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So there are rumors going around that two major characters will be exiting pohon Hill, are they true? Well thats not what I want to know, what I want to know is will anda stay atau will anda go? Will anda abandon a tampil anda have cried with, laughed with all because one core couple is leaving? I won't and lets be honest Leyton is not my favorit couple but I do cinta the characters who make up the couple, Lucas Scott and Peyton Sawyer. This will be hard for me as well as many others, but I cinta One pohon bukit, hill for many reasons not just one couple atau one character. Now I know some of anda only stayed with the tampil for a certain couple atau character but do anda honestly think anda can leave without seeing how the tampil ends? So Peyton/Leyton/Lucas fan please keep watching, it will be different without the two blondies but it's still the tampil we all fell in cinta with; drama, love, friendship,and family will still exist in pohon Hill. We are all so lucky to have been diberikan a 7th season, lets tampil Mark we appreciate it and stay loyal, I will be with One pohon bukit, hill till the last detik and it will always be a big part of my life, how about the rest of anda do the same, please!

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This is a clip with Regan instead of Haley as Luke's Best Friend.
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Peyton Elisabeth Sawyer is a fictional character on the CW televisi series One pohon Hill, played oleh Hilarie Burton. A cheerleader, as well as a talented visual and musical artist, Peyton has a heavily guarded jantung due to the number of lost loved ones in her life. She goes through life changes throughout the series as she finds cinta from Lucas Scott, to Jake Jagielski and back to Lucas again.

“ At this moment there are 6,470,818,671 people in the world. Some are running scared. Some are coming home. Some tell lies to make it through the day. Others are just now facing the truth. Some are...
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On March 3, 2008 The CW announced that One pohon bukit, hill will be renewed for a sixth season. The new season started airing on September 1, 2008 on Mondays at 9/8c following Gossip Girl. Although season 5 is currently still airing, E4 (the UK broadcaster of One pohon Hill) has confirmed that Season 6 will be shown on their channel but not until early 2009. In the season premiere on September 1, 2008 it is revealed that Lucas called and asked Peyton to come to the airport and go to Las Vegas with him to get married. Finding the Las Vegas wedding idea to be too tacky, Lucas and Peyton leave and Peyton...
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Filming Schedule

6.01: 2008/06/18-2008/06/27 (8-day shoot)
6.02: 2008/06/30-2008/07/10 (8-day shoot)
6.03: 2008/07/11-2008/07/22 (8-day shoot)
6.04: 2008/07/23-2008/08/01 (8-day shoot)
6.05: 2008/08/04-2008/08/13 (8-day shoot)
6.06: 2008/08/14-2008/08/25 (8-day shoot)
6.07: 2008/08/26-2008/09/08 (8-day shoot)
6.08: 2008/09/09-2008/09/18 (8-day shoot)
6.09: 2008/09/19-2008/09/30 (8-day shoot)
6.10: 2008/10/01-2008/10/10 (8-day shoot)
6.11: 2008/10/13-2008/10/22 (8-day shoot)
6.12: 2008/10/23-2008/11/03 (8-day shoot)
6.13: 2008/11/04-2008/11/13 (8-day shoot)
6.14: 2008/11/14-2008/12/02 (8-day shoot)
6.15: 2008/12/03-2008/12/12...
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Something I Can Never Have (#2.17)
Keith Scott: How could anda do this to me?
Dan Scott: Everytime I thought about anda screwing my wife and the jantung attack anda gave me it got easier.
Keith Scott: I can't believe you.
Dan Scott: Well maybe anda could find out in the phone book. Look under 'w' for whore. But wait she's not that smart so look under 'h'.

With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds, Tired Souls, We Slept (#3.16)
Keith Scott: I'm not gonna leave anda here son. I'm not gonna do that and i'll tell anda why. Cause I've been there. I've bought the gun, and i planned on using it ok. I've been there. And...
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