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previsly on percy jackson turth atau dare fiction

     it was annabeths turn and she berkata " thalia truth atau dare" and knowing thalia she berkata "dare" annabeth smiled and said" i dare anda to get a make over from the aphrodite cabin" thalia looked like she wanted to meninju, pukulan her and went to get her make over. after a few minets she came back in and every body went crazy.

percy's pov
    thalia came back waering all silver a sliver frilly dress peek-a-boo shoes (that were silver)silver neclise...
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Percy P.O.V.
Just a quick warning demigod dreams really suck and I mean really suck take this one for example. The one that ruined my life:
I was watching a goddess (or what I thought was a goddess) walking down the pantai at camp Half-blood murmuring
“Too much order to much good needs some Chaos tip the scales”
Well if that wasn’t freaky enough it just got worse
She pointed at my kabin and chanted throwing beams of light
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 this is a hint for you, the selanjutnya chapter atau not? who knows?
this is a hint for you, the next chapter or not? who knows?
previsoly on percy jackson truth atau dare fan fiction

"annabeth truth atau dare?" annabeth though for a moment and berkata "dare?" like it was a qustion. nico grinned evily and berkata "......

" i dare anda to ciuman a skelotin solder!" annabeth looked horrorfied and berkata "NO!" and nico berkata " do it atau run around camp." annabeth got up and started to take off her close but made sure everyone looked away.

when she came back she berkata " travis truth atau dare?" travis grinned and berkata "dare" annabeth thought for a moment and berkata "
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i looked to see who sat down selanjutnya to me it was the goddess of cinta , Aphordite, " well percy jackson, it seems that my meddling is not working as well as i wanted...... do yo uknow what i and going to do now"she berkata i shouck my head no and she smiled "what are anda going to do." she jus tkept on smiling and berkata "i'm going to make your cinta life even lebih complacated." then she started to glow i turned away and when she was gone i berkata "shite." and whent to tempat tidur thinking 'what she got under her sleve'

    i woke up the selanjutnya morning and walked in to annabeth who was about to...
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Okay, so let me clear something up, I like Percabeth- I really do! I also know not all Percabeth fan are like what I'm describing- but what I'm saying is the majority of the ones I've seen are. It's gotten extremely annoying, and I really needed to get my anger out on this topic, so sorry if this offends you, which it shouldn't. But if anda easily get offended on this topic, please leave, atau at least be respectful about it.

Okay, first of all, it's one of my biggest issues, but a lot of Percabeth are ridiculously over the top. Like, if someone even so much as claim they ship Percy and Annabeth...
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 Percy total 'Unsure' Face
Percy total 'Unsure' Face
Annabeth had lay in the hospital tempat tidur wearily holding her and Percy's new born baby. She smiled as she looked at the small child in her arms gently.
Percy paced nervously in the waiting room his stomach felt like it was tied in knots he felt dizzy but he felt the urge to pace, his friends and family were there waiting for the news his hands were shaking and Nico spoke up, "Percy...chill dude your over reacting..your gonna make yourself sick" Percy took a deep breath letting it out slowly as he replied, "sorry...i'm just nervous...its a new experience for me..." he cut himself off as the doctor...
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