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posted by sarah12499
My first fanfic :D

Marlene looks over to the entrance "Doors wide open." Skipper looks over "Good. anda gonna make a distraction again?" Marlene walks over to the doorway "Oh sure, I'm just distraction anyway, right?" Skipper walks over to Marlene "Yep,and your the best, now can we get going?" Private and Rico both follow close behind skipper as they sneak their way over to the desk. "Kowalski!" Skipper whispers. Kowalski looks over at Skipper "How do we get out?" Skipper points to Marlene "She's got us covered." Marlene runs up to Alice and pulls on her pants to get her attention. "Get ready boys" Skipper says.When Alice gets up Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, and Private run to the window, Skipper hesitates "I forgot something, I'll catch up." Kowalski, private, and Rico go back to HQ.Skipper jumps up onto Alice's desk. "What was Kowalski doing in here?"

On the walk back to HQ Keira jumped in front of Kowalski "Keira!" Private and Rico were both confused "Keira?" Kowalski turns around "Can anda umm." Private and Rico continued walking "See anda at HQ!" Keira walked around Kowalski in a lingkaran " I'm not here to socialize, anda messed with my mission!" Kowalski was confused "Your mission?" Keira was angry and Kowalski knew that he was in trouble "You're so naive Kowalski, anda don't even know what anda did, I liked anda i trusted anda and anda throw it back in my face." Now Kowalski was getting angry "I don't even know what you're talking about!" Keira started laughing "Oh let me clarify for you, I had a job, to take out Skipper." Kowalski stepped meneruskan, ke depan about to speak "Let me finish! anda had to go and change the transfer, change it to yourself! Well guess what I'm not changing it back.But there's one thing i will change, the location, the location of my master.He'll deal with anda then.Enjoy your time with your friends Kowalski, because tomorrow you'll be gone." With that Keira leaps way.

End of chapter 6 it's longer than usual that's because i didn't get time to write another chapter yesterday :D
posted by skipperfan5431
The Central Park Zoo is a-buzz with commotion today. Theres word that a new arrival is coming in about twenty minutes, so Alice and the other zoo-workers are getting everything prepared. " Do anda know what type of animal it is?" Lilly asked, as she had the hope of it being a lion. She missed Alex! They were dance buddies back in the day. * bet anda didn't know that huh?* Skipper looked at Kowalski, who just shook his head. Then he turned back to Lilly and replied. " Negatory. We have no intell what so everon the new arrival." Lilly frowned and turned back twoards the humans. Then, it came. The...
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posted by skipperfan5431
The clone hung Lilly and Marlene upside-down from the monument. To make matters worse, Lilly is afraid of HEIGHTS! (go figure huh?) " Lilly,Lilly,Lilly.You had the chance to be mine forever, but instead anda wanted to hit." The clone turns his head to reveal an eye-patch covering his other eye! *lol! She poked his eye out!* Lilly smiled proudly. " Yeah, selanjutnya i'll go for the other one and make it even!" She mocked. " Oohhh, BURRRN!" Marlene teased. Then, he lost his temper, he cut the rope that was teathering Lilly to the ground, and down she fell.
The clone moved to...
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posted by skipperfan5431
The boys are in the HQ doin'n their own thing, when suddenly, another Skipper (real) springs in. " What the?!" Asked the clone, trying to play it off. " Got ya now CLONE! Get him boys!" Skipper commands, pointing his flipper to the imposter. None of his teammates obeyed. " How are we so sure YOURE not the clone?" Kowalski asked skeptically. " Yeah! Get them BOTH boys!" Lilly adds. On her command, everyone jumped onto a Skipper,and tied them each to a chair. "Come on boys, anda know it's me!" The clone Skipper pleaded, but all of a sudden,one of his contacts fell out! He was...
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posted by skipperfan5431
Okay people, if your expecting Darth Vader, do NOT read this story. lol.
It's a nice sunny hari in the Central Park zoo and Kowalski has just unvailed a new invention. Ofcourse he needed a test subject, and Skipper was the only one willing to do it. What is the invention anda might ask? Well, it's a cloning machine, and this is where our story begins.
" Kowalski, is this gonna hurt?" Skipper asked, poking his head through a small window in the Clone-o-matic 2000." Kowalski made a weird face . " Yes,very much so." He berkata bluntly. " Wait- WHAT!?"...
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posted by SkipperXLisa
The footsteps of webbed feet got louder as Blowhole's enemy walked

right into the trap he had laid for him. Suddenly, a black-and-white animal

flashed across the clearing. Skipper came to a stop up against the smooth

gray wall. He then stealthily slid to a small door at the end of the corner in

the desolate

room. Once he got the entry to the selanjutnya area, he cautiously brought his

flipper to the knob. Once he was almost touching it, he quickly grabbed it.

