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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Half an jam later, Harry went to grab some lunch. There was place he always enjoyed going to called Dou Chebag's.

Harry: *enters restaurant*
Dou: Harry, how's it going?
Harry: Hello Mr. Chebag, how are you?
Dou: Wonderful. Would anda like your usual?
Harry: I think I'll surprise anda this time. Only chili today.
Dou: anda got it. *looks out window* A lot of polution out there, it's not good.
Harry: No it isn't. Why can't we have clean streets for once?
Dou: We live in a town of crime.
Harry: Yeah *sees bank* I need anda to make a call.
Dou: What for?
Harry: Tell the police that there's a bank robbery...
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Just after Pipsqueak arrived at the courtyard of Canterlot kastil, castle after escaping the oxen group he was cooped up in, he started to get angry and pertanyaan why all this bad luck had come his way. "Why can't I just help her without all this bad stuff coming my way?" he would usually say in anger. That was the most of his problems because Steve, the little Cerberus Mongrel, still had his sights set on the little colt. Hoping not to get caught, he hid in the bushes until the right time.

Pipsqueak was still angered over why he's unable to help Luna. "I wish I was big already!" he cried out in a very...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Mirage stopped his car, and tip toed toward the corner of the dinding of rocks to see if the others stopped.

Mirage: It's all clea- AGH!
Sean: What happened? Engine trouble?
Fluttershy: Did anda run out of gas?
Mirage: No, it's one of my tires.
Pinkie Pie: Was it?
Mirage: Ok fine! I tried to trick anda all.
Spike: We're not getting anywhere doing this.
Sean: Yeah, why don't we all get in our cars, and discuss this where no one will see us?
Spike: I'm with him.

At a police station far away

police ponies: Where's captain Culpepper?
secretary: He's in his office.
Culpepper: *walks out of office* Alright,...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
After the horrible events of Nightmare Moon arriving, Con made his way to Canterlot.

S: Con, come in!
Con: I'm here S. What is it?
S: I was testing something out, and P wants to tell anda something.
P: *pushes S* Hallo?
Con: P, how are you?
P: Very scared! Nightmare Moon is joined forces with an evil pony in Russia. They plan to leave our planet, and destroy it. Your mission is to stop them from destroying the world.
Con: Who is Nightmare Moon working with?
P: itik jantan, drake Hugo, a german scientist that is also an expert with spaceships.
Con: And he's in russia?
P: In stalliongrad to be exact.
Con: Alright....
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So this is my first pony fic! Tell me what anda think please?
“Where are we going, Twilight?” applejack asked. Twilight Sparkle ignored her friend, and plodded onward through the Evergreen Forest, oblivious to the fear emanating from her companions.

“Wh-why are we in here?” Fluttershy stammered nervously, almost forgetting to flap her wings as she hovered above the other ponies. Twilight turned to her, the exasperation clear on her face.
“I told you, I need a special root for my spells, and it only grows in the Evergreen Forest!”
Fluttershy nodded and muttered a quick “yes”, trembling....
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Okay, I know the judul sounds cheesy, but I'm about to get real serious in a second, so... Yeah.
Anyways, I'm about to say something I've never told anyone before. I hate my life. I'm depressed most of the time and have thoughts of suicide frequently. No joke. Today was one of the worse days. Let me just say I almost got expelled from school, and then after I found out I'm not expelled, about 15 menit later, I find out that I may atau may not have Aspergers Syndrome (Long story). So yeah, I've been pretty depressed. I was seriouslly considering suicide. AGAIN. Only this time, I couldn't think...
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Its been a while since I made one of these, but now I'm back. Now, before we start, I have to say, I HATE DOUBLE RAINBOOM!!! Is stupid, its dumb, and it has nothing to do with the show. Why do I hate it so much?

1. The Goddamn References- Why? What were the creators thinking with this. Why did they have Troll face, Domo, and other crap that doesn't belong. MLP already has one meme (Derpy) Ad she was awesome. But Troll Face and Domo... What the hell. And thats not all. Why did they have to add the Powerpuff Girls in this. Oh yeah, speaking of PPG

2. Powerpuff Girls are the selanjutnya Sadam- They didn't...
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Merry Christmas, atau should I say Happy Hearts Warming everypony! If anda are membaca this anda are either one of the contestants of the contest atau just curious to see who won! The choices were hard, but my friend Nalenthi and I have finally come to a decision.

