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This my little pony friendship is magic fan art might contain anime, komik, manga, and kartun.

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I took cover as an artillery shell passed over me, "GET DOWN!" some pony yelled. That voice i heard was familiar to me. ,"Rainbow Dash?" I asked openly, Then my cyan Pegasus sister flew to me and hugged me for a few detik then she smiled ,"I missed anda Scoots" I told her ,"I missed anda too" after that a bullet hit closely where we were. Dash pulled out her 1911 pistol and aimed it at a changeling rushing our position, When RD pulled the trigger the changeling dropped to the ground. I had my mouth open in surprised at how fast my sister fired the gun. ,"Wow pelangi Dash, that was..." she finished...
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The whole scene around Ponyville was pretty somber, hell even the weather was around to match the emotions of everyone who was around at the funeral right now. The sky was a very foggy grey blue, no birds seemed to be out at this time, and the wind, although soft, gave off a violent chill to everyone.

At the funeral, everyone was gathered around the tombstone of Sweetie Belle, a picture of a musik note with malaikat wings on both sides of it was etched onto the stone slab. Right now everyone stared down at it setting mawar and their own teardrops onto it. Scootaloo and apel, apple Bloom, with stitches...
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Third hari of the war it seems the Government of Ponyville gave our Military what they call /standard issued/ helicopters. Well i knew of them in magazines and newspapers but didn't know the Government would now supply so many to the Ponyville Military. once these hovering machines fell in the hooves of my best friend and commander she saw it as an advantage for earth ponies to use so they too could go from one battle front to another. Fourth hari we shipped out and since i couldn't fly yet i too was out on a helicopter. But since i was lieutenant it was the one in front of all the rest, And...
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 "Chrysalis is leader of the best army around"
"Chrysalis is leader of the best army around"
I remember when i first enlisted in the military. Everything was delightful but I knew there were other ponies that wanted to take our joy away. My name is Scootaloo oleh the way, And my best friend better known as Chrysalis is leader of the best army around...the changelings. She became such a good leader that she directly became in charge of the Ponyville Military. I became known as her lieutenant, Just a few days later Buffalo decided to strike our town hall. Well that started the first ever equestrian-Ponyville War, And as this happened the hari before the war started everything seemed calm and happy. once we were in our detik hari into the war i went up to General Chrysalis and berkata ,"I think we need to rethink our strategy". Though Chrysalis was my best friend even before the war she tried to tell me that i had no reason to make that statement when we were only into the detik hari of the war. She then told me ,"patience Lieutenant patience". So I waited......
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 the window
the window
I stood near my sister while her wings hugged me close. ,"Rainbow Dash...i'm scared". I told her with a look of sadness and loss of hope. ,"Its ok Scoots" she told me. At that moment the pony opened the door and berkata with that creepy voice ,"come here". My sister and i both ran upstairs to her bedroom and locked the door, I sat on the tempat tidur with shock and fear in my mind. ,"How did that get in our house?!" my sister asked me but i was too scared to tell her the truth. At this moment the pony was already at the bedroom door and was yelling ,"LET ME IN NOW!".

Dash escaped through the window carrying...
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The King's plan was to make the taxes higher. If anypony couldn't pay them, they went to jail. Nearly everypony went there, even Lindsay, and Clint.

Everyone, have their ups, and downs.
Sometimes ups, outnumber the downs.
But not in Trottingham.

At the church

Tuck: It's about to rain, and we have holes in the ceiling.
Reverend: We gotta do what we can to pay the taxes.
Tuck: We do, but how? We barely have any money
Sheriff: *walks in* Are anda sure?
Tuck: Ahh! Sheriff! Uhh, if we don't pay the taxes, and anda don't send us to jail we'll pay King John back another way!
Sheriff: Yeah, that's what everypony...
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Let's all congratulate shadirby on her win!

Congratulations on winning, shadirby! How did anda feel when anda found out anda won?
Oh my gosh, I was overjoyed that anda guys liked what I do on here. Thank you, so much!

Who is best pony?
Octavia, of course.

Who is best pony out of the Mane Six?

Who is best pony out of minor/background ponies?

Who is your favorit Cutie Mark Crusader? Sweetie Belle

Princess Celestia, Luna atau Cadance?
Luna, for sure.

Do anda sound like any pony?
I can do pelangi Dash pretty well...

Doctor Whooves atau Derpy Hooves?
I'd have to say Doctor Whooves.

What is your...
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pinkie pie
lion king song
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I know.. Liam is a cliche, he's tired of it.
He's always saving people in a very similar formula.
But.. He's still LIAM NEESON.
This guy can read a book too children, and it would be the coolest sight ever..

The Happening.. Oh the Happening.. anda really must of been fucking AWFUL if your able too get a bad performance out of Marky-Mark Wahlberg..
I actually like him lebih in film like TED.. Mark has a certain charm that he brings into the performance..
But hey, watch SHOOTER and LONG SURVIVER to see him kicking ass*. He doesn't really have any real TypeCast.....
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