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posted by llrulez
 the olympian gods
the olympian gods
hey everyone!!lets read the play story....

here is the keterangan of the characters

1)name:sky kent


god parent:hermes

weapon:a long celestial bronze sword which turns into a ring

looks:short black hair.bright blue eyes.tall. medium thin. mischievous look on her face.hates jewellery except for a ring and the camp necklace. likes to have fun and laugh.she always wears t-shirts.kinda tomboy.might get aggressive if anda hurt her loved ones.

hobbies:playing pranks on people.stealing peoples things and hiding it in someone elses things.likes playing some sports.cracking jokes!

extra:#connor and travis are her cousins.
#best friend is the person who will post next.
#everyone one likes her and she very fun to be around.
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posted by bernzzbabzz
anda all may be wanting to meninju, pukulan me in the face. why? because im supposed to be posting number 23 to my series of lovvveeeee. BUT I had an amazing idea. Demigods, they have dreams of the past, present, and future, correct? Well, SOMEONE at camp must have had a dream about Percy coming. Now, what if that person was Annabeth? Well, that's what this story is about. So without further a do, a one-shot about ANNABETH'S DREAM.

Disclaimer: I do not own anyone in this story except Lauren. For now...

Goodnight, Annabeth. Have fun dreamin' about LUKEEEEEE," Lauren, my half sister berkata reaching over to turn...
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HELLO :) see? i told anda guys i would have it up oleh tonight! yay me! *claps franticly*

Disclaimer: I do not own Percy Jackson and The Olympians, stop rubbing it in my face why don't ya?

20, ENJOY <3

My shoes sank into the mud and I bet if I took them off there would be lebih mud in them than on the ground. Moss flew into our faces as we walked and I was getting tired. I felt bad for snapping at Percy, I knew he was just trying to help and all I just hated knowing that the gods were observing us, and I haven’t been proving myself very well. And if Percy died, well beside the fact that I would...
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