He then turned key to revealing a new territory. Once the wooden portal

was wide open, his foe stepped into range of his trick. The penguin's eyes

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posted by skipperfan5431
It's a stormy night in the Central Park Zoo and the penguins are waiting the storm out in the HQ with Marlene. " Thanks for letting me hang here for awhile guys. This storm is crazy!" Marlene thanks the penguins with a smile. " Glad we can help!" Private jawaban in a happy tone, clapping his tiny flippers together. " Okay Dollface, we have to begin mission breifing for tomorrow, so just watch tv atau something." Skipper instructs to his girlfriend. The penguins pindah twoards the large meja where they normally have their mission breifings, but Skipper stops Lilly in her tracks. " Is something...
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posted by kowalskielol
Once atau twice around the corners of Windwall drive, a familiar, yet still unknown, cloaked man (or a least we thought it was a man) would appear almost as if he was invisibe and visible again. He would raise his hands to the always murky sky and mutter strange words and disappear again. The strangest thing was that whenever he set off on that spot, it would start to rain, despite the weather reports. Mum berkata her sister berkata he did that all the time,and that I should get used to it while we were staying here. My name is Randy Sky , and me and my mum are visiting my aunt Marsha...
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posted by EppofangirlXD
You're in the HQ with your girlfriend, she's upset,
She's going off about something that anda said,
She doesnt get your paranoia like I do,

I'm in my cave, its a typical Funday night,
I'm listening to the kind of musik she doesn’t like, (it’s Spanish gitar songs btw)
And she'll never know your story like I do, (which I barely know but still)

But she’s a falcon, I’m an otter,
She's got feathers and I got some brown fur,
Dreaming ‘bout the hari when anda wake up and find,
That what you're looking for has been here the whole time,

If anda could see that I'm the one who understands you,
Been here all...
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Chapter 2: In the Supermarket

Kowalski made a nervous lingkaran and glanced once again at the nearest shelf. His favourite “Malado” jagung meletus, popcorn was nowhere to be seen. He cursed silently under his beak , grabbed his pen and crossed out two cans of tuna from the shopping list.
Private was wriggling uncomfortably in his baby seat, struggling to reach a megapack of kacang mentega Winkies, while Rico was busy searching for some Dolly food nearby.
“Rico, stop messing around!” barked Kowalski, immensely irritated, as the detik tallest pinguin, penguin accidently knocked against a pile of green cans, standing...
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posted by Metallica1147
Author's note: This story fallows after my other story "A Rocking Roommate" enjoy :)

A detik chance for love
Chapter 1

    It’s a glorious afternoon in the central park zoo and Marlene and Brandon are at their habitat. Brandon is taking a swim and Marlene is looking over at the penguin’s habitat, and she is staring at no other then Skipper. Brandon then gets out of the water and when he gets out he noticed Marlene staring at Skipper. After all he knew they liked each other but they both denies that they do. Then Brandon tries to get Marlene to snap out of it.

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posted by beastialmoon
Skipper sighed. Another mission, another day. This time, Marlene needed help getting popcorn. He sipped his coffee. If only she knew, knew how much he cared. But it could never be. She didn’t feel the same way. At least, as far as he could tell.
Speak of the devil. Marlene burst in the door.
“Guys! Guys!” she shouted, running around with her arms flailing about.
“Guys, my diary – it’s gone!” Private gasped in horror. “Maybe anda misplaced it somewhere.”
“Don’t worry Marlene; we’ll help anda find it.” Skipper smiled. He glanced at his boys. Already they were set off into...
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posted by ThatDarnHippo
TDH's note: This part is short, but that's how I wanted it to be. Don't worry, lebih action and darkness will appear in later parts.

Training went really well today. Skipper had the other three work on some new moves, and everyone improved lebih then usual. Skipper was pleasantly surprised oleh this.

The one who improved the most was Kowalski. Usually, the tall pinguin, penguin was rather clumsy with new techniques and was the slowest to learn them. But today he shined. During the three jam progress of training, he would always glance towards Marlene's direction to see if she was watching. Usually she was....
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posted by Annacrombie
A new start chapter 1

I remembered the hari the zoo opened, there was only three penguins then. Me Skipper and Kowsalski.I was the oldest, Kowalski was detik oldest and Skipper was the youngest. I remember the hari we all met

I was the first to arrive, I thought I had the hole habitat to myself until later that hari another box arrived, when it was opened Skipper came out, I was glad to have a friend but still I wanted to have the hole habitat to myself.After that Kowalski arrived, I met two new friends in a day.

