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posted by PrisillaJewels4
~ Prisilla's POV ~
While I was sleeping I had a dream. I was in an underground chamber with cells. All of them were empty except for one. I looked at the shadowy figure in the cell. The dim light of the torches helped me make out the figure... it was NICO?!? He looked unconscious "Nico? Nico Nico?!?!? Wake up!" His eyes opened slowly "Prisilla? What are anda doing here?It isn't aman, brankas here for you-" Then another person walked down the corridor "Hello ikan face. Come here and it'll be the last time anda EVER see Nico alive again! I couldn't make out the persons face. The only thing I could contrast...
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posted by daughterof3
I sat on my bed. My lip was sore since i had been bitting it for the past twenty minutes. I felt bad for going with mike because i just6 wanted to throw it in nicos face. Not like he cared but still. Percy came in. He wouldn't look me in the eye. I didn't want to be the killer of silence, but.
"Hmm"? His eyes were still down.
"How much of the fight did anda see"?
"Everything". His voice was trembling.
"Nico,me and Annabeth".
"I..I". Couldn't finish my sentence. I felt horrible. Nico saw my slash at his girlfriend. Heard the way she talked to me.
"Did anda see before the fight.. When...
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nico pulls away
a blonde girl rushes into the room
Chrions called an emergency couselors meeting which means anda and anda better bring her too she says pointing at me
ill be there in a detik annabwth he replies
youre annabeth i ask
nico gives me a funny look
what i ask
no fainting he replies
i meninju, pukulan him in the arm
come on mr funny pants i say weve gort a meeting to attend
Yes maam he says sarcastically saluting me
come on shadow boy i say
We are here to assighn a quesat says chiron
why shouts clarrise
to completely destroy any threat of kronos ever coming back
you mean theres still a threat asks annabeth...
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the view was awesomesauce!! two things really caught my eye. one, a very shiny kabin that seemed to give of its own light, and two, an enormous archery practice area. groover pointed and the glowing cabin. "that is where you'll live during the summer." "WOW!" was all i could say. the whole camp itself was really cool looking, but the glowing kabin was the most cool. i followed groover around, still not caring if people stared. we passed the archery range, the cabins, the kano lake, an arena, the bathrooms, and the dining pavilion. "this is a really cool camp." i berkata when my tour was over....
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posted by daughterof3
I walked out of the lingkaran of people and back up to the cabin. And of course Nico was waiting there for me.
"What the hell Alena"?
"I dont know what you're talking about".
"Dont play dumb anda just slapped Matt for no freaking reason"!
"I had a perfectly good reason". Veronica came waltzing up to us.
"Nico are anda ready Chrion says hurry up".
"Yeah i coming". Nico looked at me one last time and walked away hand in hand with veronica.I wanted to skip lessons today. I sat on my tempat tidur and cried. I cried for myself, for my lost family. What i wouldn't give to have tiffany disappear and just be able to...
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added by nicos-girl
Source: nicos-girl
I Will Find You
Chapter Two
Unbearable but Comforting

Annabeth didn't sleep that night.
She had gone back to camp half-blood from Olympus with no luck.
She hadn't even bothered to go for dinner. She went straight to the Athena kabin and slumped on her bed.
She thought of nothing but Percy.
She remembered the way he would hold her, hesitantly. For the first few weeks of their relationship Percy had been utterly nervous around her. He would blush furiously every time they kissed. Annabeth had found it absolutely adorable.
Percy would always be her guy. It was his nervousness and simpleness that attracted...
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The faces on the cards, they are most PJO characters.
posted by Emil5634
Tiered of trying,
sick of crying,
yes I'm smiling,
but inside I'm dying!

In a life without love,
In a world without hate,
In a house without people,
and in a body without a soul,
There lays true saddness.

A life without a friend is no life,
a friend without a life is no friend.
A body without a soul is no body,
a soul without a body is no soul.

With hate, comes love,
With saddness comes happyness,
With life comes death.
With every good thing, there comes a bad thing.

befor anda can find true happyness,
anda need to expiriens deep saddness.
For those who do not belive,
will never find what they seek.

My jantung is broken,
anda ruined it with your words,
your words were; goodbye.
posted by xharrypotterx
 Percabeth fan Art made oleh me.
Percabeth Fan Art made by me.
A/N: This is an AU story of how Annabeth finds Percy AND her way back to happiness. She learns how important cinta is and how every little moment with Percy should be cherished.

Post-The Last Olympian

I Will Find You
Chapter One:

Annabeth Chase had been spending a lot of her Time On Mount Olympus the Past few weeks.
She had been diberikan the amazing opportunity to redesign the whole of it!
She was a great architect, and was very passionate about her work but she had never really thought she would be allowed this amazing task.
Annabeth Chase, anda amaze me Percy had told her when she had confessed...
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posted by Posena
...and sliced the cave half-open.The two creatures ran.As they reached the middle of the seashore, the sky pried open and out came an eagle. "I knew it!I already forbid anda but anda disobeyed me!" He bellowed."Father..." The owl shook her head and stammered. "Come on!" The sky rumbled and poured lebih rain. The eagle snatched the owl oleh its long, sharp claws. "Run! Run, my love, before he outdid you. Run..." The voice trailed off.

