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posted by SomeoneButNoone
"Letter to EPM
RMP moved faster then we thought originally. The last prep work has ended and talks with KGB are ended. They will take over operation Shadow Raid and we will call government take over aswell.
Cheif Juistice Dan von Shadowknight"

Dan - Everyone! We have prepared count-reformation aginst RMP movemen, we officially control Canterlot so we are in upper hand. VSS will be supported oleh EMP and KGB. Our enemy is RMP and GSF. We will crush our enemies! We will eliminate the evildoers! We will protect Equestria in its full image! Take back Ponyville and make peace! Innocent kids and grow ups will be mixed. They still don't know. But remember our priority - to regain peace in Equestria. Shall the Civil War start!


V-1-1 - This is V-1 Squadron we see tangos coming up to Canterlot.
HQ - Roger that.
V-4-2 - This is hell.
Sunshine - We are shooting to our Ponies.
Snowflake - Where is Darkness?
Void - He have special EPM mission.
Sunshine - I knew he is EPM spy.
Void - And you're RMP spy..
Sunshine - How did you-
Void - It's easy to guess. We are aiming on anda all the time. Don't try to trick us.
Sunshine - ...
gagak - Tch.
Darkness - This is Special Unit 1 commanding out.

-Jets fly over the Valkyries-

-some house-

kuda jantan muda, colt - Mommy look planes!
Mare - Planes... Oh my.
Stalion - So there really will be a civil war... Hurry up to the basement!

Void - Ponies are spending natal now...

-Canterlot Palace-

Darkness - It had to be like that *aims at Twilight*
Twilight - *almost cries* why...
Dan - It's your sloppy leading that started it. anda gave them too much power.
Darkness - Officially EPM and VSS are taking over the government work.
Twilight - Just kill me...
Dan - We won't do it. We are not RMP.

-Battlefield 0 - Center of Canterlot-

HQ - KGB units ready to defend.
V-1-2 - Here they come!
Void - For glorious Equestria! V-2 Deploy! *rushes*
Sunshine - *shoots at enemies*
Enemy - *fell on building*
kuda jantan muda, colt - *cries*
Sunshine - Oh.. N-
Void - Focus on the battle!
gagak - *slashes the enemy*
Darkness - Void... Do it.
Void - *turns around and shoots Crow*
Sunshine - What was-
Snowflake - *slashes Sunshine's Valkyrie*
gagak - *tries to run away on hoofs but gets shot in the head*
Sunshine - Crow!!!
Darkness - Halt! anda are under arrest for treason of government!
Sunshine - No... No! *tries to run*
Void - *shoot explosive at her*
Darkness - He feel to normal killing his comrades...
Void - why anda guys... I can't... *almost cry*
Darkness - Focus on Battle Captain! Operation Capture ended. Keep going ay...e... Watch out Blaze is coming.
Void - I'll take her! *rushes*
Blaze - We meet again Commander!
Void - This time I'm ready!
Blaze - Lock-off! *rushes*
Void - *avoids and tries to hit her*
Blaze - *blocks and pushes him away*
Void - *shoots missiles at her*
Blaze - *flies up*
Void - *shoots at her with AA bullets*
Blaze - *avoids* Woa! anda improved!
Void - Ghaaa! *slashes her*
Blaze - Weak! *shoots missiles at him*
Void - *slashes them* It's not over yet!
Blaze - Hahahaha! *rushes at him as alarm tripped inside her Valkyrie*
Nyx - Don't fall back. Die for me.
Blaze - Yes my love! *attacks Void*
Void - Enough! Surrender! *shoots middle and hits*
Blaze - Never! *attack him*
Void - *avoids and sees she is less powerful* This is end?
Blaze - *falls on ground*
Void - *flies down to her and opens Pilot chamber*
Blaze - *vomits with blood*
Void - *opens his chamber* anda overused the lock.
Blaze - I already died in the field.
Void - *takes gun out* I will end your pain.
Blaze - Please do....
Void - *shoots her in head* This is V-2-1. I've completed objective X-1.
HQ - Good Job. Retreat and leave KGB Canterlot Defence. Prepare for Ponyville Offensive Commanders.
V-1-1 - Rodger!
Void - Rodger!
V-3-1 - Rodger!
V-4-1 - Rodger!
Darkness - Yea yea.

The start of the end is near.

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posted by Seanthehedgehog
After getting the Cello, dexter gave Octavia some time to play it.

Octavia: *playing Octavia's Overture*
Dexter: *sits oleh Octavia* Have anda played before?
Octavia: Yes, but not in a long time.
Dexter: anda sound wonderful.
Octavia: Thank you.
Dexter: Please, continue playing.

