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Oh, ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh, ooh

[Verse 1]
Seven days and five nights
It's hard to come down with your eyes on me
Tidal waves of highlights
I got a dark side that you'll never see

Is everyone wrong atau is everyone right?
'Cause I'm in my head again tonight
You're making it look like anda don't even try
I wanna be good enough, so I

I changed myself for the internet
Designed my piece of mind
I sold my soul, I'm a shell of it
'Cause if everybody loves me, then I'm never gonna cry again
No, no
Never gonna cry again
No, no
Never gonna cry again
I changed myself for the internet
Designed my piece...
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That small town was gettin' me down
Don’t stand out, you'll get kicked around
Put up a dinding so tall, you're aman, brankas there
Time went by, got so insecure
Go run, hide, so anda don’t get hurt
Don't face your pain, we'll do that later
So I drove, all night
And I never looked behind me
Knew I'd be alright
Even when the lights got blinding

Look how far we've come
And it was all so unexpected
We were broke and we were young
But somehow we stayed connected

So we hold on to our better days
'Cause easy come, easy go away
Still can't believe we were the lucky ones
Look how far we've come

[Verse 2]
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posted by ktichenor
Oh, Lord, it's been a year
With little joys and little fears
It's finally here, natal day
My love, I need some hope
A little faith, a hand to hold
It's awfully cold, natal day
Watch the snow fall down like me sometimes
But anda pick me up and then pick me up again
Like the winter leaves I can't survive
Without your light
Thank anda for your smile
It's warmer than the fire
Your gentle laughter
Is sweeter than a choir
I'll never know
The right words to choose
So all I can say
Is thank you
We fell into the snow
And talked about growing old
So here's to a hundrеd lebih natal days
This house will be our homе...
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