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patrisha727 posted on Sep 26, 2009 at 12:33AM
Those who are new readers to this spot, I saw WELCOME, and thanks for spending your time while looking though this spot.

Ok, I have written MANY stories so far. But let's just say I get disorganized sometimes. But the order of the stories are the orders created.

The Fantasy Doesn't End, But Danger Awaits
Takes place after Breaking Dawn, there are more troubles afterwards. There can never be a perfect ending can it? COMPLETED

The Fantasy Doesn't End, But Time Is Our New Enemy
Sequel to The Fantasy Doesn't End, But Danger Awaits, something is going bad.... let's just say it starts on Bella's human 21st birthday... COMPLETED

The Fantasy Doesn't End, But it Might
Sequel to The Fantasy Doesn't End, But Time is Our New Enemy: It's Nessie's B-Day! What's going to happen? STORY CANCELED

Bella's Life
Bella uses drugs. Due to iccidents, Bella have to join a police force or she'll have to go to jail. But one mission trip to Forks makes all the difference. COMPLETED

Evening Star
The Third Book in the Twilight Saga, Eclipse in Edward's POV

Bella moves from Phoenix and head to the University of Alaska to continue her studies. One day, they meet the Cullens and slowly.. uncovers secrets, from both sides.

Bella is a student in Forks, usual student. But then the Cullens comes as new students. Then under a mystical spell, Edward and Bella switches bodies and explore the lengths of being a vampire, and a human. CURRENTLY DELAYED

What if Edward never came back in New Moon? After more than a hundred years, the Cullens are invited to the coronation of Volterra's new Queen, to only meet Isabella. What's going to happen? Will Edward be welcomed in open arms? Maybe, if Edward could pass Bella's loyal friends, or bandmates from the band Icarnate...

Post-Eclipse What if Bella was hiding a secret the WHOLE time? Seriously, think about it. What if Bella was a complete fake? A disquise? Meet Vicky Welligon, bank robber, car stealer, killer, formally know as Isabella Swan. How is the Cullens and the rest of Forks going to deal with this news?

Well, there you have it. ALL of the stories I made so far. Some are still in the process, some a canceled, and some are delayed. If you find something that was interesting, start reading!!!!

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lebih dari setahun yang lalu filmman21 said…
How do we i read these stories?
lebih dari setahun yang lalu patrisha727 said…
You would have to look through the acticle section of this spot :\