Percy Jackson vs Harry Potter The Battle Of The Immortals

bh56 posted on May 29, 2012 at 09:40PM
imagine a grass land with a creek running through it .now immagine two peple on each side one side percy and annabeth the other side harry and herrmoine (i dont care if i spell wrong)now on the pj side first we have percy
2 power over water
3 5 years of experience
4 his dad is a god
then annabeth
1 a wicked knife
2 wisedom
3 11 years experience
4 her mom is the godess of battle stragey
5 she has skill
now the hp warroirs
first harry
1 a wand
2 smarts
3 broom that flies
then herrmoine
1 a wand
2 experience
3 the cloak of invisability
4 flying shoes
who will win u diceide

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