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Some people think the penguins are brothers while others think the all met and aren't related. This story is a mix of both sides.
Deep in Antartica, there was a mother pinguin, penguin and a father pinguin, penguin with four eggs. They seemed like the happiest pinguin, penguin couple in Antartica.

Once all the eggs hatched, they were even lebih happy to see four healthy boys.

Once they were a little older, the mother and father trusted them to play on their own without them watching. So they went to a party one night, and left their eldest chick in charge. His name is Skipper, he was in charge of his brothers, Kowalski, Rico, and Private.

All was well that night, till four humans found them.

There was a scientist, a militay leader, a rock star, and a normal typical man.

The scientist took Kowalski, the military leader took Skipper, the rock bintang took Rico, and the normal human took Private.
Sorry if there are errors I am in a huury, I'll fix it later.
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Chapter 3: Mutant Nightmare

Private left Megaton and made his way to the Galaxy News Radio Station. Private figured out how to put directions into his Pip-Boy, and it was easier then he thought. He just had to put the name of the location he wanted to go to, and the Pip-Boy would serve as a GPS. He had a bit of ways to go, but he’d go any distance to see his father again. He waddled a long road, but his Pip-Boy led him to an underground train station. Private looked at the directions again to make sure it wasn’t wrong, and it wasn’t. The underground train station was actually a shortcut...
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“Don’t worry. If anda take care of him as good as anda lead your soldiers, I’d say he’s in good hands.”

“I hope you’re right. We should head back to base and get some troops to help us pindah her body.”

The sound of Hans and the young Skipper’s voice faded as they set back through the woods. Meanwhile, Skipper was processing everything he’d seen and heard, especially that last bit. The shock of everything he’d learned was too much for him. He turned and leaned against a tree. “Stop! Make it stop! I don’t want to see anymore! Take me back!” Skipper screamed through his...
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The penguins finally made it to JFK International. As they suspected, the power was out. It wasn't hard to sneak through the airport with the civilians distracted with panic, crying children, and others who were demanding their money back for the plane tickets that they obviously couldn't use anymore. Once they made it to the shoreline, Skipper gave the orders. "Okay men! We go in two man teams! Kowalski! anda and Rico scope out the-" Chink! "What was that?" Kowalski's eyes widened. "Skipper! Behind yo-"

It was too late. The small object that had fallen behind Skipper erupted, a white gas released...
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Me: Four penguins shall be born, each with a unique talent. One leader, one skilled in weaponry, one musical archer of flight, and one with a world of kindness. They represent two things, one bad, one good. Their separation represents the rise of the Dark Times, their reunion represents the fall of the Dark Times. At least I think it's how that goes, it's been fourteen years, I can't remember it exactly.
S: Well, it's better than nothing. How did anda remember all that?
Me: Maybe it's because I actually listened rather than act like an idiot unlike someone else I could mention.
S: ...
Me: So our...
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*The following artikel is going to be my longest chapter so far.*

Skipper drew out a small oval locket made of emas and showed it to the stranger. It was also hanging from a fine silver chain, and small words were etched on it's surface: Skipper, leader.
His attacker was shocked. After all these years, she finally found a member of her family, of which she recently started to believe was lost forever. She lowered her bow and arrow. "Skipper?" she asked, unable to believe it. "Yes Melody. It's me." Skipper answered. Now that she wasn't attacking him anymore, Skipper wondered why he hadn't realized...
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"wow!" Skipper woke up, he saw that it was already 11:00 am, he hit his head, he was confused

"men, anda aren't going to believe my weird drea-" he cut himself seeing that everyone was looking scared at him.

"yes Skipper, it actually wasn't a dream"

"Kowalski, we have to tell him, Skipper, anda DID go berserk and started fainting everyone!"

"yes, but-"

"no, anda didn't stop, the pertanyaan is, who brang anda back here?" Kowalski pointed out.

"I dream that I was defeated oleh a warrior of black and white, known oleh me, he once was my ally, but i to-"

"first, it was a she, and second, it was BROWN nad white!"...
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Doris please read this!!Anyone can read it too

The scientist's cinta has departed
As both of our worlds go by
Every single nanosecond
I think of anda hari and night
In my jantung there is no that is second
You'll always be the apel, apple of my eye

I'll cari the world
Near and far then high and low
My cinta will show
Just to hold anda gently
Don't want to let anda go

I need a moment in my life
To be with you, I'll be true
Without realizing our isolation
With cinta and Science
I am deeply torn oleh desperation

In every experimentation
You're an inspiration
Besides the problems and life collisions
Like Skipper berkata " You're a distraction"
Now we're inter-vented
And separated for good
Up to now my cinta has departed
But.. Still "I'm screwed"

We're like fragments that were split
atau gas molecules, so far away
Now, I'm broken in tiny bits
But deep inside my heart
Your loving silhouette will stay
Lexii stepped up to the shipping crate. She was shaking with both excitment and fear. She had never met another kubung, pukang atau a penguin. There had been a few binatang at her past small zoo but she was the only kubung, pukang and there was no other binatang except 2 lions, a tiger, and a couple of tropical birds.
She shook her head. She had to do this!
She jumped into the shipping crate. It was just big enough for her to sit down in. If she stood up her ears were about an inch from the puncak, atas of the box. This is what she would be living in for the selanjutnya 5 hours.. Oh joy..
Lexii: *kicks the inside of the peti kayu, peti gently*...
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Skipper couldn't really describe it, the car crashing into him, he didn't feel much, all he could describe the feeling as being: "Like a cork popping out of a wine bottle". He looked around and all he saw were cars zooming across the road, then realized his team was gone, he walked around endlessly. "Well it seems we got separated oleh that bump," berkata Skipper. "Gotta get back to the HQ, they're probably worried to death about me," berkata Skipper. Skipper then looked around and saw a map on the ground, he picked it up and looked at the jalan, street he was at. "Ah, just 2 miles away, not very far at all,"...
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