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Neil Diamond Pertanyaan

Anyone know if/how I can get a personalised message/card for my Mum?

My Mum is a big Neil Diamond fan. She has bought multiple copies of every album and attended every konser she has been able to get to.

Mr Diamond's musik means so much to her. Throughout her divorce, her surgeries to remove cancerous growths in her cervix and the resulting depression it was Mr Diamond's musik that she drew inspiration from to keep going.

My Mum means so much to me. She is always helping others... she is a school teacher who never gives up on a child. She has helped me get out of an abusive relationship at great cost to her own personal wellbeing. She has also supported me through cancer surgeries.

Her 60th birthday is coming up and she will be going to Mr Diamond's konser in Perth on her birthday (16/11). It would just be so great if she could have a memento to make her jantung sore.

I know this pertanyaan is probably asked a lot and it probably won't go anywhere but I cinta my Mum very much so I wanted to at least give it a try.

Thank anda for your patience and a big thank anda to Mr Diamond for unknowingly always being their for my Mum.
 bekcasey posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
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