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This countdown was based on first impression things only like looks, mannerisms, voice. Any difference in their personality and story were not considered. Of course OUAT is its own tampil and there are a lot of differences so much that some had a hard time seeing any resemblances:

I think non of these aktris resembless to disney princesses. The only thing that resembless to Disney, it's their costumes and dresses. ~ magichand

others had no problem seeing it:

You know, disney owns parts of ABC...so...yeah... ~ TheFan2000


Which OUAT Princess most resembles her disney Princess counterpart?...
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This artikel is oleh Amy Scales on "Entertainment Outlook."
I'm posting it because I like what it says! ;)

Once Upon a Time seems to get a lot of criticism from some fan when it comes to the family dynamics that exist between Emma/Henry/Regina and who his mother is. The tampil does a great job at tampilkan that Henry doesn’t cinta one mother over the other and yes Henry did go cari of his birth mother which surely is something that hurt Regina and made her feel like she ‘wasn’t enough’ but those weren’t Henry’s motivations for seeking out his birth mother.

One of Henry’s primary goals...
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I decided to start a new series of artikel where I analyze characters for what I like and don't like. For each article, I will do 8-10 aspects of a character that I like and 8-10 aspects that I don't like. I will do characters who I like and ones who I don't like. I will try to maintain balanced in my viewpoint. I'll start off with the main Once Upon a Time characters and later the main Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.

First, let's start with Emma Swan. She's our heroine. She's the savior. She's the product of true love. Seriously, this woman is awesome. But she isn't perfect. So let's start...
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