While Octavia was playing her music, a group of ponies in the KKK were making a plan to attack. They were riding humans, and were all armed with guns.

KKK leader: Alright, see that house?
KKK ponies: Yeah.
KKK Leader: That's where Octavia Melody is. We need to get in there, and kill her! Now, put your masks on, and let's...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
On the way to the bank

Dexter: *Driving car*
Octavia: *Sees musik store*
Dexter: What are anda looking at?
Octavia: I saw this new cello.
Dexter: If anda want, we can get it after our trip to the bank.
Octavia: That would be nice.
Dexter: *Continues driving*

At the bank

Dexter: Wait here while I get the money. *goes out of car*
Octavia: *Waiting*
Police Officer: *pulls up selanjutnya to Octavia*
Octavia: *does not notice*
Police Officer: *walks up to Dexter's car* Ma'am? Step out of the car.
Octavia: *Steps out of car*
Police Officer: Is this your car?
Octavia: No, my friend told me to wait here while he...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
While Major Von Hapen went to negotiate with the griffons, the defense in Sweet apel, apple Acres was all set.

Applejack: We need eight pegasi to go out there, and shoot any soldiers.
Big Mac: Eeyup.
Rainbow Dash: I'll volunteer as one.
Shredder: Me too.
Applejack: Now we only need six.
Sean: Fluttershy?
Rainbow Dash: She wouldn't want to go out there.
Fluttershy: She's right *hides*
Applejack: But anda gotta go out there.
Fluttershy: *sighs* Fine, I'll do it.
Sean: Now to get the wonderbolts.

But as we were getting the pegasi set up, three Nazi planes were heading toward us.

Nazi pilots: They're all...
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posted by FlameMusical123
Hi! I'm new here. Call me Flame. My first post was a picture called 'Meet Flame Air'. This is to introduce her properly.

Name: Flame Air
Coat color: Sunshine yellow
Eye Colors: Blood red(left), sky blue(right)
Hair Colors: Tangerine orange, ruby red
Cutie Mark: 2 musical notes (forgot their names)
Flame's hairstyle has a rig-shaw like design. Sort of like Mordecai from Regular Show.
Flame used to live in Manhattan, till her family got fed up with the insults thrown...
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posted by applejackrocks1
Twilight: Applejack, untie pelangi Dash.
AJ: Fine. *unties RD*
RD: *stretches* FINALLLY!
Rarity: Darlin, as I was saying, It's fake. Zecora might have gotten confused, and gave anda a little fillies book.
Twilight: I doubt it. I believe, this book and what she berkata is true.
Pinkie: How about we test it?
Twilight: NO! What happens if it's true?!
RD: What happens if it's not true?
Twilight: *rolls eyes* It is!
Twilight: IT IS!
AJ: GIRLS! Fighting won't fix anything!
Twilight: Your right Applejack.
RD: *rolls eyes* I guess your right.
Twilight: Now, if anda all excuse me, I need to talk to Princess...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Once Con entered Hong Kong, he went to the first gun toko he could find.

gun dealer: Hello, what can I do for you?
Con: My name is Mane, Con Mane. I need some info about what kind of guns, atau ammo anda sell to someone known as Hattan Scaramanga.
gun dealer: Let me check. *finds ammo* These are the bullets Ms. Scaramanga uses.
Con: Interesting. What gun does she use?
gun dealer: She made it herself.
Con: No wonder. Thank you.
gun dealer: Might I ask why anda need this info?
Con: I work for the C.I.E.
gun dealer: Oh.
Con: Don't tell anypony else.
gun dealer: I won't. But if anda wanna find her, go to...
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posted by SomeoneButNoone
Pilot 1 - GasMask On
time : 15:30
location : near LasPegasus
objiective : Find And Kill GoldenHorn
Pilot 2 - fourty-five we near the location
fourty-five - copy over five-o-five
Pilot 1 - holy shit there toxics everywhere
Dimitri - he want gas all civiliants...
Damn - damn...
Shadow *from radio* - Im under... 10 BTR's under the GoldenHorn office... 9 birds flying... no wait... se another one... ok there 10 birds... there contact Destroyer... when anda land we lost conntact with anda five-o-five...
fourty-five - we landing... good luck
Shadow *from radio* - good luck five-o-five... happy hunting... Shadow...
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Credit: DoctorDerpy ; This is how Luna spent her time on the moon..I guess...
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princess luna
pinkie pie
the moon
banished to the moon
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