My dream shifted into blurs of light. I woke up in the backseat of our mini-van.
"Posena, are anda awake already?" A warm friendly voice rose from the rear seat.
"Oh Nana. I had a strange dr..." My voice cut out before I finished my sentence. I knew I shouldn't tell anyone about the vision. Instead I asked, "Lawrence, do anda bring me purple pansies?"
Lawrence was my childhood friend.Since I was a bulan old, we grew up together. I was told that I was perhaps an orphan
posted by daughterof3
I smiled at nico but i couldn't help but feel awkward. It was nice having his attention and his affection but i secretly knew it would all dissapear tomorrow and then we'd have to start all over again. I slid in my sleeping bag and tried to catch some sleep before we had to start moving again. But i couldnt sleep instead of a promise of dream my mind was filled with an understanding that me and nico werent going to be anything lebih than stolen moments will stolen kisses. I didnt want that i wanted stabilty i wanted cinta not lust....I wanted....No i couldnt think that i had to keep my mind on...
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posted by PrisillaJewels4
Prisilla's POV

"Nico has been captured and I need a quest." He looked at me with concerned eyes "How do anda know that he has been captured?" I was determined to get a quest to save him "I had a dream that he was held captive in an abandoned underground jail cell oleh a demigod. The centaur rubbed his chin "Well go talk to the oracle and we'll see after that. I nodded and ran towards Rachel's cabin. I walked in and found her sitting at her meja painting a portrait. The picture was of an underground chamber will jail cells. Then I gasped letting Rachel know I was here. Then her eyes turned green...
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Marie Jones

Nickname(s):Maria, MJ, Jones, Sunny

Hair Color :Blonde

Eye color: Golden Yellow

Mortal Parent: Hannah Jones

Godly Parent: Apollo

Height: 6"0

Weapons: Bow and Arrow, Hypnosis Singing

Appearance: Blonde hair w/ jeruk, orange tips and brown highlights, jeruk, orange and yellow sun shirt, beige shorts, jeruk, orange sneakers, sun charm necklace.

Likes/Dislikes: Likes: Sunny days, singing, candy, guitars, Lance. Dislikes: Danielle, Cats, Grapes

Enemies: Danielle Morgan, Flannery McBurlap
Prisilla Jewels

Nickname(s): Sills, Silla, PJ, Prisilly

Hair Color: Jet black

Eye Color: Sea Green

Mortal Parent: Amanda Jewels

Godly Parent: Poseidon


Weapons: Sword kalung (transforms into sword named Tidal wave) Water

Appearance: Black hair w/ blue high lights freckles CHB shirt, black vest, jean shorts, glasses, suspenders, white knee high socks, black biker atau combat boots, peace charm bracelet, ponytail and sword necklace.

Likes/Dislikes: Likes Nico, Likes beaches, Likes music, Dislikes: Monsters Dislikes: Merry go rounds

Enemies: Danielle, Clarisse
posted by PrisillaJewels4
~ Nico's POV ~
At archery I kept waiting and waiting for Prisilla to come to class. I felt so bad for whatever I'd done to make her upset. After waiting for another 10 menit I just decided to start aiming at the target. Then she walked in while was in mid-fire, but i got so distracted i let the panah go and it almost hit an Apollo kid "Sorry!" He looked flustered. "Watch it Di Angelo!" Then I talked to her "Prisilla, what's so special about today?" She sighed "Look at your calendar, it's written in bold berwarna merah muda, merah muda and red marker." I grabbed her arm as she tryed to storm off "Why won't anda just tell...
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posted by janesmee
i sigh
i geuss its only right anda know" i say hesitantly
"{when i was born my dad took me to an oracle to have my future read
so she gave him what he wanted a prophecy
the prophecy states that i will die when i9 turn fourteen" i finish
"what does the line say" he asks
"As soon as this girl turns fourteen-
she will fall into an endless slepp"
nico lopoks awful
"whenb do anda turn fourteen" he asks
"two weeks from now" i reply
he looks like hes been hit with a shovel
"theres something ive been hiding from you" he says
"what" i ask
"the slenderman" he replioes
"the WHO"
"the slenderman hes the only shadow i cant...
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posted by sparkles3
some info: this happens immediately after the Titan war. disclaimer the only thing in this story i own is the 2 characters i made
____________________________________________________"i'll miss you, Lisha." i berkata as i lit my dead best friend's burial shroud with owls all over it. a tear slid down my face. as soon as they berkata the rights atau whatever, i sprinted to my cabin, number three. on my bantal was a sea green ipod touch. i picked it up, and a song started to play:
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I didn't know what to think when she was up at the entrance to the museum...

I was scared of Gargoel for the first time in my life. I usually wasn't afraid of her because, well, she was my language arts teacher. But this, this was different. I went up to the museum, but when I got up there, Gargoel was already inside. At this time, the museum was empty and echoey. I wasn't sure if the loud pounding I heard was my footsteps atau my heart. When she berkata "You think of it yourself! I'm not your personal assistant!", I got kind of freaked out. It was like she read my mind atau something.

She started...
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My name is Cassy.There I was, at detention again with my least favorit teacher, Mrs. Goel, but everyone called her Gargoel. She seemed to especially hate me and loved the school bully,Ty. One day, we went on a field trip to The capitol building in Lansing, Michigan. That's how it all started...

We were looking at a really weird place in the museum were they displayed a gigantic coal mine. anda could go inside of it and mine for fake coal. When we went to lunch, I got so mad at Ty, I heard a crackle and a flash! When I finally opened my eyes, Ty was spread on the ground, knocked out. Mrs. Goel came over and I knew I was in major trouble...