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"LOUISIANA" (1984) Review

Thirty-four years ago, HBO had aired a three-part miniseries about the life and travails of a nineteenth century Southern belle named Virginia Tregan. The miniseries was called "LOUISIANA" and it starred Margot Kidder and Ian Charleson.

Directed oleh the late Philippe de Broca, "LOUISIANA" was based upon the "Fausse-Riviere" Trilogy, written oleh Maurice Denuzière, one of the screenwriters. It told the story of Virginia's ruthless devotion to her first husband's Louisiana cotton plantation called Bagatelle . . . and her cinta for the plantation's overseer, an Englishman...
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2003 film starring Ciaran Hinds as an arrogant man who sells his wife and daughter, then spends the rest of his life trying to make up for it.
2003 film
ciaran hinds
the mayor of casterbridge
thomas hardy adaptation
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medici: masters of florence
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Back in 1982, the BBC turned to 19th century penulis Anthony Trollope for a seven-part miniseries called ]b"THE BARCHESTER CHRONICLES"[/b]. The miniseries was based upon the author’s first two Barchester novels about the Church of England.

Directed oleh David Giles and written oleh Alan Plater, "THE BARCHESTER CHRONICLES" is an adaptation of "The Warden" (1855) and "Barchester Towers" (1857). The novels focused upon the the dealings and social maneuverings of the clergy and gentry literature concern the dealings of the clergy and the gentry that go on between...
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north and south
pride and prejudice
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jane eyre

When the 1995 adaptation of John Ehle's 1971 novel, "The Journey of August King" hit the theaters, it barely made a flicker in the consciousness of moviegoers. In a way, I could see why.

"THE JOURNEY OF AUGUST KING" begins with widowed farmer August King traveling through the hills of western North Carolina in the spring of 1815, after selling his produce, making a final payment on his land, and purchasing goods at the local markets. During his journey, he learns about a hunt for an escaped slave. August eventually comes across the slave - a 17 year-old...
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2005 film starring Keeley Hawes as a newcomer to a small town who catches the eye of three eligible bachelors.
keeley hawes
under the greenwood pohon
james murray
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