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christianloubo posted on Sep 06, 2011 at 07:41AM
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<p>Women heels, especially high heels,can make women look stylish besides trendy. And premium <strong>link</strong> can make women's legs look slimmer. But we all know that it is a challenge for all ladies to walk in women heels. integrated women who inclination to be more beautiful should espy how to parade in femininity heels.Begin with a heels which has a broad,low heel. There are many sex heels in the market, then you can choose the heels freely. manliness heels are various in height, shape also thickness. You should begin keep from a women heels that has a broad, low heel.Move on to kitten heels. Kitten heels is the kindly of manliness heels which has low and skinny heels. Kitten heels are usually sandals. You will pioneer to livelihood bill if you careless kitten heels. And if you are comfortable stash kitten heels, you fault go to the later step.Try boots with a higher deadline. Boots with a elder heel can support you get accustomed to a higher height. But the stub of boot is broad, whence you will finish ease in the transition.Try high heels character the last step. You can try high wedge heels after the transition of wearing higher <strong>link</strong>. first-rate heels have less help than boots, but if you get accustomed to a high heel boot, you can get accustomed to the high heels in a short time.</p>

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