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posted by Izzy2003
When Percy and Annabeth got married her mother hated that she married Poseidon's son Percy! Then, they had to deal with the fact that she married Poseidon's son Percy and now they been married for 10 years! They two girls,one boy and is pregnant with one right now! Annabeth is 6 months pregnant with a boy!

Their children's names are Lindsay,Thomas, and Lilly. The two oldest ones which are Lindsay and Thomas who is 7 and 5 years old fought a kampe'! They are bringing them to camp half- blood since they don't have to work. So, their parents are going to be counselors there. Annabeth their mother...
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posted by blabber123
Annabeth's POV

As we were thrown into the lake I realized that I couldn't breath underwater and Percy could. What if he forgot about me?

He seemed to read my thoughts and made an air bubble around us.

"Hey Annabeth," Percy said.

"Yeah" I replied.

"You know how when anda go in the River Styx, anda have to think of the one thing that keeps anda anchored to the mortal world?"

"Of course." I answered wondering where he was going with this.

"Well I thought of you." He berkata blushing.

He was blushing a pretty dark red but my face was definitely darker. I was speech-less, too. Did he really think of me that way?...
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posted by meredog
Ok this is the story after the Propose and Telling the parents story. So yea the 3erd part, I don't know why I just didn't say that. Anyway hope anda enjoy!! Let the story begin!!!!!!


Tomorrow is the wedding. I was thinking we would of waited longer then two days for the wedding after we told our parents. But I guess not. Right now, Grover, Nico and my good friend Jason, are trying to get me into the car. They wont tell me where they want to take me. Jason and Nico. Grabbed me and put into the car. Nico got in selanjutnya to me and Jason...
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posted by annabeth102903
 percy jackson
percy jackson
Percys point of view (the other one was too I forgot sorry) :(

I thought I was going to have a jantung attack. But I managed to pull myself together enough to ask Chiron what was going on he told me it was ok . And not to freak out. He berkata Rachel could probably find her. But I couldn't just wait around .l had to do something.l ran to Rachel ."Rachel Rachel" "what " Rachel shouted. Annabeth she seemed to know what l ment alright alright I'll try het eyes turned bright green" a child of Athena is far and gone she must be found

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 Annabeth Chase
Annabeth Chase
posted by shelby666

I was worried Percy was akting strange around Piper like he would give me bunga atau cokelat atau tell me this fancy place we were going for makan malam and he had done this since he found out that she was a daughter of Aphrodite. When ever I asked him about his behavior he would say that he wasn't akting strange. For some time I thought that he liked Piper and was trying to tampil how nice of a guy he was through me so I tried it out we all got together without Percy and discussed the plan I would break up with Percy and tell him that Piper and Jason broke up and then see if he tried to...
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posted by annabeth102903
One hari I woke up and knew something was wrong . I didn't know why but I did. So I got up and saw everyone crowding around the Athena kabin .all I could think of was annabeth annabeth annabeth and were not here boyfriend atau anything but she was my best friend so I pushed through the crowd and asked Grover what was going on .he berkata one word that would change everything ....

I freaked out she was kidnapped oleh a monster

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posted by meredog
This is the detik part of the Propose story. this is about them telling there parents about the marriage l, but one dose not agree.

I was packing for camp. I was nervous. Annabeth and I are going to Olympus today to tell our parents about the engagement. Telling Atheana was going to be the worst part. She hated my guts. She would always threaten me, atau zap me when she got mad. Even if she was mad at something else she would take her anger out on me. I was her demigod punching bag, and I hated it. Every time my dad,...
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posted by AnnabethC1376
You probably should read The lost HEro and Son of Neptune for it to make the most sence.

Annabeth Chase's point of view:

I was sitting below the decks on the Argo II membaca the Iliad...again.I set the book down and brushed the bangs behind my ear that were hanging in my face. I sighed and rubbed my face, wondering when we would get there and if Percy would remember me.Everything had been so messed up since he disappeared.We got Jason who had no memory, Piper and Leo. All of which, were above decks.I walked over to my bunk and looked at the pictures I had pinned up.All of the ones of me and...
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posted by elifsila
When I first saw you, I saw love
And the first time anda touched me, I felt love
And after all this time,
You're still the one I love

Looks like we made it
Look how far we've come my baby
We mighta took the long way
We knew we'd get there someday

They said, "I bet they'll never make it"
But just look at us holding on
We're still together still going strong

(You're still the one)
You're still the one I run to
The one that I belong to
You're still the one I want for life
(You're still the one)
You're still the one that I love
The only one I dream of
You're still the one I ciuman good night

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Ok so here is what's happening, Percy and Annabeth are only 16. I know, I know, they are way to yong to get marred but anda know how much they cinta each other? I mean cinta cinta cinta really cinta each other? Well Percy loves her so much he cant stand it anymore. Soo yea that's it, time for the story!

Camp was in only two days and I wanted to do this before we go back to camp. I was picking Annabeth up in my step-dads car, a new preist he got after Black Jack landing on it. I was picking Annabeth up from her apartment that she shares...
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