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posted by sarah12499
My first fanfic :D

Marlene looks over to the entrance "Doors wide open." Skipper looks over "Good. anda gonna make a distraction again?" Marlene walks over to the doorway "Oh sure, I'm just distraction anyway, right?" Skipper walks over to Marlene "Yep,and your the best, now can we get going?" Private and Rico both follow close behind skipper as they sneak their way over to the desk. "Kowalski!" Skipper whispers. Kowalski looks over at Skipper "How do we get out?" Skipper points to Marlene "She's got us covered." Marlene runs up to Alice and pulls on her pants to get her attention. "Get ready boys" Skipper says.When Alice gets up Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, and Private run to the window, Skipper hesitates "I forgot something, I'll catch up." Kowalski, private, and Rico go back to HQ.Skipper jumps up onto Alice's desk. "What was Kowalski doing in here?"

On the walk back to HQ Keira jumped in front of Kowalski "Keira!" Private and Rico were both confused "Keira?" Kowalski turns around "Can anda umm." Private and Rico continued walking "See anda at HQ!" Keira walked around Kowalski in a lingkaran " I'm not here to socialize, anda messed with my mission!" Kowalski was confused "Your mission?" Keira was angry and Kowalski knew that he was in trouble "You're so naive Kowalski, anda don't even know what anda did, I liked anda i trusted anda and anda throw it back in my face." Now Kowalski was getting angry "I don't even know what you're talking about!" Keira started laughing "Oh let me clarify for you, I had a job, to take out Skipper." Kowalski stepped meneruskan, ke depan about to speak "Let me finish! anda had to go and change the transfer, change it to yourself! Well guess what I'm not changing it back.But there's one thing i will change, the location, the location of my master.He'll deal with anda then.Enjoy your time with your friends Kowalski, because tomorrow you'll be gone." With that Keira leaps way.

End of chapter 6 it's longer than usual that's because i didn't get time to write another chapter yesterday :D
1 I actully think that the penguins should get a new reacrute for the team. 2 Don`t anda think that the penguins a team of ninjas should have lebih practice and no time for goofing off and to have girlfriends espesally skipper. 3 If the penguins had girlfriends that they wouldn`t sleep with her like my brother reads about. 4 Ok I`m going into the Julien subject first shouldn`t they think of a plan to kick Julien out of the zoo and into another, I mean if their SO smart. 5 why do the penguins just throw Julien out into the woods I know I would [he would probably just call himself king of the bears]...
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posted by Icicle1penguin
Just a short-ish story. I got nothing to do.

One morning in Central Zoo park, Kowalski was just finishing his experiment. "Eurika! I've done it! I made a ketopong, helm that can read other people's thoughts! Now time to test it out..."

Kowalski walked over to a chair in the HQ and put on the helmet. "Ok helmet, do your stuff."

He looked over to Skipper, who was membaca a book.

Skipper: (Why do I bother membaca when I can't even understand this book?)

"Yes! It worked!" Kowalski cheered. He pointed the ketopong, helm to Rico, who was brushing his doll girlfriend's hair.

Rico: (I'm brushing this doll's hair. Wow,...
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posted by Icicle1penguin
(Next Morning)

Private: Skippa', Wake-up!
Skipper: Huh! Wha?
Private: C'mon! It's Marlene's birthday! We need to go to her habitat!
Kowalski: Wow Skipper. You're the one who remembered it yesterday.
Skipper: Sorry boys...I didn't sleep well.

Private: Well hurry up sleepy-head!

(Skipper got out of bed. Everyone ate breakfast. Now they were going to Marlene's party)

Marlene: hey guys!
Everyone: Happy Birthday!
Marlene: Thanks guys! Hey, wanna see your future? I'm going to Darla right now!
Private: C'mon guys! please!
Skipper: I don't know...
Kowalski: I'll come. Even though I still don't believe in this...
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posted by Cornflak
He had never felt this before. It had snuck up on him; appeared from some sort of dark and shrouded void that he had never acknowledged until now.

The worst part of it all was the simple fact that he could do nothing about it…

It happened not too long after the team had awoken from their night’s rest. As usual, Skipper alerted the three penguins of the time of day, immediately causing the sleeping aves to roll out from their sleeping slots in the wall. Both Kowalski and Rico hopped onto the cold floor, standing side-by-side with stiff posture. Skipper held his flippers behind his back and...
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posted by knocktimerico
cinta Me Do

Kowalski stuck his head out of the fishbowl entrance, a large grin spread across his face.

“Well Skipper, what do need to talk to me about?” He questioned almost teasingly knowing why he had been summoned.

“Ok Kowalski, here’s the thing, anda see that berang-berang over there,” Skipper’s flipper motioned towards Marlene’s habitat, “that berang-berang is the epitome of everything I stand against, she is the black to my white, the up to my down, the zig to my zag, the…”

“I get the point Skipper just finish what anda were going to say I have a lot of work to do” Kowalski interrupted....
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Happy Valentines Day!

"You're what?"

"I'm lost," repeated Leroy.

Skipper began pacing. "Really, Private? This is the detik time you've brought a lost civilian to the base!"

Private grinned sheepishly as Leroy crossed his flippers. "I am not just a civilian!" yelled the turtle.

He was ignored. Just then, Kowalski came out of his lab. "Guess what? I've-" His voice flattered as he analyzed the scene in front of him. "What did I miss?"

"Nothing much," grunted Rico.

"I'm lost," explained Leroy.

Kowalski glanced at Private. "Private?"

Skipper nodded. "Right on spot."

Kowalski sighed. "Well, we might as well...
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added by Marika_1996

Private turned the steering wheel as far right as it could go. "Whew."

He had missed the wheels of a car oleh centimeters. As the young pinguin, penguin continued driving, he mentally slapped himself. Great job, Private, he thought. Of all the times to go, anda had to go at rush hour.

A truck pulled up in front of him. "Ahh!" he screamed again.

Private tried to jump out; but his flippers were locked in a death grip on the steering, and his feet would not pindah from the pedal. The young pinguin, penguin did the only thing he could do: he squeezed his eyes shut.

A few detik passed. Private opened an eye. "Huh?"...
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I cinta The Penguins of Madagascar!
The only pertanyaan I ever ask are:
Why don't lebih people watch this show?
Those who don't like it need a tread on the toe!

It's so good, it should have it's own day!
14th of July? atau the 5th of May?
This tampil is the ultimate key
to laughter, joy and NYC!

The lebih I watch this show, the lebih I see
the similarities between Mort and me!
I'm a sheep! Cockadoodledoo!
And I can be an easel, too!

I hope anda all enjoyed this little rhyme!
Because, now, I've ran out of words that... rhyme.
added by Kowalski355
XDDDD Blowhole have foot? XD this is SO funny and im SO glad they put the beep , XD
penguin of madagascar
dr. blowhole
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Don't worry, anda don't HAVE to subscribe, (but anda can if you'd like ^^) I just wanted to tampil anda all my animating skills, to see if they were any good atau not. this is my first ever animation-or somewhat animation. So enjoy! :D
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