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posted by queenpalm
Here is the detik part to my fan fiction. Enjoy.

I easily jumped over the wall. For some reason I thought my fellow teammates would be there to greet me. I really miss them, Skipper, Kowalski, Private, and Rico. I miss Manfridi the most, after all, he's my brother.
I landed in the hippo habitat, atau what was the hippo habitat. I saw no hippos, though. As I left the habitat, I saw the plate that told what the animal was. The old hippo habitat is now the Asian berang-berang habitat. One change down, many lebih to go.
As I walked over to the pinguin, penguin habitat, I saw the lion habitat. I hopped up on the wall, looking for the lion. All I saw were some monkey-like things. As I jumped down, I caught a glimpse at the animals' plate. The wierd-looking monkey things were lemurs.
I walked closer to the pinguin, penguin habitat. I hoped for the best, but could only think of the worst. I tried to think of funny things, like how Kowalski had almost made the habitat explode, once. But all I could think about was my sister, who had once walked into a habitat full of lepord seals.
I was getting pretty scared, now. I thought of my sister again, and it sent a chill down my spine. Just to make sure, I checked the plate for the habitat. Yep, still penguin.
I felt safer, knowing for sure that I wouldn't be attacked oleh lepord seals. Still, what if there were changes of how many penguins? Out of all the penguins, I had a brother, a cousin, and three great, no wonderful friends. It would be bad if I lose any of them.
oleh this time, I had gotten to the fish-bowl entrance to the HQ. Wait, what if the entrance was somewhere else? I then started getting frustrated. It was bad enough, not being halaman awal for six years, but now I just seemed to make up excuses to not going into the HQ.
I easily pushed away the fishbowl, wich kind of scared me. I partly didn't want to come home. All my teammates thought I was dead, and if they found out I wasn't a ghost, I would be in big trouble for running off.
I slowly and quietly climbed down the entrance. There was no turning back, now.
hey this is my first fanfic, so plz no hate! :)
This chapter will be Kat's POV btw
Sorry I haven't been menulis much, I've been busy :(

Okay, I think I'm on Skipper's good side now, and that's good.
Today I tried some of his ikan coffee, and it wasn't too bad I guess

All was great that morning, except when Marlene came over, probably to pick another fight with Skipper

Marlene's POV:
I CAN'T TAKE THIS ANYMORE! I need to go see him NOW!
End of Marlene's POV

"Skipper this is KILLING ME! Do anda wanna hang out?" She says



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posted by peacebaby7
"What the deuce?!" Skipper exclaimed as he and team rushed out of the hatch. They looked around, unsure of where the scream had come from, then they heard a light sobbing coming from the berang-berang habitat. "Move out, boys!" Skipper ordered.

Upon entering Marlene's, they saw her in the entrance to her habitat leaning against the wall. Her paws were cupped over her mouth, tears were slowly running down her cheeks, and she seemed to be paralyzed with fear. "What happened, Marlene?" Private berkata as the team approached her. Marlene remained silent, unable to speak.

"Marlene?" Skipper stepped up to her...
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It was a warm summer evening in the Central Park Zoo. The sun was now only a semi-circle peaking over the horizon. All was peaceful, a nice cool breeze swung through the trees and gates of the habitats, and colorful kupu-kupu flew through the air. It all would've remained peaceful if a certain quadrant of pinguin, penguin commandos hadn't chosen today to test Kowalski's new invention.

"Okay Kowalski, what do we have this time?" Skipper asked his lieutenant. The four of them were on their habitat's island.

