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A/N: This story was highly inspired oleh The cinta in the Night oleh Riter on My version is slightly different, replacing the characters with Twilight Sparkle and Flash Sentry. Oh, yes, anda heard me. I’m ready for all the hate. So if anda don’t like it, don’t read it. Oh, and ignore the errors here and there. Putting all that aside, thank anda for membaca and enjoy!

* * *

Princess Mi Amore Cadenza slowly trotted through the regal hallways of her kastil, castle in the great Crystal Empire. The princess of cinta craned her neck, narrowing her eyes at the rays of light that pierced through...
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So yeah, no new episode for 3 weeks


The selanjutnya episode will be episode 100

100 - the first episode number that will have 3 digits


Now I don't plan on seeing any spoilers for the 100th episode but I can assume there's a 3 in there somewhere that I'll find later, so call that 3 an IOU

Wait. I O U

3 letters


3 sets of 3


the number of 3s found before "I O U" in this artikel is 6

6 3s

switch that statement around and anda get "3 6s"




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