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I had a miserable day. It all started with waking up to my room being all packed up. My dad walked into my room. “Dad, why is all my stuff packed up?” I asked. “Get in the car; you’re going to Crest Water boarding school.” I walked into the foyer. Standing in it I saw my brother, Matthew, with red puffy eyes and tangled hair. Obviously he’d been crying. I went back to my room and grabbed my bags. We all trudged out to the car. The car was silent the whole jam drive to Crest Water. It broke when we pulled into the carpool lanes. “We’re here.” Dad stated quietly.
We started...
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"DADDY! DA-DADDY-DA-DADDY-DA-DA-DADDY!!!!!!!!!!!" yelled Percy Jackson youngest daughter, Lilliana, but the called her lilly.

"What it is it sweetheart?" anwsered Percy.

"Look what i did! Look! Look! Look! I killed a kadal in the backyard! and its dead! Aren't anda happy! Look! Look, look, look, look Daddy!" Lilly anwsered as she pulled on his ear to get onto his shoulders.

Percy had married Annabeth. Ofcourse. Poseidon and Athena weren't very happy about that, but the had to live with it. He was also not sure if they had been happy that annabeth and him had been married at age 18. The only god...
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I decided to see what happens if Percy meets The Avengers.

(Percy's p.o.v)

Hey, my name is Percy Jackson son of Poseidon. When I was asked to gabung the Avengers I wasn't sure if I wanted to gabung them. It all started when I ran into Iron Man in New York. I was on my horse Blackjack, we flew around the city to see any signs of trouble. It seemed calm at the moment, Blackjack snorted I replied "I know, not much going on.." My voice died when something fast flew past us, I couldn't tell but the figure looked human. I made Blackjack go after the figure, we caught up to it and what I saw selanjutnya surprised me. The figure turned and asked "who are you?" I replied "Percy Jackson." The man berkata "the names Tony Stark, call me Tony." I asked "so your the famous Tony Stark." He nodded and the mask came off so I could see his face, he replied "me and the other Avengers were looking for you." I stared at him, not sure what to say. I asked "why me?" He replied "we need your help."
“So, Perseus Jackson, what will it be? Will anda accept our generous gift?” Zeus demanded, his eyes flashing with barely contained lightning as always.
The gods had just offered me to be…well, a god. One of them, immortal, powerful, not having to worry about any other stupid prophecy. Who could say no to that?
I glanced back to see thalia smiling at me serenely but the smile didn’t quite reach her eyes. My eyes wandered around the room and gazed at the mighty faces of the Olympian gods. Apollo, Ares, Aphrodite, Demeter, Dionysus – did I want to be like them? Poseidon, my father, Athena...
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Percy Pov

After a long hari of training I decided to rest so I went under a pohon to rest but just then the fates appeared and made me drink blue liquid.when I woke up I felt different so i went to a mirror and looked at myself but what I saw was a really beautiful girl with a big butt and breasts and long hair with a high lite of Blue. It seemed boys would do anything for me. Later that hari Jason came up to me and asked me out. He was looking EXTREMELY HOT so I berkata yes.

3 days later still Percy Pov

After the party me and Jason went so his house. I saw a mistletoe And Jason told me we half to kiss. So he bent down and kissed my triple D breasts.
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ok now a lot of anda are saying "what the hell? what the fuck dose this shit have to do with percy jackson?" well the answer to that is i got bored and wanted to annoy some people on the internet. part one goth: ok now when most people think of goth they think of a hot chick with blue kelinci and nice eye liner and stuff anda know something like thalia. well anda are wrong, that is punk my friends THIS is goth, a creepy chick with bat wings and black robes and over the puncak, atas make up and some will get there tungs slit to be like a snake and stuff like that.

part 2 emo is not goth: emo kids dont look goth at all!! they just like to slit there wrists in the bathtub

part 3 whatever: so ya whatever thalia is punk and crap and la la la
ok so what makes big 3 kids so powerful (besides the fact that there parents are the most powerful) is that they get powers. now what i mean buy that is that the kids of the other gods have skills like Aries kids have the skill of close range weaponry kids of Athena are very clever and kids of Apollo have the skill of archery. now what makes these things skills is that not all people have them but they can. now when we look at kids of the big 3 we see things like controlling the water,making lightning come out of spears,and raising the dead all of these things are powers not skills. in the world of Percy Jackson there is nothing stopping a mortal from having a skill that all kids of a non big 3 god has. but they cant have the powers of big 3 kids and that is what makes them great and powerful.
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Before I know it, I'm back at Camp Half-Blood. Piper McLean comes up to me.
“Where have anda been?”
I look behind me. He’s gaining. I try to keep running, but Piper grabs my arm.
“I asked anda a question.” I yanked my arm away from her. I look at her. He’s gone. I snap back and see him sitting in the grass. My eyes widen. I just stare at him.
“Perseus!” someone yells. He disappears, which perplexes me. I look at who berkata my name.
Jason Grace.
Then pain flares in my leg. I drop to the ground clutching it. I pull out a dagger. I barely register the yelling voices as the ground...
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