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Lately on the internet I seen a lot of Milah hate and I feel compelled to write another meta about her.

When Belle expresses a desire to leave her small town and go on adventures to see the world she's called a strong, independent, female character who is not afraid to go after what she wants. She's referred to as a girl that little girls watching should aspire to be.

When Ariel sings about wanting lebih from her life we sing along with her and empathise with her. She's a teenage girl who knows that what she has is not what she wants and again goes after it. She is many people's favourite...
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I know this topic is really old lol but I've been meaning to type this artikel for a long time, I've just been to lazy to do so. As of late I haven't seen many people on fanpop who still insist that Regina doesn't cinta Henry, but trust me on tumblr there are still a good number of them--especially on this blog called 'anti-ReginaMills'. So I decided to type this up.

For starts all Regina really did was fight to keep Henry. In the first season she was trying to get Emma out of Storybrooke mainly to keep her from getting Henry. The main reason she hated Emma was because she felt that Emma was...
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 The Best Character on the tampil
The Best Character on the Show
Well... Probably all anda Tamara pasangan will hate me and this article. I don't know if some people are gonna get crazy, but here it is. (Once again, keep in mind that this is only my opinion)

1. I'll start off with the obvious one: She's a hypocrite. It’s ridiculous that Tamara used a magic kacang to escape when all she’s been talking about is “magic is evil”. She hates magic, yet throughout the entire tampil she's been using magic.

2. Not only is she constantly complaining about Emma, but she's in this relationship just for her interest and she's cheating on that poor Neal! Bitch, if you...
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❤.•*¨`*•..¸Rumpelstiltskin was voted as the favorit OUAT character!.•*¨`*•.❤
King George lands on the last place as the least favorite

I. ♔Rumpelstiltskin♔
II. Graham
III. Snow White

4. Emma
5. Henry
6. Belle & Red
7. Charming & Jefferson
8. August
9. Grumpy
10. Jiminy
11. Granny
12. Abigail
13. Nova
14. Thomas
15. cinderella & Regina
16. Glass
17. Dr. Whale
18. George

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Small Screen
once upon a time
season 7
This is another artikel inspired oleh a komentar in the polls. I'm gonna start off with a little disclaimer; this artikel obviously isn't going to be CS friendly. If anda know that anda won't like what you're going to read please don't do that to yourself. However, in menulis it I am to be as tactful and respectful as possible because I do want CSers to be able to read this. If anda ship CS feel free to read and post your own counter arguments. I am open to a respectful debate.

My biggest bone to pick with CS is that I do very much believe that it ruined atau at least damaged both Hook and Emma as...
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