musik Which song with 'Electric' atau 'Electricity' in the judul is your favorite?

Pick one:
Borns' Electric cinta
MGMT's Electric Feel
Lana Del Ray's Body Electric
Blvck Ceiling's cover of Body Electric
Front Line Assembly's Electric Dreams
Celldweller's Electric Eye
Purson's Electric Landlady
Crucified Barbara's Electric Sky
She Breathes Fire's Electric
Sarissa's Electric Aexes
Blood Stain Child's Electricity
Lee Foss & MK's Electricity
Lindsey Stirling's Electric bunga aster, bunga aster, daisy violin
Delain's Electricity
Lycia's The Body Electric
Gwen Stefani's Bubble Pop Electric
Mars Argo's Electric Car
Skindred's Electric Avenue
Nytrix's Electric World
Sandra Lyng's Electric City
The Breakaways' Girl Electric
She's Electric Girl
Chaostar's An Electric Storm Of Thoughts
Tritonal's Electric Glow
Marcia Griffiths' Electric Boogie
Black Sabbath's Electric Funeral
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