"Skipper, I have invented..." He got ready to rip the sheet from over-top his latest invention....
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Finally the lights flashed on, and without having any contact with the door, Skipper and Private witnessed it slam open before their own eyes. "Come on," Skipper said. "No, no, I can't go in there! No!" Private whined like he was in a trance. Skipper grasped his flipper, and dragged him inside. Skipper kept his grip tight until he found Kowalski and Rico oleh the stairs. "Are anda both all right?!" Skipper asked startled. "Yes, but something happened in the basement." Kowalski berkata out of breath. "All right, Rico, take Private upstairs and keep an eye on him. Kowalski, you're coming with me."...
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After everyone ate their snowcones, Skipper, Kowalski, Private and Rico felt...really...really...sleepy. (However did anda think THAT happened?) So they all go to sleep. Accept for Lilly, who took the vile out from under her bantal and ran to Marlene's habitat. On the way to Marlene's habitat however, Julien stops Lilly in her tracks. " Oh hello Lilly. How coincidental it is to be seeing anda here like this." Says Julien trying to play cool. anda had to admire his Julien's eyes suddenly get fixed on Lilly's vile. " Aha! Now I see why youre in such a hurry to see me!" Lilly rolls...
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What a nice hari to start off the morning with a bunch of kids scermeing and camra flashes. Well thats how Ming woke up. Alot of familys looking at him in fright,amazement,and tired.Ming wasent use to it at all he was lebih like a person to stay inside and be alone all day.

"mommy mommy look!a lion!" all the little boys and girls will say
"its a tiger sweety"there perents will tell them
Ming tryed crawling into a corner,that didnt work. He just wanted to be alone.The penguins were akting as cute and cuddly as ever becuse scine there is a tiger alot of peopel came.
by now the crowd...
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The selanjutnya morning was quiet. The bruises on Skipper’s body had turned the deepest possible shade of purple, his left eye had swelled to its max, and his beak remained shut.

Private had tried to get him to eat, but Skipper didn’t even acknowledge his existence. Rico had started to work on a wheelchair for him in Kowalski’s lab, and Kowalski remained topside to take messages from visitors. He knew that the last thing Skipper would want is a) for people to see him in his current state, and b) sympathy.

Later on that evening, Rico and Kowalski presented Skipper with his wheelchair. Skipper sideways...
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posted by Aquade
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters from the Penguins of Madagascar atau Central Park Zoo. What I do own is this plot line, though.


"Skipper!" It was Private's turn to watch the monitors for any suspicious behavior, and the pinguin, penguin was currently staring at one of the screens. "He's done it again!"

"What is it, Private?" berkata Skipper, clearly annoyed. "We were playing a game of cards!"

The leader had some cards in his flippers. The rest of the penguins came out. Kowalski cleared his throat. "Actually, I'm kind...
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It was a normal hari at the central park zoo in the summer. The zookeepers that work at the central park zoo including Alice went on their vacation. So inside the penguin's HQ me along with Skipper and his team were relaxing Rico's brushing miss perky's hair as always, Private watching his favorit tampil on TV, Kowalski working on his invention as always, Skipper drinking his coffee, and me just relaxing. With me relaxing I thought to myself that it's a nice hari for a walk around New York.

Me: *looks at Skipper and his team* well I'm off for my walk if anda don't mind.

Skipper: sure go ahead, Kiva....
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posted by Aquade
“What is it, Kowalski?”
“According to my calculations,” berkata Kowalski, scribbling something down on his clipboard, “it is an apple.”
Skipper thought for a while. “Hah!” he laughed. “You won’t get us that easily, anda evil witch!”
“Um, Skipper?” asked Private.
Skipper looked at the youngest penguin. “What is it, Private?”
“If anda don’t mind me asking,” berkata Private. “Well I was wondering—”
“Spit it out, soldier.”
“Well, what does an evil witch have to do with the apple?”
Skipper shook his head. “Young Private, I see anda have forgotten...
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Julien had just run out if the nurses office, shaking after what he saw, he saw a dead body with its intenses all out, julien had ran out, and begun to throw up.

Julien:"gag" "gag" "cough"

Julien continued to do this until he wondered where Maurice was...why would Maurice leave him?

Julien: oh god....why was there a body in there?! Where are---

Julien then stood up and realized where he was....he remembers it all....skipper was right, they all were in here one time....

Julien: I remember everything.....I remember Maurice--

Julien then stood up and remembered what happened to Maurice....when Maurice...
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The buzzer sounded.

Penguins of many ages sprinted meneruskan, ke depan through the obstacle course. Their adrenaline coursed through their veins and they weaved around each other, most of them belly-sliding. Snow was flung into the air behind each of them as they raced to the end. Freezing cold air whipped past their faces and nipped at their cheeks. Finally, the course opened into a clearing and the penguins went into their designated sections.