Drum roll please!





In first place, with 15 props, one fully colored artwork from me, one lineart from me, and a request/videogame/that type of stuff livestream iiiiiiiis

NocturnalMirage! Congratulations!

In 2nd Place, with 10 props, one fully colored artwork from me and one lineart from me iiiiiis

karinabrony! Congratulations!

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(Not much, but just a small something to keep anda guys knowing I haven't forgotten the story)

Saten returned into the barn.

Rarity was still inside as well.

"Well.. Were anda successful? Is he gonna stop flirting with AppleJack" Rarity asked anxiously.

"Not yet.. But don't worry, I'm ending this wait here and now" Saten berkata from off view.

"Oh. That's good to hear- wait, IS THAT A CROSSBOW!?" Rarity cried, her beautiful eyes widening in shock.

Sure enough, Saten was holding a sport crossbow, and tunggu it with a real panah and berkata "Yep.. Ending it here and now" Saten berkata and pointed the crossbow...
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posted by windwakerguy430
Pony: Um, are anda sure this is a good idea
Satan Twist: Trust us, if anda were lebih smart, then we wouldn't have to do this. anda don't know how gravity works, so we are going to teach you. Master Sword is waiting with a bag of chips. If anda want them, anda got to jump off. And don't worry it's just a six foot drop. and there are pillows at the bottom
Pony: I don't know
Master SworD: (At the bottom) We could just lock anda in a cage and wait for Charles Darwins rules to take place
Pony: Okay, here I go (Jumps off small cliff and lands on ground) (Stops moving)
Master Sword: Um.... Hello
Satan Twist: Is he dead( Jumps down and looks at pony)
Master Sword: (Feels ponies pulse) Oh crap..... he's dead. I can't believe it
Satan Twist: Shit.... (Takes bag of chips) At least we get the bag of chips
Somewhere beyond the bloody murders and misery, there is a calm and tranquil desert. Near Appleloosa, there is a group of photographers, taking professional pictures of nature for an article. And among them, there is a kuda jantan muda, colt named Featherweight. He is intrigued and oblivious to his surroundings, he is only focused on what he can see through his camera lens. How unfortunate that he could not see the oncoming guards.

They were wielding a loaded magnum and shotgun. He shouted at the puncak, atas of his lungs; "WHO ARE anda INTERLOPERS?!" the group surrendered and assured him they were just photographers....
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posted by OnlyAFangirl
this is a flutterdash fanfic, if u dont like this ship, atau something like that, go ahead & leave this. in other words, #EYEUP! XD

pelangi Dash's POV:

It's almost Valentine's day, like 2 lebih weeks. Bleh! I don't like that holiday.The only thing I like to do is help Fluttershy give her binatang a card & a special treat from her. Kinda like my highlight of Valentine's day. I can't go up to clear the clouds, because everybody's hugging, & kissing.:P.NO, I DO NOT LIKE FLUTTERSHY!Ew!

Fluttershy's POV:

I need to give all of the binatang a valentine's hari card. So I'm making some right...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Gordon got the train started out of the yard. His train only had a few freight cars, but he picked up lebih along the way.

Meanwhile, Pete was calling Michael, the owner of the Southern Pacific.

Pete: Mike, I need your help with something.
Michael: What is it?
Pete: I was hoping anda would let me have Red Rose back on my railroad.
Michael: I'll talk to her, and see if she wants to come back.
Pete: Alright.
Michael: Is there anything else anda want to talk to me about? I want to catch the newest episode of Gilligan's Island.
Pete: No, that's all Michael. Thank anda for your cooperation.
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Theme song >>>> link

Seanthehedgehog presents

The Season 3 Premiere of

Ponies On The Rails


Peirce Hawkins "Hawkeye" From Seanthehedgehog

Red Rose From Chibiemmy

Coffee Creme From KarinaBrony

Snowflake & Orion From Alinah09

Metal Gloss From DragonAura15

Stylo From Jimmythedragon

Gordon, Percy, Jeff, Bartholomew, and Pete from Seanthehedgehog

Episode 21

The Return Of Red Rose

April 30, 1953

It was a nice hari in Cheyenne, but just when everypony was about to get their work assignments, Gordon arrived.

