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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Episode 6: Snow

Special Guest Stars, Jordan from SeanTheHedgehog
And Neon Lights as Nick Ren

Gran Turismo just got 18 inches of snow. Even though all of the roads were plowed, the speed limits were reduced, to avoid accidents.

Julia: *Stops her car selanjutnya to a speed sign*
Tim: *Gets a temporary speed sign, and puts it up*

The on the road they were currently on was reduced from 35 to 20. Every road in Gran Turismo had it's speed decreased oleh 15.

Tim: There we go. *Gets back into the car, sitting selanjutnya to Julia*
Julia: *Drives the car*
Tim: *Picks up the receiver on the radio* GT24, we just finished putting the temporary speed signs on Main Street, we're gonna continue our patrol on Monday Avenue.
Dispatch: Ten-4 24.
Ponies: *Riding snowmobiles in the snow*
Tim: *Hear the snowmobiles* Sounds like some ponies are having fun.
Julia: *See the snowmobiles oleh the road* I see what anda mean.
snowmobile, mobil salju Ponies: *Go over Julia's police car, and land on the other side of the road, nearly hitting another pony*
Tim: A little too much fun. Turn left.
Julia: *Turns on her police lights, and sirens as she turns left*
Tim: GT24, we have two ponies on snowmobiles, wanted for careless driving. They're currently on Shadow Lake near Green Drive.
Dispatch: Ten-4 24.
Julia: I hope they break the ice.
Tim: I'm afraid that won't happen.
snowmobile, mobil salju Ponies: *Turn left, and jump over the highway*
Ponies: *Honking their horns as they slow down, then increase speed after the snowmobiles are gone*
Julia: Don't tell me we lost them already!
Tim: It looks like we did. The captain won't be pleased about that.
Julia: You're telling me.
Tim: *Talks on the radio* GT24, we lost the snowmobiles.
Dispatch: Ten-4.
Julia: What now?
Tim: Let's get back to our patrol.
Julia: *Turns the car around, and drives* I bet anda they'll turn up again.
Tim: Yeah, but we won't be able to catch them in this. We need snowmobiles as well.

2 B Continued
 Here is Jordan, my OC
Here is Jordan, my OC
 pony Power T-Shirt
Pony Power T-Shirt
Yeah, WHY does everyone cinta her?! I saw a kemeja that berkata pony Power! And guess who was there? RD!!! Why is RD always the "mascot" of MLP:FiM and everyone is always making her sound amazing and they think she's great and as "awesome" as she thinks she is! I'm just saying that it's sort of ridiculous that (I bet) a MAJORITY of MLP"FiM fan ADORE RD. It may sound like I'm complaining, and I guess I am because, well, what about Twilight? Pinkie Pie? AJ? Fluttershy? Rarity? Hm, hm, HM?!

What is your opinion on RD? Do anda think I'm being overrated? (LOL, maybe I feel like being Rarity today.) Are...
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Now, I am just going to go ahead and say it flat out. Someone made a crossover of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and The 120 Days of Sodom…. Let me repeat that. SOMEONE… MADE A FANFIC…. OF THE 120 DAYS…. OF SODOM…. IS IT TOO LATE TO STOP THE REVIEW!
So, for those of anda who were fortunate to not hear of the 120 Days of Sodom up to this point, it was a book that later turned into a movie. It was about a group of high individuals in Fascist Italy, after the fall of Mussolini, and who stay in a building for 120 days, but take a group of underaged boys and girls with them, and force...
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The Elements of Harmony are ancient stones that have magical abilities. The Infinity Gems are powerful stones that if gathered together, can give the holder omnipotence. But...what if they are the same? Here's some evidence:

Magic Element = Mind Gem (Twilight Sparkle is the smartest of the group)

Honesty Element = Reality Gem (Applejack is the most realistic and honest of the group)

Kindness Element = Soul Gem (Fluttershy is quite kind)

The other three are just guesses:

Generosity Element = Power Gem (Rarity has been shown to be quite strong)

Laughter Element = luar angkasa Gem (Pinkie Pie can break the...
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