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posted by Canada24
I finally decided to see what everyone was talking about, the episode SLICE OF LIFE..

For someone who 'rarely' watches this show, I was pleasantly serprised with how episode was excuted.

And decided to make my this here review of it..

My only complaint, I don't think Carrot puncak, atas gotten any speaking role. She's my favorit background character (don't know why).

If she DID speak and I missed it, let me know in a komentar bellow.

I wasn't serprised to see Derpy be the bintang of this, fan obsess with her.
Frankly I don't get why she's such a big deal, but who cares I guess.,

But as I said, I really like this episode.

Though I'm curious if Lyra and bonbon are meant to be gay?

If they are. That's perfectly fine, I never judge, even in cartoons..


Nothing else to say.

Later guys :D
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Equestria. Have anda ever wondered about how some things in that world are how they are today? Well now, anda are about to find out. From having fun, in the park, to fighting crime, atau evil terrorists, this is the History of Equestria.

Episode 3: Railways

When most ponies decide to travel, atau send goods from one place to another, they rely on the train. Freight trains bring in goods, and supplies that ponies need, while passenger trains take ponies from one place to another.

One of Equestria's famous trains is the Friendship Express. It's the only modern passenger train to be powered oleh steam....
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Oh, Pokemon. It was one of the things I loved so much in my childhood other then Zelda. IT has its own games, toys, trading cards, TV shows, manga, and, in this case, fan fictions. This tampil had lost of fanfictions. Some good like No Antidote, the Pokemon Rebellion, and The Midsummer Knight's Dream. Then there was the bad ones like Pokemon Ultiment (Yes the spelling of Ultimate was messed up on purpose. That's how its spelled) Forever Mine, and Darkest Night........ Then..... There's The Pokemon Story.
This has to be, without a doubt, the worst fanfic I have ever read. Worse then Trixie's Funhouse....
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Those are ponies? I thought they were dogs!
my little pony
my little pony friendship is magic
 The age-regressed pelangi that was dropped off oleh Twi at Canterlot Castle-with everything she would need.
The age-regressed Rainbow that was dropped off by Twi at Canterlot Castle-with everything she would need.
Looks like it's April Fool's hari in Ponyville-and Pinkie and pelangi are on api with their practical jokes. Every pony became a victim-except Princess Twilight Sparkle, who stayed inside to avoid the mayhem, watching from one of the windows of her castle. As she went to take a nap, pelangi and Pinkie quietly went in to pull something off...

Rainbow: anda got the red paint??

Pinkie: Are we really gonna do this? If we do, she's gonna grill our plots! Sorry, I'm not gonna get in trouble. Later! *takes off*

Rainbow: It's just a prank! What harm can it do?

Rainbow pulls out the paintbrush, dips in the...
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