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Well, this is something i've been thinking of doing for a little bit now. With it being a tahun since FiM ended - and now that we're being forced to suffer through pony Life 'til the selanjutnya pony movie hits theaters - i think it's about time for me to rank all the seasons of Friendship is Magic, from my favorit to my least favorite. So, here it is:

1) Season 4 (BEST)
2) Season 2
3) Season 5
4) Season 7
5) Season 1
6) Season 9
7) Season 6
8) Season 8
9) Season 3 (WORST)

And keep in mind, this is just my opinion. Obviously, not everybody's gonna agree with me on this, but hey, that's totally fine. We all have our own opinions here, and as long as we respect each other and have a good time, that's all that matters.
So now, i wanna know: how would anda guys rank all the seasons from FiM, from best to worst? whatever your rank is, let me know in the komentar down below! :)
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I honestly do not think that Twilight is overrated atau she is getting all of the attention. To prove this I will be going over each episode of season 4 individually and briefly going over seasons one to three. *I realize this is a bit of a touchy subject so while I don't mind komentar I expect that those who komentar will do so respectfully.*

Princess Twilight Sparkle (Part 1 and 2) - In this episode, Twilight does play a major part, but so does the rest of the mane six and Spike and Discord. So while the judul may have her name it is not solely about her. Also, it can be inferred from this episode...
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Pinkie Pie was busy making some. cake dough for an order while humming her favorit tune (My Little pony theme). "Pinkie Pie, I'm going to take the foals for a walk in the park! Take care of the toko while I'm gone!" A blue mare with a stroberi colored mane, called out. "Oh, alright!" The berwarna merah muda, merah muda mare replied. Mrs. Cake started trotting out the door. Her hoofsteps were getting quieter and quieter as she headed out. Pinkie Pie slided her hoof across her face to wipe off some sweat, while putting the cake she just finished baking. "Phew, I'm exhausted...maybe I'll take a nice nap..". Pinkie Pie...
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