After that we all made a pack to stick together and to protect each other, we were...
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posted by butterfly_song
It was a stormy day, That ment-no training. And only the captian was upset over this, the others had no problem.

"YES! I won't have to miss any Twilight Zones!" Kowalski said. the others stared blankly "It's, scientific-in a way.." Kowalski folded his flippers.

"B-but, I wanted to watch the tellie! they are going to tampil something on disney Channel!" Private pouted.

"BOXING!" Rico snatched the remote from Kowalski.

"WHAT? Private, anda know they'll tampil it 100 lebih times! Rico, can't anda just go brush your boneka hair atau something? Twilight zone is educational!" Kowalski snatched the remote back....
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posted by Camillebas
(Here is were it gets exciting.)
All four penguins stared at her in awe, "You used to work for Dr.Blowhole?" Private said. Victoria nodded, Skipper continued to glare at her and Kowalski looked heartbroken. "But, as I berkata I no longer do and he probaly has no idea I'm still living." Victoria repeated, seeing Kowalski's look. She didn't know why, but something about him made her feel... well.... diffrent. She couldn't discribe what it felt like, it wasn't a bad feeling, but just a feeling. Suddenly, there was a noise, the TV turned on. Victoria's eyes widened in horror. On it was someone she...
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1.) I cinta Kowalski waaaaaaaaaaaaay more!
2.) Kowalski isn't gay!
3.) I want to be with him more!
4.) Our relationship would be waaay lebih sweet than Kico!
5.) I loved him WAAAAAY longer than before kico was thought of!
6.) Rico is violent. I cinta science. Who has lebih in common with Kowalski? Me!
7.) I make all 100's in science, cinta it, and I cinta candy!
8.) I'm making a daftar about how much I cinta him!
9.) I'll cry if anda don't!
10.)Rico has a doll girlfriend! He can't be with kowalski!
11.) If anda vote Kico, anda will be hated oleh me AND homophobes!
12.) I has anger issues. If u don't, I...
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posted by Penguin11
Okay, Welcome. I got this from 'Who loves Kowalski? I DO! WE ALL DO!'

1.) Dont run into dating. Terrible things could happen.

Claudia: Hi kowalski! Lets kiss!
Kowalski: Uhh, we're not... Dating...
Claudia: *grabs Kowalski and starts making out with him*

2.) Don't get too serious too fast!

Kowalski: we've been dating for two days! ONLY TWO!
Claudia: Who cares?!
Skipper: lebih PAROLE!

3.) If anda think he doesn't like you, don't FORCE him to.

Claudia: Hi walski!
Kowalski: Hi!
Claudia: cinta ME!!
Kowalski: 0.0

4.)Don't be overprotectiive.

Claudia: Hi walski.
Kowalski: Hi
Marlene: Hi--

5.) Be careful of relationship bumps.

Claudia: Hi, walski.
Kowalski: shh, I'm busy with my experiment.
Claudia: *crying* WHY DON'T anda cinta ME, WALSKI?! WHAT HAVE I DONE WROOOOOONG?!?

(there will be five tips per article. ^^)
posted by skipperluvs
This is just a really quick ONE-SHOT. I am right now, inside my mother's mobil van, van while she is going insane because my sister won't shut up. My dad took my sister up to the church, so my mother could be calm, and left me here to make sure she is safe. (Yes, I am in a church's parking lot) So…I have nothing to do and decided to entertain myself oleh menulis a ONE-SHOT! Wahoo! I must hurry though…the battery is at 65%! OK…So…enjoy (: Oh, another quick note, this is in Kowalski's point of view.
What is the meaning of life? Why were animals, humans,...
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(For thoughs who have not read the secont one, Kowalski and Rico have just gotten in troble with abounch of mercats and there leader, but just interupted oleh an unknown voice......)
The pinguin, penguin West oleh pinguin, penguin Girl
"Yor town?" He then walks up to the stranger and says "I recken you'ed better eat thoughs there words because I run this here town you've got it? An't nobody goin to come in here and tell me other whys!" Then suddenly taking a step back when he saw the unknown stranger get up.
"Ow, realy?" He says in a misteras voice walking up to the mercat leader like he did not even notist that he...
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1 I actully think that the penguins should get a new reacrute for the team. 2 Don`t anda think that the penguins a team of ninjas should have lebih practice and no time for goofing off and to have girlfriends espesally skipper. 3 If the penguins had girlfriends that they wouldn`t sleep with her like my brother reads about. 4 Ok I`m going into the Julien subject first shouldn`t they think of a plan to kick Julien out of the zoo and into another, I mean if their SO smart. 5 why do the penguins just throw Julien out into the woods I know I would [he would probably just call himself king of the bears]...
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