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For whoever who doesn't know this, NaLu (NatsuxLucy) has been pretty much confirmed oleh Hiro Mashima (creator of Fairy Tail) a while back saying: "Lucy and Natsu's union will give birth to a child named Nashi". Hiro is saying that Natsu and Lucy will have a child named Nashi.
Why NaLu will happen:
Natsu & Lucy represent Haru and Elie who are a couple from Hiro Mashima's sebelumnya manga, Rave. With that diberikan and the OVA when Elie berkata to Lucy that Haru & Natsu are their hero's then that is Hiro saying that it will happen.
Another reason is that if anda check Hiro's pics on twitter, anda can see Natsu & Lucy coming up a couple of times.
The last reason is that on a Fairy Tail side story (only manga) there was a time when Juvia is hallucinating and sees Natsu & Lucy doing romantic stuff.
I will exclude moments that can be seen as only friendship moments, no romance intonations at all.

1.) When he dragged her along in Hargeon and told her to gabung Fairy Tail
2.) When she held him back during the Lullaby arc
3.) In Galuna Island when he saved her from the poison
4.) When he went for her rescue in Phantom Lord arc
5.) When he caught her when she was falling out of the tower and she yelled out his name, being sure that he would be there to catch her.

1.) Happy in Boots: She's a princess and she falls in cinta with him without even knowing him, but he has become barbaric...
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Lucy was depressed.

Lisanna had come back and now she and Natsu were together.

And she is all alone, her secret feelings locked up deep inside her.

Of course, everyone was overjoyed to see that Lisanna was back. Happy had his "mother" back. Mirajane and Elfman had their sister back. Natsu had his childhood friend back.

And that "mother", sister, and childhood friend took Natsu away.

She sighed. Natsu and Lisanna were currently sitting together, talking and laughing while Natsu wrapped his arm around Lisanna's shoulders until a naked Gray challenged the hot- headed api mage into a fight and the...
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He hadn't slept the entire time he held onto Lucy. His beast was restless, he couldn't make the damn thing understand that Lucy was finally theirs. Natsu kept looking at her, he just couldn't stop. Neither could he stop inhaling the surrounding air, which held the scent of their mating. He could still hear the mating calls of other predators in the distance which had answered to theirs. He nuzzled Lucy's breast while she sighed in pleasure. He smelled her again but this time, her scent was different. It was a combination of both his and Lucy's scent.

He couldn't help the primal satisfaction...
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Lucy sat on the chair in front of a api place. She had a thick blanket wrapped around her, her hair down and her nose red. She sneezed, the hot cokelat in her mug swooshing around.

She sniffed in annoyance. “Damn cold" she murmured, one hand on Plue’s head. She took a sip of her hot chocolate, the warm liquid running down her throat.

She watched the api flicker around, her eyes softening. “Fire…" she murmured. She let out a small sigh. “Where is Natsu?" she asked herself. Usually he would be here. In her house.

But right now he wasn’t in it, atau even near it for that...
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