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posted by Seanthehedgehog
pelangi Dash was going as fast as she could to catch up with the others

Twilight: *appears out of nowhere* Man, your moves are impressive. But they aren't good enough *swings sword toward Dash*
pelangi Dash: *blocks attack*
Twilight: *grabs part of wall*
pelangi Dash: *about to attack*
Twilight: *blocks attack* Prepare to die *throws part of dinding toward Dash*
pelangi Dash: *dodges wall* Ha!! *swings sword toward Twilight*
Twilight: *dodges, and hits pelangi Dash*

Later, at the detik floor radio room

Radio operator: *listening to music*
Sean: *walks up*
Cadence: *sees operator*
Sean: We'll go oleh that room. Shredder, kill the operator.
Shredder: On it.
Radio operator: *changes radio station*
Shredder: *walks slowly*
Sean: Use your wings
Shredder: *quietly flies to radio operator*
Sean: *Watches*
Shredder: *getting close*
Radio Operator: *switches radio station*
Shredder: ??
Radio Operator: *turns off radio*
Shredder: *slowly flies to radio operator*
Radio Operator: *turns to see Shredder*
Sean: *shoots Radio Operator*
Radio Operator: *turns on alarm, and dies*
Shredder: *runs to alarm switch* *hits switch* It won't turn off!
Sean: *destroys alarm*

Another alarm in the other side of the kastil, castle went off.

Sean: *walks to radio* You'll need this *gives detik gun to Shredder*
Cadence: *hides with Diamond Tiara, and Silverspoon*
Nazis: *running* Move!! We must find the intruders!!
pelangi Dash: *flies up*
Twilight: Where do anda think you're going? *follows*
pelangi Dash: *flies onto roof*
Twilight: *kicks pelangi Dash*
pelangi Dash: *falls toward edge*
Twilight: *throws window*
pelangi Dash: *dodges window*
Twilight: *throws brick*
pelangi Dash: *Gets hit oleh brick*
Twilight: *throws ceiling tiles*
pelangi Dash: *hits ceiling tiles*
Twilight: *gets hit* Ow man!
pelangi Dash: Well anda hit me with a brick! *flies away* My nose is bleeding.

Back to Shredder

Nazis: *Walking toward Shredder*
Sean: Broadsword calling Dannyboy!!
Nazis: *getting closer*
Shredder: *shoots Nazis*
Nazis: *die*
Shredder: *hides behind wall*
Nazi: *shoots at Shredder*
Shredder: *reloading*
Nazis: *keep shooting*
Shredder: *kills Nazi on stairs*
Nazi: *shoots at Shredder*
Shredder: *hides behind wall*
Nazis: *Arrive at end of hallway*
Shredder: *shoots at Nazis*
Nazis: *shoot at Shredder*
Shredder: *kills Nazis at end of hallway*
Nazis: *shooting at Shredder*
Sean: Broadsword calling Dannyboy!
Nazis: *shooting wall*
Shredder: *hiding behind wall*
Nazis: *set up MG42*
Shredder: *kills lebih Nazis*
Machine gunner: *shoots wall*

Suddenly, an explosion occurred in the armory room

Nazis: *look at roof* Dust is falling from there
Shredder: *holding two MP40's, and kills lebih Nazis*
Sean: Broadsword calling Dannyboy!!!
Nazis: *hear lebih explosions*
Nazi Captain: Bringen Granaten hier vor, dass Pegasus tötet mehr von unseren Leuten!
Shredder: *kills lebih Nazis*

Meanwhile at the power generator

Nazi Colonel: *walks to power generator*
Luna: Dannyboy calling broadsword, over.
Sean: Everything ready. We need transport! Understood?
Luna: Understood. Do anda have it, over?
Sean: We have it! We have it all! Over.
Luna: All sins forgiven. Now-
Nazi colonel: *shuts off power*
Sean: Shit. *walks to Cadence* Make a copy of me now!
Cadence: Ok, I'll try.
Nazis: *grab grenades*
Shredder: *killing lebih Nazis*
Nazi colonel: NOW!!
Nazi: *throws grenade*
Shredder: *picks up grenade*
Nazi: *shoots at Shredder*
Shredder: *Throws grenade back*
Nazis: *Die*
Cadence: *finishes copy of Sean*
Sean: Good work.
Copy: What should I do?
Sean: *sets up rope* Climb down.
Nazis: *throw lebih grenades*
Shredder: *runs back in room* Grenades!
Sean: Alright, come in here *enters room*
Copy: *climbs down rope*
Shredder: *enters room*
Nazis: *Arrive*
Nazi colonel: *runs to window* Corporal!!
Nazi corporal: *Gives colonel MP40*
Copy: *climbing down rope*
Nazi colonel: *shoots Copy*
Copy: *releases grip*

The copy of me then fell to his death. They thought I was killed.

2 B continued
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