Gordon: Heil hitler!
Hawkeye: Oh great, world war 2 is still going on after...
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Location: The pony world: San Franciscolt, Alicornia
Date: September 6, 1958
Time: 5:41 PM

Pete, and Metal Gloss finally returned to the hotel with the mirror.

Metal Gloss: *Puts mirror selanjutnya to televisi set*
Pete: Finally. I never thought we'd get it up here.
Metal Gloss: I never thought we'd get it at all.
Pete: Okay. Let's see if this works. Wait here, I'll be back. *Goes into the mirror*

Inside the human world, Pete found out that the mirror took him to a clothing store. Several humans were staring at him.

Pete: awkward. *Goes back to the pony world*
Metal Gloss: What did anda see?
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Previously, when pelangi Dash, and her friends found the treasure, they also noticed their ship was missing. When the diamond anjing arrived, they mencuri the ship.

Rainbow Dash: *Runs onto the pantai with her friends*
Leaf Pile: This is not good.
Erik: What are we going to do?
Rainbow Dash: I think I know what we can do. Me, and Leaf Pile will fly onto the ship, and anda unicorns can teleport yourselves, as well as our earth ponies, and we fight whoever mencuri our ship.
Applejack: If only I wasn't an earth pony.
Max: Be careful what anda wish for.
Erik: Hey, I don't mind not having wings, atau a horn....
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
pelangi Dash, Rarity, and applejack got to the island with the five ponies on the pirate ship. They walked off the ship after putting down the anchor, and were on the island.

Leaf Pile: We're here. Now let's get that pirate map, and look for the treasure.
Rarity: *Realizes something* Oh, about the treasure map.
Leaf Pile: Yes Rarity?
Rarity: Remember when we were dumping Hungry's body over the edge, and into the ocean?
Erik: anda didn't leave the map with her.
Larry: Did you?
Rarity: Well, anda see... Yes.
Donut: Darn it!
Leaf Pile: Now how are we supposed to find the treasure?!
Rainbow Dash: Stay...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Water was leaking into the diamond dog's ship, and they had to fix it.

Spot: Where is that hole? Where is it?! Where? Where?! WHERE?!!?
Rover: Uh... It's right here.
Spot: *Sees the hole* oh.
Indiana Bones: How are we going to fix this?
Rover: Get some hammers, and nails, and some pieces of wood. We'll fix it.
Indiana Bones: Well make it quick!

As for the ponies.

Larry: With Hungry dead, we must vote on who will be the new leader.
Rainbow Dash: anda vote on these things?
Erik: Yeah. What do anda suggest we do? Forget about the entire thing?
Rarity: I already forgot what we were talking about, so...
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Location: The pony world: San Franciscolt, Alicornia
Date: September 6, 1958
Time: 12:39 PM
Railroad: N/A

Metal Gloss was waiting for Pete at the airport.

Pilot: *Lands airplane*
Ponies: *Getting out of airplane*
Pete: *Walks out of airplane*

Inside the airport, Metal Gloss was waiting for him.

Pete: *Gets to Metal Gloss* How are you?
Metal Gloss: Sad, but I'm feeling a little better now that you're here.
Pete: I appreciate that. Now let's go find that mirror.

Meanwhile in the human world, Hawkeye was still driving his train to Pocatello. He finally decided to talk about the mirror to Metal Gloss...
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Location: Cheyenne Wyoming, the train yard
Date: September 6, 1958
Time: 11:15 AM
Railroad: Union Pacific

While Hawkeye was walking to the train yard, he saw a man with blue hair, wearing a white gown.

Hawkeye: Orion Stardust.
Orion: *Walks over to Hawkeye* Hey, are anda a new worker?
Hawkeye: anda might say that.
Orion: Well, what do anda think about this dress?
Hawkeye: Would anda mind a little bit of constructive criticism?
Orion: Not at all.
Hawkeye: First of all, I think it looks great. It's quite "amazing" to see anda wear one of those, but one thing, anda must wear a slip.
Orion: A what?
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