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posted by queenpalm
Here is the detik part to my fan fiction. Enjoy.

I easily jumped over the wall. For some reason I thought my fellow teammates would be there to greet me. I really miss them, Skipper, Kowalski, Private, and Rico. I miss Manfridi the most, after all, he's my brother.
I landed in the hippo habitat, atau what was the hippo habitat. I saw no hippos, though. As I left the habitat, I saw the plate that told what the animal was. The old hippo habitat is now the Asian berang-berang habitat. One change down, many lebih to go.
As I walked over to the pinguin, penguin habitat, I saw the lion habitat. I hopped up on the wall, looking for the lion. All I saw were some monkey-like things. As I jumped down, I caught a glimpse at the animals' plate. The wierd-looking monkey things were lemurs.
I walked closer to the pinguin, penguin habitat. I hoped for the best, but could only think of the worst. I tried to think of funny things, like how Kowalski had almost made the habitat explode, once. But all I could think about was my sister, who had once walked into a habitat full of lepord seals.
I was getting pretty scared, now. I thought of my sister again, and it sent a chill down my spine. Just to make sure, I checked the plate for the habitat. Yep, still penguin.
I felt safer, knowing for sure that I wouldn't be attacked oleh lepord seals. Still, what if there were changes of how many penguins? Out of all the penguins, I had a brother, a cousin, and three great, no wonderful friends. It would be bad if I lose any of them.
oleh this time, I had gotten to the fish-bowl entrance to the HQ. Wait, what if the entrance was somewhere else? I then started getting frustrated. It was bad enough, not being halaman awal for six years, but now I just seemed to make up excuses to not going into the HQ.
I easily pushed away the fishbowl, wich kind of scared me. I partly didn't want to come home. All my teammates thought I was dead, and if they found out I wasn't a ghost, I would be in big trouble for running off.
I slowly and quietly climbed down the entrance. There was no turning back, now.
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