Most were out of breath and their heads thumped with each pound of their heart. Subject 61 waited patiently in line for his evaluation. He'd been in this program...
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posted by BrightLight92
It's a little weird how everytime I walk past that pinguin, penguin habitat that I feel its eyes burning in the back of my head. Well, I really can't really say 'it' now can I unless I want animal pasangan to flip my car over. Its a he, alright? He's that pinguin, penguin that's afraid of needles, if I remember correctly. His name on file is Skipper.
I always catch him staring at me when I walk past. And I find it creepy. I know, I know, binatang stare at things. But not how he stares in my direction. I see something undefined in his eyes. Something I can't decipher. I had always been able to read people and I feel...
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posted by peacebaby7
"Are anda sure you're okay? anda really don't seem to be yourself." Private urged.

It didn't take long for the penguins to make it back to the zoo. They had just stopped oleh the koala habitat to drop Leonard off.

"I'm fine. Just please, leave me alone. I just want to be alone, okay?" Leonard insisted.

Private looked at him with doubt in his eyes. He could sense that something was wrong, he only wished Leonard would tell them. Rico stepped on the gas and they went on to their habitat. "I still think something is wrong with him..." Private told the others.

"Well, if it's really worth worrying about,...
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posted by peacebaby7
So, just laying in tempat tidur last night, not quite asleep, I was thinking about POM's cancellation. I say no. I cinta The Penguins of Madagascar & I don't want it to be cancelled. That got me thinking. So what if the damned production companies batal the tampil on television? We all know that POM lives on here on fanpop, other sites, but lebih importantly, in ourselves.

This thought also brought on an idea. We all know that we have some very talented authors on fanpop. They have written their own stories & many other things. How about we put our cinta for POM & our talents together & keep...
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posted by JediPenguin16
I thought I'd give it a go at a "Human" Penguins fan-fiction. This is a trial run.
Let me know what anda think.

In the jantung of Manhattan, near Central Park, is a strange apartment complex. The Apartment Menagerie is made of brick, a century old, and placed between two shiny sky-scrapers. The windows all have black bars, the twenty-three stories are all crooked, and the newest addition of a Madagascar Baobab pohon sits atop the twenty-third floor.

But it also had an indoor swimming pool in need of a lifegaurd, which was what brought Marlene DeOdder to it's arched gate-way. She walked up to the...
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Lonely While Icy moonlight..
Sprinkle In each places of New York...
The air filled with your aroma
But Again Unable to find Your Direction..
Far away The mist..
Always trance to see..
Your obscure The Appearance
but Time Has Quietly started time
Timing the last time that we have
Finally, the blood incarnadine manjusakas
In despair and tears in Bloom
For I was wandering in the edge of life and death. ,,
Quietly waiting for..
Waiting for death...
Since, I choose,,,
And anda choose the different Direction
Tear down the last Camouflage,
Back to the original most of the initial place
all see the truth clealy……
That 's all!
The end...
(sorry,Article Body
I Will be Slowly Write
Now Not Time)
added by SJF_Penguin2
My ikan Flingin' Skipper toy in action!
penguin of madagascar
ikan flingin' skipper
The rest of the bulan seemed to go oleh slowly. Kowalski guided Skipper through three twenty-minute sessions a day, and encouraged him with each bit of progress he made. Skipper finally was able to open his feet at full swivel in only three menit and seventeen seconds. With his improved diet, he started to gain back the weight he’d lost and looked much healthier oleh each day. For small missions, Kowalski allowed Rico and Private to take care of it themselves; and for the lebih serious missions, Kowalski would let Marlene continue to stay with him, and Skipper no longer objected to chess or...
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posted by Sylvia_Puffin
I still miss them. All of them. I miss how Kowalski always thought of some long, winded explanation to things, Private's giggle and girly obsessions, Rico's cinta of dynamite. I miss how close I felt to them, how sometimes I could almost read their minds. I miss joking around with them, watching film together, and Shirtless Ninjas.
Isn't it unfair how we never realize how much these things mean to us until they're gone?
I wish I had thought about it before--before what happened. I suppose now your saying: "what did happen? C'mon, Skipper, anda can trust us. Tell the story!"
I will, if anda really...
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