Was About To Faint, He Stood Up And Extended It's Electricity. Pikachu's Are Also Friendly Creatures. Like In The Episode, Goodbye Pikachu, All The pikachu Were Playing, Eating, And Having Fun, Not Looking For A Fight. They Will Only Fight When They Are Mad atau A Trainer Tells Them To.
Hoped anda Liked It!
Pikachu: Pika!